Image Square traffic lights and turbo intersections - in six months!

Once in New York, I was struck by the ingenuity of the Americans: they started installing LED sections in old traffic lights with visors above the lamps (we only got such in the cartoon about Uncle Stepa the policeman). Well this is so profitable! The entire infrastructure is preserved - only the inside is replaced.

But, as the famous satirist used to say, the Americans are stupid - you won’t make money from it! Therefore, today we are offered square traffic lights: they say, LED panels are easier to cut into squares, and the square is larger than the area of ​​the circle inscribed in it - and such a signal will be visible better. This is not a joke: a preliminary national standard has already been developed, they will seriously discuss it in August, then they will begin trial operation of such traffic lights (of course, they will get positive results), and in the end they will introduce a new GOST.

That is, the Americans have enough intelligence and skill to push LED panels into round sections, and we will not waste time on small things. We do not rot. And this is very far-sighted. Around the world, artificial intelligence is being trained to recognize circular traffic signals. In about twenty years, when autopilot cars will appear in our country, round traffic lights can be returned, and the wording already begs: to increase the safety of unmanned vehicles.


And that is not all. In addition to the usual three sections and side arrows, the authors of the initiative want to introduce a pointer (also square) in the form of a red cross, which will notify those turning under the arrow to the left that traffic oncoming traffic is prohibited - they say they’re right there (I give a tooth!) stopped, you can turn. What a fresh thought! I propose to put a section with a red minus on the opposite side: so that drivers understand that they need to stop the blood from their nose, because oncoming traffic starts turning under the green arrow.

People just need to give room for initiative and creativity - and they will willingly come up with a way to spend taxpayer money.

There is a traffic light in Berlin that shows 13 different signals. Since few people can figure them out, a policeman is on duty nearby, who is ready to explain to everyone what’s what. Well, how many new jobs can be created!


A turbo-intersection is, in fact, a circular motion, but with artfully drawn markings. They say the principle will work "to the right, he should not be rebuilt." Look at the diagram: will such a markup help you drive a circle faster? Not! When kinks and strange marking intersections appear on even rings, this only leads to chaos - every driver knows that. But the first turbo-intersection is already being built - in Moscow.

Meanwhile, there are simple and long-tried solutions to increase the capacity of roundabouts. For those who just need to turn right, they are laying a separate cut-off track so that they don’t go to the circle at all. And if the main stream of cars passes straight through, you can cut through the circle through - as is done on Minsk Street in Moscow. Going straight - flashing through the circle. Turn left or right - take a roundabout. But this is too commonplace, not innovative. And suspiciously cheap.

It seems that all these notions come to mind to people who do not drive at all. Most of the “innovations” remain under the cloth, but some are introduced, and then canceled. In fact, maybe enough to scoff at the drivers for their own money? Well, or let the initiators-dreamers pay for the experiments from their own pockets.

  • We love to rush with new GOSTs. Recently, they delayed the implementation of the next one regarding car registration with changes not provided for by the design. There are not enough laboratories!