Millionth runs are not uncommon on truckers, but are considered record-breaking for cars - despite the fact that there are a lot of similar examples, and we only know confirmed, registered records. Here are the most famous.

German pedantry

You may have heard of the Greek Gregoris Sakinidis from Thessaloniki, having driven 4.6 million kilometers on his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D - about 115 Earth equators or 3 trips to the Moon and back. Moreover, the taxi driver purchased the car in 1981, with a mileage of about 200, 000 km, and the next 4.4 million wound in 23 years.

Грегорис Сакинидис и его Mercedes-Benz 240D 1976 года, пробежавший 4, 6 миллиона километров. Gregoris Sakinidis and his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D, which ran 4.6 million kilometers. Gregoris Sakinidis and his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D, which ran 4.6 million kilometers. Related Materials Image How long will your car last? - ZR knows the answer.

Gregoris practically did not get out of the car; he worked at any time of the day or night. And during the military conflict in the Balkans, he regularly delivered medicine to Belgrade, making more than 800 flights. The Greek claims that the old Mercedes never let him down, he just was attentive to the car and regularly carried out maintenance, as well as the necessary repairs - including the engine’s “capital”. The reward for diligence was that the incredibly hardy car took pride of place in the factory museum in Stuttgart, and Gregoris was awarded the new Mercedes-Benz C200 CDI.

By the way, at that time, another 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D with a mileage of 4.6 million kilometers was also exhibited in the Stuttgart museum, and it was also bought by the owner nenov. This is the car of an American Paul Harman, director of a telephone company from Georgia. He acquired Mercedes in 1983 with a mileage of more than 40 thousand miles (approximately 60 thousand kilometers) and traveled on it throughout the states, monitoring all extraneous sounds and changing engine oil every 3 thousand miles (approximately 5 thousand km), so that the engine departed all his millions without major repairs. The only thing that had to change Harman - timing chain. The rest is consumables. In 1991, a car with a range of 550, 000 miles (885, 139 km) was dismantled, rubber gaskets and seals replaced, the body repainted and the driver's seat altered.

Пол Харман гордится своим рекордным пробегом на Мерседесе 1976 года. Paul Harman is proud of his record mileage on a 1976 Mercedes. Paul Harman is proud of his record mileage on a 1976 Mercedes.

When Harman’s car was already rolling away, and Sakinidis’s taxi was rolling in the last hundreds of thousands, in 2003 another Greek taxi driver, George Vassilakis, purchased a Mercedes-Benz E270 CDI with a 2.7-liter turbodiesel. In less than 9 years, the car’s odometer froze at 999, 999 kilometers, and further mileage had to be calculated by the amount of fuel spent.

For all the time, Vassilakis had to change the suspension and brake system parts, clutch, intercooler and repair the turbocharger, but the engine and gearbox remained native.

And that's not all Mercedes with runs for a million. There is also a 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250SE, which dashed over 2 million from three owners. The first ran over 1.4 million, the second - 500 thousand, the third - the remaining 100. He reported the record to the brand’s representative office.

Михаэль Никл за рулем своего Mercedes-Benz E 200 D 1992 года. Michael Nickle driving his 1992 Mercedes-Benz E 200 D. Michael Nickle driving his 1992 Mercedes-Benz E 200 D. Related Materials Image Million kilometers on the Mercedes E 200 D W124

Michael Nickle, a Daimler Benz factory employee in Sindelfingen, purchased a new Mercedes-Benz E-class with a two-liter diesel engine in the spring of 1992. A few years later he was going to sell the car, but did not dare. And then it was too late. To date, the 124th has run over more than a million kilometers. Nickle does not hide that he was repairing a car, and even with purely German pedantry calculated that for the entire tenure he spent 58, 500 euros on repairs and maintenance of Mercedes, and he paid another 53, 800 euros for fuel - with an average consumption of 6 liters per 100 kilometers .

Another German was even more surprised, Gerhard Schott. He wound more than a million kilometers in a completely different machine - Moskvich-2140, 1976. The choice is explained by the fact that Schott is a resident of Zwickau (East Germany, the former GDR), where Soviet cars were actively supplied at one time. Schott acquired his “Mossi” in Mühlhausen for 17, 600 marks (about 20 average Gadair wages). For some time he served in the Heinrich Brown Clinic, where Gerhard was working at that time, then he bought a car, and until recently, drove it daily, calling it unkillable.

Герхард Шотт в Москвиче «Мосси» 2140 1976 года. Gerhard Schott in Moskvich "Mossi" 2140 1976. Gerhard Schott in Moskvich "Mossi" 2140 1976.

For all the time, “Mossi” practically did not give the owner any worries, pleasing reliability and economy (Schott claims that his average consumption is 10 liters per 100 kilometers), but a little upset that there were foci of corrosion on the body. And, as they say in an interview with Tag24, the car survived an engine replacement (most likely, a major overhaul). And Gerhard considers the secrets of longevity of Mossi to be a successful machine design and its own accuracy.

American team

But the American Joe Losicero, the owner of the 1990 Honda Accord, does not rejoice in the corrosion resistance of the body of his car - despite the fact that he bought it not with a new one, but with six years, with a mileage of 74, 375 miles (about 119 thousand kilometers). Alas, the interior of the car is not so hardy: Joe had to change the door trim, steering wheel, and even seat belts. But the original fuel pump has served 1, 192, 524 kilometers. The total mileage of the car exceeded 1 million miles (1, 609, 344 km). The engine had to be sorted out only once - without replacing the main parts, according to Joe.

Джо Лосисеро, автомеханик, считает Хонду Аккорд 1990 года одним из самых удачных приобретений. Joe Losicero, a car mechanic, considers the 1990 Honda Accord one of the most successful acquisitions. Joe Losicero, a car mechanic, considers the 1990 Honda Accord one of the most successful acquisitions. Related Materials Image The most popular cars on the secondary. Rating ZR

In general, most of the cars with record mileage are in the United States - despite the fact that Americans are often blamed for the neglect of cars. But nevertheless, among them there are unique ones who carefully monitor the maintenance intervals and conduct them strictly according to the instructions. Great runs are facilitated by US geography and a developed road network: some Americans regularly travel across all states, from one coast to another. And in the USA there is even an organization of record car owners, High Mileage Club.

Guy New Mark from San Pedro (California) received from his father as a gift for the 1964 Porsche 356C graduation. Half a century later, the car’s odometer crept to a million miles. When it was trumpeted on the Internet, Porsche was stolen, but the police quickly found a rare car and returned it to the owner. After the repair, Guy continued to wind up the miles, saying that the secret to such an incredible run was regular professional maintenance.

Свой Porsche 356C 1964 года Гай Нью Марк получил на выпускной и не может расстаться с ним до сих пор. Guy New Mark received his 1964 Porsche 356C at the graduation party and still cannot part with it. Guy New Mark received his 1964 Porsche 356C at the graduation party and still cannot part with it.

On September 22, 2012, 66-year-old Selden Cooper from New Jersey, a scientist from Temple University and a member of the volunteer fire brigade, arrived at a Lehman Motors Volvo dealership to replace the engine oil in his 1987 Volvo 240 engine. Nothing special, except that it was a two hundredth oil change, and representatives of the HMC met Selden to present a certificate of entry into the club.

As Cooper said in an interview, he did not set himself the goal of reaching a million miles and prior to buying the Volvo 240 he considered it an outstanding achievement of 250, 000 miles (400, 000 km) on the previous car, the 1975 Volvo 164-E, which he put in for a trade-in. And on it, and on the 240th Cooper went to the university, and to urgent emergency calls to the fire station in Hershey, and to road trips in half the United States, from Canada to Florida. Volvo never failed. True, Cooper never spared time on car care, and for 25 years he came to the dealership every Saturday, even after moving to Baltimore, located 190 miles (305 km) from Rockley.

Селден Купер и его Volvo 240 1987 года. Selden Cooper and his 1987 Volvo 240. Selden Cooper and his 1987 Volvo 240. Related Materials Image Cars with mileage for 550 thousand rubles: the best in classes!

The same million miles was wrapped in a Dodge 3500 by Tom Alding from Ohio, using the car as a tractor. Tom only changed the oil every 9000 km. Million miles made on the Dodge 2500 and Dan Edelman - this is for starters. Then he added almost a million more kilometers.

Seven times across the country drove on the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD with Pennington's spouse. Moreover, in all trains, their truck was pulled by a camper - a motor home. During the seventh journey, the odometer crept to a million miles. According to the head of the Hugh family, the car is still equipped with a native power unit, except for consumables only fuel injectors had to be changed.

When Victor Sheppard’s Toyota Tundra pickup truck from Louisiana reached a million miles, a local Japanese brand dealer reported this to the dealership, and the 2007 car was replaced with a similar one, but only a new one, studying the phenomenon. According to Sheppard, his usual annual mileage is about 125 thousand miles (200 thousand kilometers), and the owner only complied with the instructions of the automaker. The car still has its own powertrain, factory paint and a neat interior.

Фарра Хайнес с Hyundai Elantra 2013, набегавшей больше миллиона миль. Farrah Hines with the 2013 Hyundai Elantra, which has traveled over a million miles. Farrah Hines with the 2013 Hyundai Elantra, which has traveled over a million miles. Related Materials Image Over 300 thousand km: cars that could

Drive driver Farrah Hines from Kansas drives an even bigger 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Its average annual mileage is 200 thousand miles (approximately 322 thousand kilometers). You can say Farrah just lives in his car. For five years of using the Elantra, she did not have to repair either the engine or the transmission, but the odometer refused to count more than 999, 999 miles, so a new dashboard with a special emblem “1 million” and a “zero” odometer was put into the car. Farrah immediately promised to run into another million of her Elantra.

American salesman Peter Gilbert wound a million miles in 17 years on the SAAB 900 SPG (Special Performance Group) 1989, after which he handed the car over to the museum, receiving in exchange a new SAAB, with a class higher - 9–5. Peter claimed that during his tenure he changed 88 tires, three head gaskets and lost one gear due to gear wear in the gearbox. But the engine and turbocharger (!) In the car remained native. And the only thing that Gilbert criticizes is the corrosion protection of the engine: SAAB nevertheless began to rust, including because it traveled in the winter when road builders used salt mixture.

SAAB 900 SPG 1989 года Питера Гилберта. SAAB 900 SPG 1989 by Peter Gilbert. SAAB 900 SPG 1989 by Peter Gilbert.

Chet Belille from Kansas hit a 1983 Lincoln Town Car 2, 092, 147 kilometers, not only on highways, but also on rural roads. Chet issued a lifetime warranty on the car, and now, when some parts are worn out, it just changes them for new ones. He is sure that his car will never let you down.

Albert Klein from California Pasadena managed to run even further - 1, 442, 044 miles (2, 320, 744 km), and not on a comfortable Lincoln, but on a 1963 Spartan Volkswagen Beetle. This record was entered in the Guinness Book of Records in 1993.


But the coolest of all, of course, is the American Irwin Gordon from Pachogu, New York, the owner of the 1966 Volvo P1800 coupe. He purchased a car on his 25th birthday for $ 4, 150 (the annual salary of a young physics teacher). Having bought the car on Friday, already on Monday he returned to the first MOT with mileage of 1, 500 miles (more than 3, 000 km). As Irv himself said, he simply could not stop, he drove and drove everything: 125 miles (201 km) from home to work and back and traveling by car to the states.

Ирвин Гордон с Volvo P1800 1966 года после первого миллиона миль. Irwin Gordon with a 1966 Volvo P1800 after the first million miles. Irwin Gordon with a 1966 Volvo P1800 after the first million miles. Related Materials Image Premium Used - Operational Experience

When the mileage reached 600 thousand miles, Irv tried to persuade the mechanics to check the engine and replace what was needed. They refused, claiming that the motor works perfectly. But they changed the clutch.

In 1987, Volvo ran 1 million miles, and Volvo gave Gordon a new 780 Coupe Bertone. However, the car owner continued to ride the "old woman". When the mileage was approaching a million, Gordon changed the carburetor, when the mileage exceeded a million - a fuel pump.

In 2002, the P1800 mileage reached 2 million, and Volvo forked out a Volvo XC70. September 18, 2013 in Alaska, Gordon recorded a mileage of 3 million miles (4, 828, 032 km). The engine in the car is still native, although it has survived two major repairs. The record-breaking Volvo was serviced by one mechanic - Jordan Wayne from Brooklyn.

Рекордный пробег Гордона на частной некоммерческой машине вряд ли кто-нибудь когда-нибудь побьет. Gordon’s record mileage on a private non-profit car is unlikely to ever be beaten by anyone. Gordon’s record mileage on a private non-profit car is unlikely to ever be beaten by anyone.

Irv said that he does nothing special: he tries to drive smoothly, at medium speeds, changes engine oil and filters every 5, 000 km, oil in the gearbox and spark plugs every 40, 000 km, draws attention to all extraneous sounds, vibrations and smells in the car and washes the body with warm water after contact with salty roads. He advised starting with a careful reading of the instruction manual.