Image Gas fuel - one advantage and a lot of disadvantages

In fact, a fairly complex module called a multivalve is built into any cylinder. It uses a float, which, in addition to the function of indicating the level of liquid gas in the cylinder during refueling, provides a very important function: it cuts off the gas supply when filling the cylinder by 80–85%.

In this case, a so-called steam cushion is formed, which, when the cylinder and gas in it is heated to any reasonable temperature, does not allow the gas to exert too much pressure on the walls. Some of the steam just liquefies. And in the event of a critical situation, a multi-valve is equipped with a safety valve, which, with a critical increase in pressure in the cylinder, will release some of the gas out. And God forbid, there will be a source of open flame nearby …

In general, a passport is attached to any cylinder, which stipulates all the information on its refueling. Usually no more than 80% of its nominal volume is filled into a cylinder, even if it is metal, or even composite. It is such a cylinder that is conditionally considered complete. It is clear that at a 100% refueling one could have gone away, but … As they say, see point one.

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