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The steering shaft cardan joints located at the bottom of the engine compartment are not protected from dirt and dust and therefore begin to lose mobility after some time. And changing them is not only unprofitable, but also troublesome.

When my joints began to wedge in my car, I decided to clean them first - I used a small metal and toothbrush for this.

Then he sprayed the joint with an aerosol grease such as WD-40. The connection worked without backlashes and knocks. After that, he applied a thick grease to the cardans, wrapped the hinges with food stretch film in several layers and fixed them on the shaft with clamps. The main thing is not to pull the film tight around the cardan.

The protection has been working for two years, the film has not been torn, the grease does not leak, the cardan does not bite.

S. Usov, Samara

Prize to Council Author - SK Lubricants ZIC Oil Canister

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