Once the exhaust pipe of cars was cylindrical in shape and not particularly large in diameter. And look what is happening today. The number of exhaust pipes reaches four, the shape of the holes can be any, even triangular. Many options for giant nozzles, from which the potato will fly out with a whistle: even a pineapple, and it will sometimes hang out. In a word, the root crop has nothing to do here. But what if you manage to take a car with a conventional exhaust pipe of a suitable diameter (say, no more than 50 mm)? Potato fits perfectly here.

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In the movies, they repeatedly showed a trick when a car with a potato or a banana hammered into the exhaust pipe would not start. For example, there is such an episode in the Polish film “Four Tankers and a Dog”, known in Soviet times. We checked the screenwriters.

They tried to push potatoes into the graduation pipe of the editorial Largus. The sharp edge of the pipe calibrated it exactly to the diameter of the pipe, and the "skin" fell off. The usual engine start, a few seconds of the engine idling - and the potato with cotton flies out of the pipe, leaving a noticeable dent in the aluminum canister, which we prudently set as a screen. Immediately there were advisers: “Push two!” But two potatoes one after another - the same result. They say that beets are firmer and therefore the cork from it will be better. No, I flew the same way, a little more spoiling the canister.

Conclusion - it is impossible to “kill” a car with a potato. The only harmful consequence of such ill-wishers is the ability to damage the bumper of a car standing behind.

But you can at the same time perfectly diagnose your car. If everything goes according to the described scenario, the car’s exhaust system is tight and has no weak points. If, instead of a single clap, you get a “machine-gun line” through a split joint or burnt corrugation, then the direct way to repair the exhaust system.

So, the myth is debunked: you cannot put a potato in many modern cars. And if it succeeds, then a working, even budget, machine will indignantly spit out a foreign body.

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