Going to book a car at a car dealership. The manager strongly recommends installing mud flaps on it (of course, for an additional fee). He says that the traffic police require this. Really requires?

A. Krapivin, Novomoskovsk

Image The reader’s question is answered by the head of the Main Directorate for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lieutenant General of Police Mikhail Chernikov.
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According to paragraph 7.5 of the List of malfunctions and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited, it is impossible to use a car that does not have, in particular, mudguards provided for by the design.

However, if the mudguards are included in the list of additional equipment ordered separately, then it can be concluded that the vehicle was allowed to road traffic in our country without them.

In other words, the design as a mandatory element they are not provided. Therefore, from the side of the State traffic inspectorate, requirements for their presence will not be presented.

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