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Lovers of gas fuel are eager to talk about its advantages over other types of fuel. The main argument “for” is obvious: today gas prices are almost 80% lower than gasoline-solar. However, an iceberg is not only its protruding crown. And if you look a little deeper, then the following cons will run in.

  • Check in. The “Bought and installed” mode does not work today: the owner of a car converted to gas will have to go to the authorities that should legitimize its alterations. And this is time, nerves and money.
  • It is not worth it. Of course, the transition to cheaper fuel should justify itself financially. But this happens only with solid car runs - for example, in taxi mode. A summer resident who goes back and forth several times a year will never beat back the costs.
  • Do not sell! When you want to part with the car, you will immediately see: there are no people who want to buy it for good money. And do not try to twist the odometer: everyone understands that the “gas” car has been driven tail and mane all its life, and therefore its mileage cannot be small. It’s also stupid to shoot gas equipment before selling: traces always remain. But today it’s just pointless: according to the documents, it is listed as converted to gas! So lower the price - and hard!
  • We destroy the engine. No matter what lovers of gas fuel say, our experience shows that saddles and valves burn up in a motor converted to gas. Get ready for repairs!
  • No refueling. Refueling, of course, is, but they are so few that they seem to be gone. And if the owner of a gasoline car always has a choice of where and how much to refuel, then the owner of a gas car has no freedom of action.
  • Stink. All gas cars, sorry, stink. Even if their owners are of a different opinion.
  • Parking. In no decent underground parking will they let you in anymore - and they’ll do it right. Propane-butane loves to accumulate somewhere below, and this is fraught with disaster.
  • Warranty. A car converted for gas driving will lose the guarantee for many components and assemblies. As a result of this, mainly new cars are converted to gas.
  • The trunk. You will no longer have a normal trunk: a huge balloon will settle in it. From now on, you will carry luggage in the cabin … Well, or ride without a spare tire, but with a toroidal balloon.

Everyone who wants to continue or challenge our list is welcome to speak up.

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