Watch a short video, and then we will analyze each of the stories.

Episode One: Turn Arrow

The driver of the Hyundai Accent, who started the left turn, clearly did not have the patience to miss vehicles moving in the forward direction. He turned right to the red Kia, and, deciding to slip in front of the white car in the left lane, he did not notice the black Peugeot 206 in the far right.

The left turn has always been and remains a maneuver that requires more attention and caution from the driver. The argument that the turn was made under the arrow that is burning simultaneously with the green signal is inappropriate here.


SDA, clause 13.4. When turning left or turning on a green signal of a traffic light, the driver of a trackless vehicle is obliged to give way to vehicles moving from the opposite direction directly or to the right.

Tip: Even if you are sure that the prohibiting traffic light is on for oncoming drivers, this does not mean that they will all stop in front of the intersection. Make sure your maneuver is safe and only then start moving.

Episode Two: The Advantage of Rail Transport

It seems that every driver knows about it. But at regulated intersections, car drivers and car drivers obey traffic signals. The driver of the SUV disrespected the tram and did not even give him the opportunity to leave the intersection. Instead, he decided to slip in front of the tram.


SDA, paragraph 13.8. When the enabling signal of the traffic light is turned on, the driver must give way to vehicles completing traffic through the intersection and to pedestrians who have not completed crossing the carriageway in this direction.

Tip: Pay attention to the actions of drivers in neighboring rows. For example, in our case, the driver Kia, who was driving in the middle lane, braked. So, it was necessary to beware, and not to press the gas pedal into the floor.

Episode Three: When a Trailer Drives a Car

You saw a typical accident, which led to the rhythmic skidding of the trailer. The reason was a number of factors, including incorrect loading of the trailer and inept actions of the driver. With regard to the transport of goods, the Rules of the road are limited to general concepts.

paragraph 23.3. Carriage of goods is allowed provided that it:

  • does not limit the driver to a review;
  • does not impede management and does not violate the stability of the vehicle;
  • it does not block external light devices and retroreflectors, registration and identification marks, and also does not interfere with the perception of signals transmitted by hand;
  • does not make noise, does not dust, does not pollute the road and the environment.
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If the condition and placement of the goods do not meet the specified requirements, the driver must take measures to eliminate violations of the listed transportation rules or stop further movement.

What did the Lada 4x4 driver do wrong? Firstly, the trailer was loaded unevenly - the long boards that protruded significantly beyond the dimensions, like a swing, began to swing the trailer. Secondly, the driver caught himself late and began to slow down. Finally, the driver of Lada 4x4 should always remember that his car is short-base. Stability of such a machine is far from ideal.

Tip: When towing a trailer, you need to be careful and drive slower than usual.

Episode Four: Driving Rules for Unregulated Intersections

Fate brought the bus and the passenger car in this place at this very time. Why? Who violated the basic law of the life of drivers? At first glance, the driver of the car does not have interference on the right, so at the unregulated intersection he has a preferential right of way. Doubts that the bus became the second participant in the accident. As a rule, only experienced drivers are allowed behind the wheel of a bus. In addition, the bus is regular, which means its driver regularly passes through this intersection. Doubts were not in vain. If you look closely, you can see the 2.4 sign in the upper left corner. “Give way.” The driver of the car was inattentive, and therefore became the culprit of the accident.


Sign 2.4. “Give way.” The driver must give way to vehicles moving on a cross road …

Tip: Many of us are so used to traffic lights that we simply do not pay attention to signs or their absence in front of an intersection without a traffic light. Do not lose your vigilance.

Episode Five: Oncoming at the Crossroads

There is a gross violation of the Rules of the road without any reservations.

SDA, paragraph 8.4. When changing lanes, the driver must give way to vehicles moving along the way without changing the direction of movement.

The UAZ driver did not do this and almost sawed Kia Rio on the oncoming lane. It’s good that the case did not end in a serious frontal accident. Well done, the Kia driver is a good reaction.

Do not repeat the mistakes of others, and we are sure that your driver's fate will be more favorable to you.

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