Image This is how Zhiguli was protected - locking by a tachometer. The contact system of the Zhiguli ignition contained a mechanical interrupter - a part of the type “there’s nowhere easier.” He directly switched the ignition coil, which produced a high-voltage pulse for each opening of the contacts.

So: instead of the flexible wiring connecting the breaker to the distributor terminal, the masters installed “almost the same” wiring, but with a resistor inside! Then the car was equipped with an electronic ignition system with a switch from the VAZ-2108 - while the switch was previously finalized by installing an extra transistor inside. It remained to drag a few wires somewhere into the cabin and securely hide there a toggle switch, split block or something else - to the taste of the owner. Everything - you can go!

Outside, it looked as if the owner decided to invest a little on improving the parameters of his machine. The hijacker, who opened the hood, first tried to start the engine “directly” by connecting the distributor terminal to the input of the ignition coil. But - alas: there was no spark … The resistance of the coil was a few ohms - a couple of orders less than that of an inconspicuous resistor. Connecting another switch didn’t give anything either: a spark appeared, but for some reason the engine didn’t start at the same time … As a result, the hijacker was left without production.

Why did not start the engine with the new switch? Because in the standard ignition system, a spark appeared by opening the contacts, but the electronic switch reacted to their closure. Therefore, a discharge appeared, but at the same time its moment crept away by several tens of degrees! But in the switch modified by the master, the very extra transistor turned the control signal phase, and the motor started as usual … In general, the ingenuity saves a “penny” ”. However, the same could be done at the Muscovites …


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