Of course, it is best if the child is an adult passenger, mom or grandmother. Together they will be able to play and draw. Especially if you are a happy owner of a minivan with a folding table, but just a big book, put under a sheet of paper, will come down. The driver will not be distracted and violate paragraph 5.2 of the SDA. But what if the driver is alone with a small passenger? The child’s music is tired of the child, begins to feel sick from the tablet, and other toys no longer take?

1. Not a city

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the game of “cities”. But it is suitable for school-age children who are familiar with geography, and you have, say, preschool children. It does not matter, you can modify the game and call, for example, animals, according to the same principle: "hare-heron-hawk-buffalo-lion-lizard" and so on. The one who calls the last word wins. And it can be even simpler: do not cling to letters, but call all the birds (for example). And so that it would be more interesting for the child to play the next time, you can succumb, leaving some kind of eurasque or tarbaganchik for the future.

Image 2. Rhymes

Bored again? Try playing rhymes. Just ask not too complicated options. Let’s say, on the road topic: “car - tire”, “motor-space”, “road - from the threshold” and so on. And after collecting a few rhymes, you can compose a small poem. It will be fun and will be remembered for a long time.

3. Songs

Choose a song that is familiar to the child, and start singing so that he picks up the following lines. Start with "Nothing in the world is better than wandering your friends around the world." The child should sing “Those who are friendly are not afraid of anxiety. Any roads are dear to us. ” In this way, quite a few songs can be sung.

Image 4. Continuation

The game is more difficult - to come up with a continuation to the phrase, making together a whole story.

For example, dad begins to tell: “Once I took a gun and went fishing because …” Let the child turn on the fantasy: “Because it was December, and New Year is coming soon.” You continue: “And as you know, in the south we have an old New Year's tradition - to give guns to fish, because we know that …” To make it more fun, change the storyline, break the logic by inserting “and suddenly …”, “but no one could have guessed … ".

If the child is very young, compose a fairy tale on the same principle, starting with “Once upon a time …”.

5. The navigator

I suggested this game in the topic of how to teach a child to observe traffic rules. However, the name "game" is not entirely accurate: it is a rather serious matter. Let the child look out and name the road signs, helping dad. The boy will definitely be happy that he was entrusted with such an important matter. And proud if he correctly called some complex sign, such as "direction of movement in lanes." But if you make a mistake, you will correct it. Unfortunately, the kindergartner is not able to play the navigator for more than fifteen minutes. Do not insist. Go to other activities.

6. Observers

This is a simplified version of the previous game. It is necessary to think of something that is likely to meet on the road. For example, a green house, a red dog. Or maybe the red Lada. The one who saw the first one wins. He gets the right to the next assignment.

Image 7. Is it useful or harmful?

Adults know that many phenomena can be viewed from different points of view. Kids should learn this too. Why not discuss with your child the topic “To whom and why is rain harmful or beneficial?” And what about the sun? Wind? And maybe sweet? Or games on a tablet? Thus, the child learns to analyze, reflect. Yes, and it will be useful for you to practice a little in logical constructions.

8. Associations

Make two things, say, a book and a tree, and ask the child what they are connected with. The child must answer that both have sheets and that the paper is made of wood. And that the book may be green, yellow or red, like leaves of a tree. Let him remember which trees are mentioned in books. For example, an oak tree at Lukomorye, a Christmas tree in Christmas (New Year's) tales, a honey tree and the Deep Forest in books about Winnie the Pooh …

Image 9. Excess

It is not difficult for an adult to come up with a series of four words in which one will be superfluous. For example, "house-palace-crumb-hut." The extra word, of course, is “crumb”, because you cannot live in it. The kid should explain so. Other examples: “dog-sparrow-cat-hamster” (extra sparrow: this is not a pet ”). "Umbrella-shoe-shoe-boot" and so on.

10. Yes and No

The driver can play this game only if he realizes that it does not distract his attention too much. The idea is to make the child say “yes” or “no”, to name black or white. Classic version: “The lady sent you 100 rubles. Will you go to the ball? ” A lady can be replaced by a grandmother, a ball - at a toy store. Further ask questions, trying to have the child answer them monosyllabic or name black or white. As soon as the child utters the forbidden word, he lost. You can start again.

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