Image AWD, 4WD, 4x4 - ZR found the most four-wheel drive. The answer will surprise you

The owners of all-wheel drive cars, driving mainly around the city, often do not even realize that their cars almost do not differ from the mono-drive neighbors in the stream.

For example, Renault Duster has a permanent drive only on the front axle: the rear is connected via a clutch. The reverse situation is with our main “rogue”: UAZ is equipped with a permanent drive only to the rear axle, and the drive to the front axle is plug-in. But Niva has a permanent drive on both axes!

Thus, it turns out that the “UAZ” drive along the highway in the mode of rear-wheel Zhiguli and Volzhanka, and at the same time, the Dusters behave like the Eights and Vestas.

However, even with the axles turned off, the mono-drive mode of such machines differs in that many transmission elements still rotate, albeit idle. On Dusters, rear gearboxes, rear wheel drives and driveshafts are moving, and on UAZs - the cardan and axles of the front axle. It is clear that this phenomenon comes with increased noise and excessive fuel consumption …

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