It is more convenient for any enterprise to work with regular partners. Gas stations serving not only individuals but also legal entities offer fuel cards to the latter, which help to make cashless payments and receive some discounts.

So, we study the conditions on the most common gas station networks.

Lukoil - 130 gas stations in Moscow, 2468 throughout Russia


The Lukoil company, which offers fuel cards to legal entities, promises up to 40% savings on gas stations.

Everything is painted fun.

  • Up to 7% can be saved thanks to high-quality fuel: by reducing specific consumption and increasing engine life.
  • Up to 5% can be obtained from route optimization - due to the convenient location of the Lukoil refueling network.
  • 3% - thanks to online management, which allows you to better control costs and plan payments.
  • 2% - due to information security (technology protects against theft of cash).
  • 1% - thanks to information support (round-the-clock support).
  • And as much as 20% - thanks to VAT refunds: the company provides a package of accounting documents to reduce tax payments. Additional benefits can be obtained when refueling with diesel fuel on a dedicated network of gas station gas stations if the organization has an OKVED code 49.31, 49.39, 49.4, 53 and / or membership in associations of international carriers. The Transit program allows you to accumulate points (bonuses).

After the conclusion of the contract (the application can be left on the website), the legal entity is given the required number of Likard cards tied to a single account. And all the drivers working for the company are under control - neither “left” checks, nor fuel draining into their containers.

What difficulties can be? It is impossible to insure against problems of a technical nature - transaction delays, errors at the entrance to the Personal Account, and besides, cashless payment equipment may not work at gas stations far from large settlements. However, this is not particularly relevant for Moscow with the region.

Rosneft - 131 gas stations in Moscow, 2441 throughout Russia


RN-Kart fuel cards can be calculated not only at Rosneft gas stations, but also at gas stations of TNK, Bashneft, Sibneft, Slavneft and Gazpromneft.

The company offers several types of contracts:

  • “Fuel Online” (a contract can be concluded on the website) for small fleets with the possibility of ordering up to 20 cards per legal entity, acquiring virtual fuel cards,
  • Commercial agreement for large fleets with an unlimited number of cards, including virtual ones,
  • “Budget” agreement for budget organizations working on F3–44 and F-223.

In order to conclude contracts, “Commercial” and “Budgetary” will have to come to the sales office (all of Moscow alone, at Dubininskaya).

A monthly fuel card maintenance costs 20 rubles, SMS-informing - 60 rubles per month.

One of the advantages of the program is the ability to refuel on a virtual card even in the absence of an Internet connection.

The Rosneft smart card enables cashless payments at car washes, maintenance points, hotels, and the purchase of related products. Distribution of funds on cards is not required, they have a common account. Card limit and product limiters can be set through your personal account.

Gazpromneft - 108 filling stations in Moscow, 1347 throughout Russia


Gazpromneft's Opti 24 fuel cards allow drivers to receive not only fuel, but also services, including tire fitting. Although the network of tire shops where fuel cards are accepted is still not very large - 150 addresses throughout Russia, it is expanding. Service card holders also have access to engine oil replacement services at the service stations participating in the program. If you have a large organization with branches throughout Russia, cards can be divided into groups and through your personal account you can configure options for drivers from different regions.

According to Gazpromneft experts, using high-quality Diesel Opti fuel, you can get 5.8% savings with regular use, that is, about 60 liters saved per 1000 spent. Plus, increase the resource of the fuel system and engine, having received savings on the maintenance and repair of equipment.

At specialized Gazpromneft gas stations for commercial vehicles weighing more than 12 tons, Asket does not need to contact the operator: you can pay for fuel by attaching a card to the terminal on the column itself.

Otherwise, it’s about the same as competitors. Accounting documents are provided once a month no later than the fifth business day following the reporting period. It takes 3 days to conclude an agreement, 2 days to produce a fuel card.

ESA - 75 gas stations in Moscow, 91 throughout Russia


This network offers three fuel programs depending on the size of the customer’s fleet:

  • Smart - for companies with a fleet of one car. The EKA-Smart program allows you to refuel at 5, 000 gas stations in Russia, including 600 multi-brand ones in Moscow and the Moscow Region. An agreement to connect to the program is executed within 15 minutes via the Internet.
  • Navigator - for federal carriers. The program involves 5, 000 city and regional gas stations and 1, 100 gas stations on 80 federal highways. Geo-Pro geoinformation service allows you to lay optimal routes taking into account the traffic situation, gas stations, control points.
  • City - for local companies operating in the same region. Throughout the country, there are 8799 service points, of which 4024 are gas stations in large cities. That is, fuel cards EKA-Pro can be refueled at gas stations of other brands.

Programs provide for VAT refunds for fuel.

Shell - 46 gas stations in Moscow, 323 throughout Russia


Shell has a large selection of fuel cards and multivariate programs. And a notable transnational orientation: Shell Card allows you to refuel at 20, 000 gas stations throughout Europe, pay for car wash and car services, use of ferries, roads, tunnels, bridges and even ROLA (this is truck transportation by rail). And also receive assistance in case of an accident in almost 40 countries and reimburse VAT from most European countries.

Shell fuel cards are free, and you can order them immediately as much as the business needs. And the Shell Card Online program allows you to manage individual cards and their groups, control fleet costs, prepare accounting documents and protect your business from fraudulent activities.

A monthly payment is provided by Shell Card, depending on the package of services chosen by the client in the amount of 0, 500 or 1000 rubles. This amount - the subscription fee from the company - does not change depending on the number of cards used.

All customers receive discounts on Shell fuel cards. Moreover, unlike standard “percentage” discounts in the market, Shell gives discounts in absolute ruble terms based on the amount of fuel consumed.

Minus (temporary) - a relatively modest network of "Shell" gas stations in Russia.

Tatneft - 35 gas stations in Moscow, 708 throughout Russia


A Tatneft fuel card costs 530 rubles. This card can be purchased by both legal entities and individuals. The service is free. Each cardholder receives a 1.5% discount on purchased gas station products upon purchase.

A prerequisite for each client is programming limits: daily limit or electronic wallet. Each fuel card has a personal account, the balance of which can be viewed on the check. Upon reaching monthly expenses of 100, 000 rubles, the discount increases by 0.5%. When the cost of purchased fuel exceeds half a million rubles, a 2.5% discount is applied, and from a million rubles - 3%. The maximum possible discount is 5% if the total cost of the previous month exceeds 5 million rubles.

When calculating the discount, not the last 30 days of using the card are taken into account, namely the previous reporting calendar month.

Service is provided not only at the Tatneft network stations, but also at third-party gas stations participating in the partnership program (some gas stations of the Bashneft, Transnefteprodukt, Avtodorstroy, Tatnefteprodukt, Olvi, Gazpromneft, Salavat networks )

Every month, a full package of reporting documents (invoices, invoices, reconciliation statements, card transactions, reports on discounts provided) is provided in your account. In fact, this option is the most important for the organization to switch to the use of fuel (service) cards.

We are all one

But there are universal fuel cards.

For example, the “Unified” card for servicing at the gas station all of these networks. If you consume up to 10, 000 liters, the first 90 days, the service will be free, then 2.5% of the turnover, if you consume more than 10, 000 liters after three months of free maintenance, the cost of the service will be 3.5% of the turnover.

Reports are sent before the 5th day of each month by mail (they are also displayed in your account), the original documents are sent by mail or by courier.

The site has a calculator that allows you to estimate the benefits of such a contract. Or decide that you do not need it.