The fact is that I am registered in one region, and registered a car in another - and the tax was charged in two regions, for two different TINs. I have repeatedly visited the tax office with the requirement to combine two TINs into one. Each time they assured me that double taxation is an unfortunate accident that formed just when the two TINs were merged, and that now everything is clear for sure! And I regularly paid the transport tax at the place of registration, as required by law.

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But apparently, they still didn’t put a tick in the electronic system, and a few years later I received a “letter of happiness” in which I was actually accused of tax evasion and threatened to hold several dozen in court thousand rubles. I tried to complain about double taxation on a hot phone tax 8-800, but the point is zero. Sent supporting documents electronically through a personal tax office - with the same success. I went to the inter-district inspection (tax service center for the population) with the desire to break someone up like an ace hot-water bottle, but the nice girl-operator, typing my last name in the database, immediately replied:

- Yes, everything you have paid! How could they even charge tax on a long-existing TIN? Do you want to issue a certificate that you have no debt? But next year, the situation is likely to happen again.

I called the justice of the peace. Having listened patiently to my tirade, the lady on the other end of the line answered in a calm voice: “Don’t worry so much. You are not alone, there are thousands of you! ”


I am waiting for a call to court and I am surprised that back in the nineties in electronic markets you could buy any database on the CD (telephone, motor vehicles, etc.), but we can’t restore order with electronic storage and processing of data on a national scale so far. Partly for this reason, the traffic police decided to issue registration numbers for the region in which the owner is registered. They still issue the license plate numbers of the region where the car is registered, but this practice, which was introduced in 2013, will be stopped on August 4 (if something else does not change). But where in the regional traffic police, for example, Kaliningrad, license plates, for example, of the Krasnodar Territory? It's simple: the traffic police will only assign a combination of letters and numbers, and the car owner will actually order tin plates from authorized private manufacturing firms.

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Due to the imperfection of electronic databases, the idea of ​​controlling the presence of an insurance policy through photo and video recording cameras stalled. Here the situation is even more complicated, since it is necessary to competently tie together the bases of the "citizen" and the traffic police, and this is not so simple. And the risk is high that many drivers will receive unjustified fines.

As before, customs bases and traffic police do not interact with us, therefore it is practically impossible to hold citizens of other states accountable for violations of traffic rules, which are used by courageous people with Ukrainian, Kazakh, Armenian, Moldavian and other numbers of "near abroad". Is it time to register your cars somewhere in Abkhazia so as not to pay for parking in Moscow?

But one innovation may well slip through, despite the holes in the databases - I’m talking about the upcoming ban on entry into the centers of large cities for cars that do not correspond to a certain environmental class - for example, Euro 3. Since until 2005 the column “Ecological class” in the TCP not filled, the owners of many cars will have to cover the thresholds MREO and amend the documents. Or change the car. Or do not meddle in restricted areas.

In the meantime, I have two documents in my hands - a tax certificate stating that there is no debt and a requirement from her to recover from me in court the arrears of the transport tax. Wait for the bailiffs?

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