Appearance: perceptible resemblance

Of course, they tried to instill Japanese DNA into the new generation Supra, but the car was created on the BMW Z4 platform, and, as you know, you won’t erase words from the song, so the features of the German roadster are visible in the appearance of the Toyota legend. However, not without nostalgia. In the exterior of the new Supra there are elements of the previous one, for example, the top line of headlights, leaving for the bumper, and four bulbs in the headlights themselves, one of which shines to the side. The central part of the front part evokes associations with Formula 1.


The Japanese, long accustomed to technology, are anxious about emotions. And Supra is proof of this: the body seems to consist of very expressive powerful muscles. For example, two “roof shades” on the roof, which the new Supra got from their predecessors, are striking, and the line on the side, which starts at the front wheel, goes down through the doors and goes around the rear wheel. By the way, this is not a real air intake, but a props. Most likely, in the future it will be possible to install elements of factory tuning here, which will be released later.


Looking at the Toyota Supra from above and slightly from the side, you see a kind of square on wheels. This is important because all the geometry and layout of this machine is classic. Between the two front wheels is a powerful motor and a thick universal joint going to the rear wheels. All honestly.

Interior: enveloping cockpit

Stylistically, the Toyota Supra is European, not typical of Japanese cars. The architecture and even the buttons remind of the "Germans" - the same BMW and Audi. The one who is inside is surrounded by silence. You feel like a pilot in a tight cockpit: a long sports seat cushion, an elastic dense back, support of the knee resting against the side console. All indications are that driving the Supra will be tough.


In this case, there is a feeling that you are sitting in a charged sports car, which was made specifically for you. Supra has a system similar to BMW's iDrive. In the center of the dashboard is a tachometer. This is the main thing here!

The trunk in the Toyota Supra is small, but you do not expect another from such a car. This, perhaps, will include a couple of small suitcases. Or one big wheel.


Technical equipment: restrained speed

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Supra will be produced with several engines: a 4-cylinder turbocharged 2 liter and a capacity of 197 or 258 hp. and 3-liter “six” with a capacity of 340 hp Everything is like Z4. The only difference is that the Supra is a little faster: up to 100 km / h, the weakest version accelerates, according to the manufacturer, in 6.5 s, the fastest - in 4.3 s.

The maximum speed, 250 km / h, is limited by electronics, because the capabilities of the motors are clearly higher. It’s a pity that Toyota didn’t put the Supra chassis on the stand separately … The MacPherson strut in the front and the multi-link in the rear are installed on the car. Especially the Japanese are proud of the symmetrical weight distribution on the axes - 50:50. There is an active differential, 19-inch wheels of different sizes. In a word, Supra is quite interesting technically.


Sales: long line

The new Toyota Supra will be produced in Austria, at the Magna Steyr factory - in the same place as the BMW Z4. In Japan, the car is about to begin selling, with different engines. Only the version with a 6-cylinder 3-liter engine will go to the States, its initial cost will be approximately $ 50, 000. That is, Supra will be slightly cheaper than the similar equipment BMW.

Supra will appear in Russia. Sales will begin in the summer. But only 22 cars will come to us - such is the quota. Only 900 cars will be produced this year, and all of them are already distributed across the markets. Reception of orders for Supra for this year is already closed. How many cars will be made next year and how many will be brought to Russia, no one knows. Prices are also unknown. At the same time, we will only sell cars with 3-liter “sixes, ” since the Supra with a 4-cylinder engine is so far exclusively intended for the Japanese market.

Like it or not, the Japanese competently furnished the return of the legendary Toyota Supra. Updated the design in a European manner, not forgetting the "original" features. They released a small party, creating a stir among the fans. Something tells us that the Russian quota has already been chosen. But there is no doubt that there are people who want to get acquainted with the revived Japanese legend and ride it, no matter what.

New Toyota Supra - the legend returns (and to Russia too!)
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