Image Aurus Senat and other spring auto premieres. Broadcast ZR from Geneva

What to see in the seven exhibition halls of the Geneva Palexpo complex? There are even more new products, including those that will be sold in Russia, than they were presented in Geneva a year ago.

So, here is a short list of the most important premieres of this year that automakers have reserved for the main European motor show: Audi Q4 e-Tron and E-Tron Hatch ; Russian brand Aurus and its first-born Senat ; Bentley Bentayga Speed ; restyled BMW 7 Series ; revolutionary Citroen Ami One concept; Lexus LC Convertible and RC F Track Edition ; Mazda 3 SUV ; Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake and the updated GLC Coupe ; Upgraded Mitsubishi ASX ; Nissan Juke ; Peugeot 208 ; Renault Clio ; new Skoda Kamiq and updated Superb ; SsangYong Korando ; Toyota Supra ; the updated Volkswagen Passat and the new T-Cross crossover - they all debut in Geneva March 5-6.

The hottest news, photos, videos, exclusive information, answers to questions that you, our readers, and the heads of Kia and Skoda companies asked, are in the online broadcast “At the wheel” and the special project “Geneva 2019”.

13:55 Updated Renault Twingo: a small car with a large air intake

Kirill Mileshkin

Charming urban crumb Renault Twingo - the story is not about the Russian market as much as possible. Although soplatform Smarts in bourgeois Moscow found themselves in car sharing, Twingo can only be seen outside of Russia.

In the process of restyling, the car did not change much: they added personalization options, drew the same patterns in the headlights and taillights, put the side air intake in the rear wing on all versions, and not just on the top one.

Everything? Everything. A little car can still be obtained with a liter aspirated or turbo volume of 900 cubic meters.

The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - Live broadcast “Driving” 13:15 Caution - high voltage: Kia changes to electric cars

Arthur Sarukhanov

It all started with a video in which the famous Hollywood actor Robert De Niro urged the audience to change to electric cars - the future should be cleaner. Emilio Herrera, the operating director of Kia Motor Europe, who appeared on the podium, reported that the brand is doing well: 4.7 percent growth in sales in the world (only 495 thousand cars sold in 2018) provided design, new sports cars, a seven-year warranty and further development of electrical direction.

“Take a look around and you will understand that all the cars on the stand are more or less electric, ” Senor Herrera urged, as if to confirm what was said.
A few years ago, the Koreans did not have a single battery-powered car, but now a newcomer to the model range of the brand - the compact Niro compact crossover - appeared a couple of years ago with a circulation of over 100 thousand copies in Europe alone (270 thousand in the world). Концепт Imagine by Kia Imagine Concept by Kia Imagine Concept by Kia

But let's get back to the premieres of Geneva. Absolutely stunning is the concept of Imagine by Kia. As the name suggests, it is about a vision for the future design of the brand. Yes, it is presented in the form of a four-door coupe C-segment with rear doors swinging open against the course. The signature “tiger nose” has grown to the entire front and is now highlighted. And in the cabin instead of tidy 21 is a display that forms a single picture, despite the fact that they are all cascaded. I can’t be convinced of this personally, since it’s not possible to go closer than seven meters to the concept planted on 22-inch nickel-plated wheels.

The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - online broadcast “Driving” Related materials Image The date of the start of sales of the new Kia Soul

Of course, we are more interested in the European debut of the electric Soul shown earlier, back in Los Angeles. No, e-Soul will not reach our country, but we can judge by it what will be the third generation of the raised hatchback, which is expected in Russia this summer. Technically, this is the same Niro with the ability to travel on a single charge over 400 km (452 ​​km on the WLTP cycle). But this is with 64 kWh batteries. In the standard version (39.2 kWh), the run is twice as modest - 277 km.

Electro-Soul will not be brought to us - Koreans are still complaining about the lack of infrastructure. But there will be three gasoline engines to choose from - with power from 120 to 200 hp. Pay attention to the noticeably narrowed front optics, as well as more intricate taillights, executed in the form of boomerangs. They look awesome! In addition, the third generation of Soul is built on the new K2 platform, which lengthened the car by 6 cm and made it possible to re-arrange it inside. Separately, we note the wider trunk opening.

The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - Live broadcast “Driving” 13:01 New Renault Clio: revolution - in the cabin

Kirill Mileshkin

The new generation Clio body does not have a single external part with its predecessor. And at the same time, only lovers of the model will be able to accurately recognize a fresh car. The fact is that the past generation won huge market success in the Old World, and exterior designers deliberately “tied their hands”. Needless to say, take a chance.

Renault Clio Renault Clio Renault Clio

There was no such reverence for the interior. Moreover, the dashboard of the old Clio in 2019 did not withstand comparisons with young competitors. So there was a revolution in the cabin. She brought the hatchback a vertical “tablet” in the center and an optional digital instrument cluster. Along the way, their entire environment was redrawn.

Renault Clio moved to the CMF-B platform, became 14 mm shorter, but 66 mm wider. The trunk, by some miracle, increased by almost a third - from 300 to 391 liters. Within a couple of years, a hybrid and an electric car will appear in the family. In the meantime, a wide selection of internal combustion engines is offered, as well as a couple of special versions - the sports RS Line and the luxuriously finished Initiale Paris.

Clio, as before, does not plan to bring it to Russia.

The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - Live broadcast “Driving” 12:42 Citroen Ami One Concept: a prototype from the near future

Kirill Mileshkin

Of the mass automobile brands Citroen can rightfully be called the king of shocking - the French are not at all embarrassed that the "designer" car is doomed to sell worse than the average. Another experiment "chevrons" is called Ami One.

Citroen Ami One Concept Citroen Ami One Concept Citroen Ami One Concept Related Materials Image 21st Century Phenomenon: Public Vehicle

This is a prototype from the near future, when the concept of a personal car will be supplanted by innovative transport systems: car sharing, unmanned "capsules" for several people and other horrors that scare fans of old-school cars today. The Ami One “cube” will be booked through the mobile application for a period of “from five minutes to five years, ” as stated in the press release.

The tiny electric car is symmetrical, so its wings and doors are interchangeable. Salon is a model of minimalism. To start the movement, you need to install your smartphone in a special niche with built-in charging. On the front panel there is a niche for a branded bag, behind the seats there is a small cargo compartment with access only from the passenger compartment.

5.4 hp electric motor accelerates the machine to 45 km / h. Autonomy of a hundred kilometers for purely urban operation is enough. From fast charging, you can replenish energy to a maximum in two hours.

But the most important thing for the French is that a Citroen Ami One certified quad can be controlled without a driver’s license. And I willingly believe that the concept can grow into a production car.

The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - Live broadcast “Driving” 11:15 Skoda Kamiq will reach Russia?

Maxim Kadakov

If you have already heard about the Skoda Kamiq crossover, which was introduced almost a year ago at the Beijing Motor Show, then you can cross out that car from memory: the European Kamiq, which was shown in Geneva, is a completely different crossover. And maybe he will appear in Russia!

Only the name remains. The Chinese Kamiq is built on the old PQ platform, is modestly equipped, and an unpretentious atmospheric 1.5-liter engine is installed on it. This is an inexpensive car (in China - from 14 thousand dollars), designed for not too demanding customers.

Skoda Kamiq Skoda Kamiq Skoda Kamiq Related Materials Image Skoda showed a new crossover before the premiere

The European Kamiq is a different kind of car, it can be seen even from a distance. And when you get in the car … Decent finishing materials, climate control, multimedia with a screen diagonal of up to 9.2 inches, electric tailgate … A worthy replacement for the departed Yeti!

Kamiq is built on the MQB A0 platform and is actually an off-road version of the new Skoda Scala hatchback. Length - 4241 mm, width - 1793 mm, height - 1531 mm. The wheelbase for this chassis is very large: 2651 mm. That is, Kamiq the size of our popular Cretu. Even the trunk of the same volume - 400 liters.

What else is interesting in Kamik? Wheels with a diameter of 16 to 18 inches (the latter with a 55 percent profile is clearly not for our roads), dynamic running indicators, a folding backrest of the front passenger seat (for an extra charge), an optional digital instrument panel instead of the usual turnout and LED headlights ( also for a fee).

The range of engines is Volkswagen wide. Junior three-cylinder 1.0 TSI turbo engine develops only 95 hp and paired with a 5-speed manual. In addition, there is a more powerful turbo “troika” 1.0 TSI (115 hp), a gas engine 1.0 G-Tec (90 hp), a four-cylinder engine 1.5 TSI (150 hp) and a four-cylinder diesel 1.6 TDI (115 h.p.). Boxes - mechanical 6-speed or 7-speed robot DSG.

In addition to the standard, you can order a sports suspension - with a 10 mm reduced clearance and electronically-controlled shock absorbers. But you can’t order an “off-road” suspension. As well as all-wheel drive: the A0 platform is a purely front-wheel drive.

And now about the sad. A good car costs a lot of money. On the eve of the opening of the showroom, I was able to briefly talk with the head of the company Skoda Bernhard Meyer. It is clear that I was interested in two questions: the price and the prospect of Kamik in the Russian market.

Mayer answered like this:

“Kamik will appear on the European market in the second half of the year. The price of a car in the middle configuration will be about 20 thousand euros (exact prices are not determined). There are no concrete plans for Russia yet. Now we are launching the production of Karok in Russia, it will go on sale at the end of the year - this is the immediate task. And it is still unknown whether we have enough capacity to satisfy the demand for Kamik in Europe. But - never say never. Let's wait a bit! ”
The new crossover Skoda Kamiq and other premieres of Geneva 2019 - Live broadcast “Driving”
“Our goal is to make the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show even more modern and future-oriented without losing the prospect of its nearly 100-year history. We will present everything that manufacturers and suppliers do with their current developments and what they offer for the future, ”said Andre Hefti, general director of the motor show, as his task.
The Geneva International Motor Show dates back to 1905. This car dealership - the only one in Europe - is held in an annual format. This year the exhibition will be held for the 89th time.

The Geneva Motor Show opens to the public on March 7 and runs through March 17.


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