“Of all the car accessories, the most essential is the wallet.”
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Related Materials Image Self-deception: why we will choose more expensive from two identical cars - Mikhail Vladimirovich, there is a question from our listeners. As you know, cars are getting more expensive again. And when will they get cheaper? And will car factories finally start making cars for the poor?

The topic, to put it mildly, is not new - the girl with the microphone understands this. However, this is in demand - both on the radio and in the television box. Because our people love when they communicate with them on win-win topics and in a language they understand. Like, life is rubbish, rulers are (well, there is a curse), inflation is wild, prices are crazy, and the crook is completely overwhelmed.

But cars are really getting more expensive - let's turn to statistics.

According to Avtostat agency data, in January Subaru raised prices by an average of 50–100 thousand ₽, Datsun - by 9–16 thousand ₽, Cadillac - by 60–300 thousand ₽, Porsche - by 186–648 thousand. ₽, Hyundai - by 8–65 thousand ₽, Mitsubishi - by 20–64 thousand ₽, AvtoVAZ - by 15–25 thousand ₽, Citroen - by 20–100 thousand ₽, Peugeot - by 20–80 thousand ₽, Renault - by 15–38 thousand ₽, Lifan - by 30 thousand ₽.


However, it's time to answer - the girl with the microphone is patiently waiting. I say the following: they say, I believe that cars will not get cheaper, because it is absolutely not profitable for automobile plants, and it’s just not necessary. In addition, how to make cheap all of these Euro-10, abeesy, eespe and climate controls with a bunch of pillows in addition?

Related Materials Image “The effect of the tenth egg” in the car market: here they’re still reporting! No guys, the factories go a different way. Like, let a wealthy companion get a new car from us and serve it at our own branded service. And in a few years we will release a new model that this comrade wants to buy instead of the previous one. Let his old car be bought at a cheap price by a planetary neighbor who is not burdened with finances. This will not only solve his personal transport problem, but also save the manufacturer from worries with used cars. And the new owner will definitely not go to the official service anymore - again, the manufacturer has less trouble with repairing the old stuff …

A girl asks about the "Chinese": they say, they will remain cheap after all? I do not agree: are the Chinese stupid or something? Compared to the European ones, their cars are already cheaper, but at the same time they have long since given up dumping: they are no longer interested. After all, the price level affects the image: they say that we do not sell junk, but with the same thing as everyone else. And therefore we are in a trend.

In general, this also applies to VAZ, which has recently stepped over the price level of one million rubles.

And I need!

Owning a private car requires money. For me it is an axiom. No money - forget about the car: there should be no other option. Because a car is a complex technical device of increased danger, constantly in need of maintenance, refueling, parking, insurance, repairs, car wash, etc. And for all this, money is needed. And the more expensive the car, the more he loves money. And even if someone generously gives a beggar a brand new Mercedes, he will not be able to "feed" him.

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Arguments from the series “There is no money, but I have to go!” I do not perceive. This is what rabbits in public transport and other worthy personalities usually say. It may well be that someone needs a Boeing, because "he needs to fly, " but they will not be allowed to board him without a boarding pass. But on the public roads let everyone.

What is unpleasant for me personally a moneyless rider? Not at all the lack of a bank account - the thing is completely different. To the one who, due to low incomes, drives a cheap and prestigious typewriter, I have no complaints. How much you have earned, you ride on that: a teacher from the outback - on Logan, a football player - on Ferrari. But at the same time, any car must be safe for other participants in the movement - this is also an axiom for me. But without money, security cannot be guaranteed.

This is where the root of evil lies. Unfortunately, the average modern "poor man" often does not want to drive a fresh, but not prestigious car of the "third grade" - for the same money, he wants to have climate control, a leather interior, alloy wheels, and at least xenon instead of a halogen. And then the rude Yankees were again rude, calling the renewed Grant a "toy for the poor" … Involuntarily you will begin to glance at Lexus and Audi.

Well, okay - our poor proletarian Lexus or Audi bought with a run to the moon and back for one tenth (twentieth) of the initial cost. But how was he going to serve her, if he was a pipe with money? If the maintenance of even a brand-new car with a big name is far from cheap, how much will a person have to spend on patching an “old woman”?

I think the answer is simple: you won’t have to! Because the principle “There is no money, but I have to go!” Overpowers any logic. If something falls off from the “old woman”, then we’ll think, and as long as the machine can drive, let it drive. At the same time, is she able to brake normally and if the timing belt, having unwound three periods, will tear when overtaking in the opposite direction? It is also unknown how many people will suffer through the fault of a person who prefers external show-offs to common sense.


The latter circumstance is compounded by the fact that the injured party will not receive any OSAGO payment. Because instead of a policy, our proletarian usually travels with linden paper from a nonexistent office. And sometimes without any papers at all.

Why? Yes, because: “There is no money, but we must go …”

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The correspondent flied off to educate the people. And I already anticipate questions like: "Are we not people, or what?" Like, you are all there in Mercedes, but we, then, can not?

Well, I’ll answer toughly: for those who don’t have the means to maintain the car in good condition, there really is nothing to do on public roads! And you should think about it before acquiring a car, and not after. It is no coincidence that the Europeans themselves are almost ready to pay extra to someone who takes their old car from them along with all the financial problems.