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10 Naive Questions About Parking In A Big City


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Video: 10 Naive Questions About Parking In A Big City

Video: 10 Naive Questions About Parking In A Big City
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10 Naive Questions About Parking In A Big City
10 Naive Questions About Parking In A Big City

1. My car is in the wrong place for an hour, two, half a day. Can I get a few fines? The violation is essentially one thing

That's right, one violation. So in this case you will receive one penalty. The amount will depend on where exactly you left your car. The “price spread” is quite large. For example, parking on a lawn in Moscow will cost you 5, 000 rubles, at a pedestrian crossing - 3, 000 rubles (since you are in a city of federal significance).


2. The included "emergency gang" will be an excuse that I did not park in the right place?

In accordance with Chapter 7 of the SDA, the alarm can only be activated in case of an accident; in case of a forced stop in places where the stop is prohibited; when the driver is blinded by headlights.

If you stopped and turned on the emergency gang, you should set the warning triangle. According to the rules - at a distance of at least 15 meters from the car in the settlements and 30 meters outside the settlements.

As the traffic police explain, when considering an administrative case, the justification for parking in the wrong place will be established circumstances stipulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, namely: extreme need, driver’s health status, etc.

3. Parking rules in Moscow are monitored by cars with built-in cameras (the so-called "parkons"). Do the drivers of such cars themselves figure out the trespassers or does the device do it in their car?


Neither one nor the other. The driver of the car in which the ParkRight hardware-software complex is installed (popularly called such cars as “parkons”) is not related to fines. The task of a person is simply to drive a car along a given route, and the camera will record the numbers of all parked cars. Pictures are sent to the data processing department of the data center, where it is checked whether the system has correctly recognized the license plate number and make of the machine. The fact of violation of traffic rules is determined only when the materials are transferred to MADI and AMPP.

4. DPC, AMPP, Mosparking … - these are different names of the same? And if they are different, then who writes the fine?


All these organizations are structures of the Department of Transport and the Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow.

The Moscow Government Traffic Management Center (DPC) provides traffic management and security in the city. He is responsible for the management of traffic lights, operation of transport infrastructure facilities (traffic lights, signs, cameras, electronic displays), optimization of traffic patterns, organization of pedestrian crossings, etc. It is the data center that is responsible for the work of the so-called Intelligent Transport System of Moscow.

Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate (MADI) is the executive authority of Moscow. MADI administers violations related to parking under signs prohibiting stopping and parking on green spaces (lawns, flowerbeds, etc.). MADI also monitors compliance by passenger taxis with the rules for the transport of passengers and baggage.

Mosparking (GKU "AMPP") controls the Moscow parking space. In addition, the organization is engaged in the evacuation of cars at special parking lots by decision of the traffic police and MADI inspectors.

5. Having parked in the wrong place, I covered the room with a piece of paper / leaflet / snow. Will they still recognize my number?


If you left the car under a prohibition sign, it will be evacuated by decision of the MADI inspector. If on the sidewalk or pedestrian crossing - by decision of the traffic police inspector. If such a car is parked in a paid car park, the AMPP inspector (you must have seen these people in blue with the inscription “Moscow parking” on the back) has the right to remove a piece of paper and photograph the license plate number.

6. Suppose there are no numbers on my car (twisted), then what?

State authorities believe that a car abandoned without a number can pose a threat to the safety of citizens, since it is impossible to establish its owner. Most often, such cars are left in a paid parking lot. Having seen a car without a number or with fake numbers, an AMPP employee calls the inspector MADI. He draws up an act, after which the car goes to a special parking lot for subsequent verification. This work has been carried out as part of the decision of the Moscow Anti-Terrorism Commission since May 2017. From January to December 2018, more than 1, 600 vehicles without license plates or with forged license plates were evacuated.

It is noteworthy that the owner of such a car will not pay for the so-called transfer services (in Moscow their cost starts from 3200 rubles). The driver will receive only a fine of 5000 rubles for unpaid parking. However, before picking up the car from the special parking lot, the citizen will have to explain to the police who will also arrive there why the car was without numbers. And you also need to be prepared for the fact that they can arrange a search of the car.

The situation is different if a car without license plates is, for example, under a prohibition sign. In this case, the driver will not only be billed for the evacuation, but they will also be fined 3, 000 rubles for violating parking rules (he will receive a 50% discount if paid within 20 days). But a car without numbers standing on a lawn cannot be evacuated by law. You can only write a fine to the owner in the amount of 5000 rubles. The whole question is to whom to write out - there are no numbers.

7. I was stopped by traffic police inspectors. I had to stand on the “dedicated line”. While I was dealing with them, can my car be photographed from Parkon and fined?


Theoretically, you, of course, can be photographed by a passing car equipped with the ParkRight system. But there is one thing: in this case, the stop is considered forced and the decision (penalty) is canceled.

8. Parked a car in a paid parking lot in Moscow in January. Fifteen minutes, but still a fine came. What's wrong?

Now the motorist has five minutes to pay for parking. The new rules entered into force on December 15, 2018. Previously, drivers were given fifteen minutes. You can pay for parking, as before, using the “Moscow Parking” mobile application, via SMS to number 7757, a parking meter, partner services, using voice. According to AMPP, 98% of motorists use parking services to pay for parking - the Moscow Parking application and SMS messages, so it takes 10-15 seconds to pay.

By the way, please note that on 237 streets of Moscow with an increased tariff (mainly central streets), parking on Sunday became paid. See their list here. But on public holidays, cars can still be left there for free.


9. Fined for parking, but I'm sure I did everything right. Where to complain now?

You need to ask for clarification and appeal the fine at the organization that issued the decision. In Moscow, it can be the traffic police, AMPP or MADI.

If you do not agree with the penalty for parking under the signs “Stop is prohibited,” “Parking is prohibited,” or for parking on the lawn, you need to contact MADI. The easiest way to do this is online, on the Autocode portal or on the mos.ru portal. If you did not pay for parking on time, then you are in the AMPP. Penalties for parking on the sidewalk or pedestrian crossing are appealed to the traffic police.

10. I am from Belarus and I have foreign numbers. Will they fix it anyway? But where does the fine come from?

The Center for Traffic Management ZR assured that cameras on Moscow roads record all numbers. The traffic police told us that in the case of fixing administrative offenses committed by a foreign citizen (in accordance with part 3 of article 28.6 of the Administrative Code, a copy of the decision and other materials (the same pictures from the cameras) will be sent to the offender by registered mail. within three days from the date the penalty was issued at the address provided by the citizen to the customs authorities upon entering Russia.



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