Increasingly, videos from our traditional rubric “Technical environment” break out in the top views, in which its permanent host Gennady Emelkin tests various car accessories and shows how to properly repair a unit in garage conditions. Topics are sometimes so topical that they provoke a stormy response from subscribers of the ZR channel on YouTube. Here, for example, is one of these videos in which we showed how we installed air balloons on the editorial Kia Rio X-Line.

It is curious that the reporting video in which our colleague Mikhail Kuleshov talked about how the behavior of a car with air balloons has changed, as well as about other nuances of operation after a mileage of 3000 km, was much less in demand.

But the video instruction on eliminating chips and scratches on the body with the help of an interesting device interested many:

Another topic that has interested many was the fifth-generation European debut of Toyota RAV4 at the Paris Motor Show in October 2018. Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of the magazine “At the wheel”, shared his impressions of the meeting with the most popular crossover in the USA:

But the video from the past Moscow Motor Show (MIAS-2018) was much more in demand. In particular, from the stand on which Aurus Senat flaunted - aka EMP, aka the Cortege project. Many wanted to know what the Russian president would ride. The answer is in the video:

Of course, not everyone can afford Aurus. For the most part, compatriots move in inexpensive cars. Lada is our everything! It is not surprising that the video review from the presentation of the updated Grant collected so many views. I wonder what our people will have to ride in the coming years:

However, the coolest video in terms of the number of views turned out to be our unusual experiment. We froze the retractable handles of the new Range Rover Velar crossover and checked to see if they had the strength to break the ice. About how ready for the Russian winter expensive overseas car, see in this video:

The editorial board of ZR thanks all its readers and viewers on the YouTube channel. We promise to delight you with new interesting publications this year, 2019. Do not switch, but rather subscribe!

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