Automakers do not want to equip cars with special winter wipers, designed specifically for negative temperatures. Yes, and in stores you can buy unless the wipers in a rubber cover that protects them from freezing - this is exactly what we bought.

And they also found a couple of unusual winter items. The first is the Burner brush with electric heating, which can be controlled even from a remote key fob. The second is a do-it-yourself kit manufactured by Kaluga Energomash. The set includes heating elements and everything necessary for their integration into a frameless wiper.

So, there are three different approaches to facilitate the operation of the wiper in the conditions of ice rains and snowfalls. We will evaluate the light and dark sides of each.

MegaPower Winter M-66024, КНР. Зимняя щетка MegaPower Winter M-66024, China. Winter brush MegaPower Winter M-66024, China. Winter brush

Price 540 rubles

The main advantage of such winter brushes compared to conventional wipers is a sealed cover that prevents water from entering the hinges and their subsequent freezing. There is a certain effect from such a cover, but, as our tests have shown, if water has penetrated inside, it will remain there for a long time. Therefore, such decisions do not cause us enthusiasm.

Burner, Россия. Щетка со встроенным электрообогревом Burner, Russia. Brush with built-in electric heating Burner, Russia. Brush with integrated electrical heating

Price 880 rubles

Together with such wipers, you can purchase the “Reinforced wires for Burner brushes” kit for 330 rubles, as well as the “Burner Remote Keychain Kit” - for 1540 rubles. There are no complaints about the radio intellect: it transfers the commands from the remote control correctly, reporting the operation mode with sound signals. Wipers are equipped with numerous adapters and are available in 12 different sizes. I did not like the crocodile clip for the hood connection: the stationary use of such wipers implies something more reliable than a quick-detachable connection. As for the main advantage - heating, it will not save from freezing.
Энергомаш. Блок управления подогревом щеток 376.3787-03, Россия. Комплект для самостоятельной доработки бескаркасных дворников Energomash. Control unit for brush heating 376.3787–03, Russia. Kit for self-completion of frameless wipers Energomash. Control unit for brush heating 376.3787–03, Russia. Self-tuning kit for frameless wipers

Price 1100 rubles

The set will delight lovers of tuning, spending free time in the garage. The janitor is not included, and you can only electrify a beskarkasnik of the appropriate length. Our kit, for example, contained heating elements for brushes 400 mm and 600 mm long. In the wipers, two heating elements should be installed (left and right of the attachment to the leash), each consisting of two halves interconnected by soldered wires. The kit also includes a control unit that monitors the voltage in the electrical system, and a remote sensor for ambient temperature. It is recommended to install it in the cavity of the front bumper. The assembly and connection did not cause difficulties, although they require accuracy. And the brush did not like the performance. The disadvantages are the same as that of another heated janitor: this is more of a fun toy than an icing fighter. And one more minus: you can not disconnect the wiper from the rest of the wiring - the connector is not provided.

By car

On the street, only minus five. But even at this temperature, both heated windshield wipers were not able to melt the snowball that had wetted the windshield, at least in close proximity to the adjacent rubber bands. What will happen if the brushes freeze to the glass after a frosty night?

We checked it. In the evening, wet snow began, and at night it froze. The next morning, both heated janitors were frozen to the windshield. And although the air temperature dropped only three or four degrees below zero, the wipers could not save the wipers from captivity with volts. The heated windshield wipers were partially rehabilitated during the day when wet sticky snow fell again from the sky: the usual transformation into a “snow woman” type wiper did not happen.

Обогрев - взгляд изнутри. В изделии Энергомаша (1) металлическая пластина размещена в пластиковом изоляторе. Burner (2) выглядит более цивилизованно. Heating - an inside look. In the product Energomash (1), a metal plate is placed in a plastic insulator. Burner (2) looks more civilized. Heating - an inside look. In the product Energomash (1), a metal plate is placed in a plastic insulator. Burner (2) looks more civilized.

In the freezer

To simulate full icing, all the wipers stood in a cuvette with water and sent to "minus 30". During the night they all became like stone. The “sealed” winter in a rubber case was choked with water so that after holding it in the cell it began to crunch in its hands, like a loaf in a plastic bag. It will not dry out soon, which means it will constantly freeze in the cold.

Heated wipers behaved the same again. The power of the built-in heating elements is clearly insufficient. At minus thirty, the wipers remained icy to the touch even after half an hour holding under voltage.

We simulate less extreme conditions. We freeze wet wipers at a temperature of –5 ° C (it is with a small “minus” that ice rain occurs) and turn on the heating. Well, things went more fun: after about a minute, both products regained their former flexibility. You can go, but the conclusion is obvious: electric heating of the janitor is more of a fun toy than a useful option.

Comparative tests of wipers with a length of 600 mm with electric heating

Defrosting time at a temperature of –30 ° С *

Defrosting time at –5 ° С

Maximum current consumption at 13.2 V


more than half an hour

65 s

up to 2.5 A


more than half an hour

60 s

up to 2.4 A

* At the indicated ambient temperature, thawing failed.

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