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7 Necessary Service Operations Before The Start Of Winter


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Video: 7 Necessary Service Operations Before The Start Of Winter

Video: 7 Necessary Service Operations Before The Start Of Winter
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7 Necessary Service Operations Before The Start Of Winter
7 Necessary Service Operations Before The Start Of Winter

1. Tires


In sandals you don’t run in the snow. But what to take: complete wheels or just tires? Spikes or Velcro? When to change?

If you take only tires, you save on buying wheels, but tire fitting will cost more. But he didn’t just unscrew one and put another: the wheel needs to be disassembled, the summer tire removed from the rim, the winter mounted, inflated, balanced and only then installed on the car. In addition, mounting and dismounting twice a year does not help to strengthen the tire bead, because they ensure a tight fit to the rim and it depends on them how reliably the tire will keep pressure. Therefore, the presence of winter and summer sets of tires on wheels looks preferable, although more expensive. Another factor speaks in favor of this solution: for winter wheels, you can take wheels of a smaller diameter and install tires with a high profile on them for greater comfort.

When choosing the tires themselves, it is better and easier to focus on the recommendations of the automaker. For example, Nissan dealerships select tires according to all parameters in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements for each of the models. The client can only decide: take studded or Velcro.

2. Battery

Your well-being in winter depends on it. If you run the risk of an accident without tires in the season, then without a serviceable battery you will not go anywhere at all. Checking the battery before winter is a must. The battery, which has served faithfully all summer, at one fine moment may not ensure the start of a fully operational but cold engine. As a rule, the need for replacement arises after five years of use. A different battery lasts about seven years. But to test its potential before winter is never in vain. This service will be provided by any authorized Nissan dealer.

3. Oil


Choosing the right oil for the engine, you can become an expert! It would be nice to understand the classification of viscosity according to SAE - the abbreviation of the Society of Automotive Engineers (founded by Henry Ford), does not hinder to get acquainted with the API - the engine oil classification system (API Engine Service Classification System). However, the best solution that will save a lot of time is to trust the manufacturer by reading the instructions for use of your own car. A win-win option is to contact your dealer. In this case, the risk of buying low-quality oil is minimal. In addition, you do not have to bother with the search for a lift or a pit, you do not need to look for basins, where you could drain the spent.

4. Brake pads

Also, after the active summer season, it is advisable to check the condition of the pads. In summer, both speeds are higher and braking is more intense, respectively, the pads wear out more. And ahead of winter: you must be sure of the brakes.

5. Technical fluids

The obvious thing that not every car owner thinks about: all the liquids poured into the car, not only must be in sufficient quantities, but also must maintain physico-chemical properties. For example, the moisture content in the brake fluid should not exceed 3.5%, otherwise it may form steam plugs in the system or, conversely, precipitate in the form of ice crystals, paralyzing its operation. With an excess of water in the antifreeze, it can also freeze and break the cylinder block or cooling radiator. It is no accident that Nissan's official dealership stations offer seasonal checks of technical fluids and antifreeze density.

6. Air and cabin filters


The car survived the summer - the dustiest time of the year. Are you ready to carry a bunch of filtered allergens with you every day? The question is rhetorical - the answer is obvious.

7. Lamps

It gets dark early in winter. But your car should always be visible to everyone: serviceable turn signals, side lights, headlights take on the functions of safety elements.

By the way

  • All Nissan service programs are here.
  • Detailed information on promotions and offers, including their validity periods, you can find out from an authorized Nissan dealer or on the website www.nissan.ru



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