How the seasons affect the cost of a new car

A new car needs to be bought when it is the most difficult to sell. Let's see how the months of the year affect the cost of a new car.


January and February. The best time to buy a new car, as this is the end of the fiscal year for dealers. Soon, cars of the new year of release will begin to arrive at dealerships, so dealers are making room for them and selling last year's cars. To do this, they reduce the cost of the car by 10-20% and give pleasant bonuses - smartphones, laptops, wheel sets.

March. The month before new cars arrive at car dealerships. The most seductive actions passed, gifts were given away, however, prices for last year's models remained low, and some fell even more.

April and May . In early April, fresh, recently released cars arrive at car dealerships at the highest prices. There is no reason for a car dealer to concede in price - just arrived cars are sold at full cost. If you want to save, postpone the purchase of a car until at least June, and preferably until December.


June and July. People go on vacation, demand for cars falls, and they are temporarily cheaper. Dealers try to fulfill the sales plan, so they make concessions - arrange seasonal offers, discounts or give inexpensive trips to the sea.

August-November. In the fall, people return from vacation. The situation in the car market is reminiscent of the spring one - the demand for cars is growing, there are no sales and discounts, gifts too. From mid-October, due to the proximity of the New Year, a smooth drop in prices begins.

December. New Year time discounts. This month you can find many interesting offers, but compared to January, this is an extremely mixed period. Marketers take advantage of the New Year mood of buyers and go to different tricks. On emotions, a person can make a rash purchase, which he will regret later.

How the seasons affect the value of used cars

Changes in the market are changing the mood and motivation of used car dealers. Let's see what period is the most profitable to buy a used car from a private trader.


Spring and summer. Demand for used cars is growing, they are bought by novice drivers who went to study at a driving school in the fall, and got rights in the spring. They look after the first cars that are not a pity to break. Sellers can choose buyers, so they become less accommodating and take their time to sell. At this time, it is profitable to buy a used car is difficult.

Autumn and winter. Year of release affects the cost of a used car. In whatever excellent condition the car may be, with the advent of the new year, it will become a year older, which means it will become cheaper. Therefore, each seller is in a hurry to sell a used car before January 1 and is ready to yield in price until the car is even cheaper.

In December, the seller can throw off the price in order to have time to buy a new car in January - at this time last year’s cars have excellent discounts. Therefore, if you are ready to immediately buy a car, you can bargain and throw 5-10% of the initial cost.

When is the best time to buy a car

Winter is the best time to buy a new car. In December, the number of sales drops, car dealerships lower car prices, discounts reach 20%. The fall continues in January, because potential buyers spend money on New Year's gifts. At the same time, cars become last year and begin to lose in price. When you sell a car in 2-3 years, the buyer will ask for a discount for the extra year in the TCP.

It is better to buy a new car in January, and a used one in the first half of December, during low demand and before shares of car dealers.

The main thing - do not rush with the purchase. Choose a make, model and view ads year-round. Interesting offers appear on the secondary car market, regardless of the time of year.