Image Types of car insurance

Any driver needs insurance. It will be needed to register a car in the traffic police and to compensate for damage in an accident. Auto insurance is mandatory (compulsory motor liability insurance) and voluntary (comprehensive insurance).

CTP. Drivers are prohibited from driving without a compulsory insurance policy. If during registration in the traffic police did not request insurance, they will in any case be asked in the future. For the first time for driving without an insurance policy, they will be fined 800 rubles, the second time they will be fined 5000 rubles. The third time they will be deprived of a driver’s license.

The MTPL policy only insures driver liability on the road. If he provoked an accident, the insurance company will indemnify the injured party.


Sum of insurance payment

The driver had an accident with one or more participants

Up to 160 thousand rubles for property damage to all injured road accident participants.

In an accident another car is broken

Up to 400 thousand rubles.

The driver or passengers of the injured party were injured in an accident

Small injuries - up to 150 thousand rubles. The threat of life is up to 500 thousand rubles.

Downed pedestrian

Up to 500 thousand rubles.

Insurance will not indemnify if:

  • the driver was responsible for the accident and his car was damaged;
  • the driver demolished a billboard or post;
  • a car was stolen;
  • spontaneous combustion occurred;
  • hooligans broke windows in a car or took off tires.

If the driver has got into an accident, within 5 days he informs the insurance company about the incident. The insurance company decides to pay in 20 days. If time is up and the insurer has not yet made a decision or has not paid the money, penalties are applied to it by law.


DSAGO. A voluntary civil liability insurance policy will be needed if the driver wants to increase the amount of insurance payments to the injured party from 500 thousand to a million rubles.

In order to receive insurance compensation under DSAGO, the damage to the injured party must be more than 160 thousand rubles - the maximum lump sum payment under compulsory motor liability insurance.

DSAGO policy refers to voluntary car insurance and is only an annex to OSAGO; You cannot buy it separately. Insurance companies set a price on the DSAGO policy depending on engine power, year of manufacture of the car, driver experience and other factors.


Casco . Casco insurance covers more risks than compulsory motor liability insurance. If you get into an accident, hit a billboard or in the parking lot, someone else's car will blow you off the bumper and hide from your place - the insurance company will indemnify. If the car is stolen, under the comprehensive insurance policy, the insurance company will pay 100% of the market value of the car. To receive insurance claims during the year, the driver must pay the full amount of insurance in advance.

Casco is always more expensive than CTP. But it is not issued to cars older than 5 years or if the car has a low market value.

"Green map". If the driver is planning a trip abroad, he needs to additionally issue a “green card” - a mandatory driver liability insurance policy abroad. If you get into an accident in another country, the insurance will cover the damage.

Life insurance. You can register your life and your passengers. The amount of payments reaches one million rubles.

How to get an insurance policy?

You can apply for a policy at the offices of the insurance company or on its website, as well as through the MFC and the “Single Agent”.

Through the MFC. Find out which branch of the region can take out insurance. Call the MFC hotline +7 800 350 29 87 (by region) and make an appointment so as not to stand in line.

Through the "Single Agent". On the website of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers a list of insurance companies is indicated, where you can get an electronic insurance policy.

The system includes only trusted licensed insurance agents. Choose any company from the list, follow the link and register on the insurance website. You can associate a profile with an account on government services, and the system itself will take the necessary documents.

If you draw up a policy through the MFC or the “Single Agent”, you are guaranteed to receive payments, even if the insurance company goes bankrupt.

Image What documents are needed to get insurance?

To get insurance, the driver needs:

  • application - usually issued on the spot at the branch or immediately on the site;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • driver's license;
  • original title and vehicle registration certificate;
  • original certificate of ownership of the car;
  • inspection and diagnostic card;
  • old policy, if any.

To file an electronic application, documents are needed in electronic form. The driver is given 10 days to take out insurance from the date of purchase of the car.

How to choose an insurance company?

Under the guise of insurance companies are scammers selling policies without a license. The penalty for providing fake insurance in the traffic police is 5000 rubles. In order not to fall on the attackers, pay attention to a few points.

License. Ask the insurance company to present a license. The authenticity of the license to sell OSAGO or comprehensive insurance can be verified on the Bank of Russia website. If it is an insurance broker or agent, ask him to present a certificate allowing him to represent the interests of the insurance company and sell the insurance policy.


Reputation. Check the reputation of the insurance company - references in the media, social networks, advisory services, news on the PCA website. See what they say about the company in independent ratings.

Experience. Find out how many years the company has been offering services in the market. To do this, ask for the constituent documents and charter.

The amount of insurance payments. Specify in what cases the insurance company refuses to pay the insurance amount and what affects its volume. Ask what the maximum amount will be paid at one time on the hull policy and what can affect it.

If you already have an insurance policy, you can verify its authenticity on the PCA website.

How much is a car insurance?

There is no fixed price for Casco or CTP insurance. For each driver, the insurance company makes an individual calculation based on:

  • car make;
  • Year of release;
  • Models
  • modifications;
  • engine power;
  • the period for which insurance is issued;
  • region of residence;
  • owner registration region;
  • the number of drivers allowed to drive;
  • age and experience of each driver.

If the car is older than three years and has a low market value, the amount of insurance will be lower. If the car power is 100-120 l / s, then the policy on it will be cheaper. To get a discount or reduce the cost, you need to take out insurance in the same place where the driver lives and is registered. If there is only one driver behind the wheel of a car, older than 30 years and with great experience, insurance will cost him less than a young driver.

If the driver previously had a policy and a good insurance history, he can get a 5-10% discount. To calculate the cost of the policy, consult with an insurance company or use special online calculators.

Image What to look for in the contract?

When you have chosen an insurance company and are ready to conclude a contract, read it carefully. Pay attention to the following points.

The term for notification of the insured event. This is the time for which the driver must inform the insurance company about the accident. Under standard conditions, three days are given for notification. If this period expires, the insurer may refuse to pay. Then you have to indemnify yourself.

Franchise. Franchise is unconditional and conditional. With an unconditional franchise of 20 thousand rubles in the event of an accident, the payment will be reduced by this amount. If the deductible is conditional, then the insurance company will pay the money only if the damage exceeds 20 thousand rubles. Franchise insurance costs 20-40 thousand rubles less.

Wear calculation. From the point of view of insurers, a car loses up to 15–20% of the initial cost. Specify how the insurance company will charge annually - by age or mileage of the car.


The size and procedure for insurance payments. It is possible that under the terms of the contract in the second insured event, the company may cut back the amount of payments or automatically lay the deductible in the calculation of compensation.

Documents. If it is indicated that the insurer may request those documents that it needs without a predetermined list, there is a risk that payments will be refused due to “missing documents”.

Time to make a payment decision. Usually this is up to 30 days. If this item does not exist, ask to add, otherwise the insurer may drag out the process for 3-6 months.

Specify how damage will be assessed - by special examination or on the basis of accounts from the service station. Ask when the payment will be refused. If the contract states that the insurance will not pay in case of a gross violation of the SDA - it is not worth signing it. The insurance company will be biased against any insured event.

How to save on insurance?

To reduce annual insurance payments, you can refuse additional services - calling a tow truck or emergency commissioner.


When making a franchise, the driver can get a 5-40% discount, but then you will have to take on part of the costs. If the driver takes out insurance in the region of residence and registration, the price will be lower.

the main thing
  • Insurance can be of several types. CTP - mandatory, others - optional
  • To insure the car against theft and bullies, you need a comprehensive insurance policy
  • The PCA website has a list of trusted insurance companies
  • When choosing an insurance agent, check the license, amount of payments and reputation of the company
  • Refuse additional services - the policy will be cheaper