Image Related Materials Image On wheels and tracks: Jaguar based on UAZ, GAZ-51 - “golden hands”, tsar tank

The NAMI 055 amphibian, created in 1958 using units from Moskvich 410, had a streamlined all-metal body, a propeller with a gearbox, a flat bottom and wheels that could be tucked into niches. With a full one and a half ton load, the car accelerated in water to 12 km / h.

It is noteworthy that the next modification of the amphibian acquired hydrofoils, as it became clear: due to the motor power alone, it would not be possible to significantly increase the speed. Through the efforts of Rostislav Alekseev, the creator of the famous ekranoplanes, the novelty immediately dispersed right up to 55 km / h …

At one time in the USSR created the VAZ 2122 - an amphibian on Niva units. Recall the experimental army amphibian UAZ 3907 - it was ordered to the plant in the early seventies. The car, which was called the Jaguar, turned out so successful that it easily withstood the "swim" along the Volga from Ulyanovsk to Astrakhan and vice versa.

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