Image The reader’s question is answered by the head of the Main Directorate for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lieutenant General of Police Mikhail Chernikov.
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Related Materials Image But what if you put bigger wheels? - the examination of the SR traffic police periodically conducts raids to identify converted vehicles. Among others, the owners of cars with tuned discs also fall under the distribution. I would like to understand what should be guided by the purchase.

Artem, Moscow

It is not clear what is meant by “tuned discs”. I suppose that we are talking about installing wheels and tires of non-standard dimension. In this regard, it should be taken into account that deviation from the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer in relation to the geometric parameters of the wheels (reach, width, landing diameter, etc.), as well as dimension, weight, speed and other tire characteristics, is not allowed. The indicated parameters are contained in the vehicle manual. In addition, according to the federal law “On Road Traffic Safety” (Article 15), the components of the structure (including rims and tires) are subject to mandatory certification. Therefore, when purchasing wheels and tires, ask the seller for a copy of a document confirming their certification.

Image Beyond Responsibility

An icicle falling on a car damaged the roof and hood. To draw up documents for the insurance, I called the traffic police, and there I was advised to contact the district police officer. I ran after him for a week. Wasn’t it easier to do everything for the traffic police who are responsible for the order on the roads?

Zhanna Sevastyanova, Noyabrsk

The status documents that regulate the activities of the State traffic inspectorate entrust the employees of this service with paperwork for a particular traffic accident, as well as the implementation of state control (supervision) over compliance with the rules, standards, technical norms and other requirements of regulatory documents in the field of road safety . Since the vehicle was stationary, it was not involved in traffic. Thus, its damage due to the fall of any objects by a traffic accident is not recognized and, therefore, is not the responsibility of the State traffic inspectorate.

Image Who will be responsible for the autopilot? Related Materials Image What will happen if? .. - the head of the traffic police answers questions Who is responsible if a car with an autopilot gets into an accident? Are any changes in traffic rules being prepared in connection with the appearance of such cars on the roads?

K. Zlobin, Sochi

The legislation of the Russian Federation lays the responsibility for violations of the rules of the road on the driver, and in separately specified cases - on the owner of the vehicle. This fully applies to vehicles equipped with elements of an automated control system. Currently, amendments to the Rules of the Road related to the development of unmanned technologies are not being prepared. At the same time, these issues are in the focus of attention of interested federal executive bodies, including the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In addition, representatives of our country participate in the study of these issues at the international level. Based on the results of this work, it will become clear what changes need to be made to the legislation.

Image Orange beacon

What is the procedure for obtaining permission to install orange flashing lights on a car?

Sergey Semenovich, Moscow

Such an order has not been established, nor has the requirement to obtain such permission been provided for. At the same time, I want to remind you that in accordance with paragraph 16 of the Basic Provisions for the Admission of Vehicles to Operations and the Obligations of Road Safety Officials, a flashing light of yellow or orange color can be installed exclusively on vehicles performing construction, repair or maintenance of roads, loading of damaged, faulty and moving vehicles, transportation of bulky goods, explosive, flammable, radioactivity Sub- stances and substances toxic high degree of danger accompanying vehicles carrying large, heavy and dangerous loads, cyclists accompanying organized groups during training activities on public roads road.

Image Video proof Related Materials Image DVRs with a radar detector - budget versus expensive Greshhen, recently turned around through a double solid. This was noticed by the traffic police, who were driving in front, and stopped me. However, no video evidence was provided. Nevertheless, the court refused to cancel the fine. You said in an interview that you would fight corruption. Therefore, I want to ask: are such actions legal? Maybe employees should be required to record violations?

Denis, Zelenograd

From the question it can be concluded that the fact of violation of the requirements of the Rules of the Road is not in dispute. At the same time, the employees acted in full compliance with the law: article 28.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation refers to the immediate initiation by the officials authorized to draw up reports on administrative offenses of sufficient data indicating the presence of an administrative offense as an administrative offense. My opinion regarding this situation was confirmed by the court, as again follows from the question. Confirming my commitment to the fight against corruption, I believe that there is no urgent need for mandatory video recording of all offenses committed by drivers. In addition, it is technically extremely difficult to provide such a video fix, because it is not known where and which offense will be committed.

Image Left right

On the right-hand drive “Japanese woman” the windshield on the left side cracked due to a stone. Is it mandatory to change it?

S. Frost, Magadan