A. Kosov, Novosibirsk


In the Renault Duster crossover with a 1.6 engine, the candle of the second cylinder is often prematurely out of order. This is due to a leak in the tube of the right nozzle of the windshield washer, which is located exactly above the candle of the second cylinder. Drops of water fall into the candle well, and this leads to a significant reduction in the life of the candle. Traces of moisture are almost imperceptible, since the drops evaporate, but the confined space of the candle well turns into a steam bath. The medicine is simple: it is necessary to eliminate water leakage or to protect the candle of the second cylinder from a drop with a suitable shield.


V. Labutin, Perm


Often, children stain dirty backs of the front seats with dirty shoes. Commercially available wraps do not always look aesthetically pleasing and rarely exactly fit in size. To protect against dirt, I used a clothing cover, which can be found in inexpensive stores and markets for 50 rubles. The cover is easy to put on the seat of any shape, and the built-in zipper will securely fix it. The abundance of colors and patterns allows you to choose a cover that harmoniously fits into the interior of the car. We get a cheap and practical replacement for plastic wraps with ribbons.


V. Roslik, Yalta

When I changed the stabilizer bar, I noticed that the anther on the ball pin is sealed only by interference. This is done by sealing on most non-original racks, even by well-known manufacturers (for example, Meyle or Federal-Mogul). And the original Volkswagen stands in this place have a metal ring that improves sealing. To extend the life of new non-original racks, pull the upper part of the boot with two turns of copper wire. It is better to solder the ends of the wire so that they do not disperse from vibrations, and bend to the side so that they do not damage the rubber boot.


R. Ibragimov, Kamensk-Uralsky


Inside the wagon Lada Largus there are no hooks for light things. I adapted the garment hooks from the GAZelle. He put a glue gun on the hook and secured it with a self-tapping screw on the middle rack. Very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


E. Mikhailov, Ryazan region

Very often, when installing the battery, the hook pin jumps out of the hole that it should cling to. With the battery already installed, it is extremely difficult to grope the hole again, and often you have to remove the battery again. Therefore, I drilled a hole in the hook, installed the hairpin and secured it by putting the washer and cotter pin.


I. Danilov, Stary Oskol


At Priore, the driver's wiper began to work poorly. In the direction of the left rack, he cleaned the glass normally, and when he returned, he began to "crush". The reason is the axial play of the shaft, to which the leash of the wiper is attached. I removed the leashes, dismantled the "frill" and found that the play was small. To eliminate it, it is enough to place a washer with a thickness of about 0.15 mm under the circlip. She made it from the side of a plastic bottle. The snap ring sat tight, choosing a backlash. The janitor works great!

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