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Are the records for the number of cars sold in Russia in the past? It doesn’t matter - there are others with the prefix “anti”. In 2017, the car manufacturers recalled the largest number of vehicles due to defects identified. Over the year, they conducted more than 140 service campaigns (and the “Za rulyom.RF” website regularly reports about them), under which more than 1.5 million cars fell. For comparison: exactly the same number of new cars were sold during the reporting period. Moreover, the number of cars subject to recall is increasing every year: if in 2015 there were about 280 thousand, then in 2016 - already 1.1 million, according to Rosstandart.

The supervisory authority considers this dynamics to be "very positive." Like, automakers are more aware of their responsibility for the safety of their products, and overseers are not asleep. So, last year Rosstandart tested 16 car manufacturers for compliance of their products with the established requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union - the agency plans to continue this practice in the future.

The increase in the number of cars recalled in Russia is associated with the general low reliability of manufactured cars and marketing decisions of companies that are striving to show customer care in every possible way, says Denis Eremenko, director of PodborAvto. In his opinion, recall campaigns do not spoil the image of car manufacturers, but rather, on the contrary. Most consumers already have an established opinion about brands, many buy cars, knowing about their many shortcomings, and are ready to put up with it.

Renat Tyukteev, director of the Mercedes-Benz Avilon Vozdvizhenka car dealership, confirms that manufacturers really monitor their reputation risks . The interaction between automakers and the state has also changed. “But we still have room to grow. For comparison: in the United States in 2016 alone, more than 50 million cars fell under review, ”the expert notes.

Who is being recalled

Главным виновником всех прошлогодних отзывов стали набившие оскомину подушки безопасности Takata. The main culprit of all last year’s reviews was the Takata airbag, which got its teeth on edge. The main culprit of all last year’s reviews was the Takata airbag, which got its teeth on edge. According to data prepared by Rosstandart specifically for “Behind the Wheel. RF”, in 2017 most often Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Jeep, Audi and Skoda cars came under review . The reason for the service campaign in most cases was identified defects in the airbags of the driver and front passenger, as well as in the seat belts, which could lead to the failure of these systems.

The most popular last year in our country was the Honda service campaign, in which more than 135 thousand cars Honda Civic 4D, CR-V, Jazz, FR-V, Legend 4D took part due to the possibility of incorrect airbag deployment. Nissan also affected problems with airbags (two major recalls), affecting a total of about 235 thousand eight-model cars. Their culprit is Takata airbag supplier. Nissan’s Russian office says that recalling a certain number of cars on a service campaign is not the same as a malfunction in all cars. According to statistics, the presence of problems is detected only in a few percent of cases from the total number of machines falling under review.

Among the leaders in the number of recalled cars in 2017 were domestic automakers who started the practice of service campaigns only a few years ago. So, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant sent over 80 thousand UAZ Patriot, Pickup and Cargo cars for inspection. Last year, AvtoVAZ tested three times a total of more than 130 thousand Lada Granta, Kalina and XRAY cars. Moreover, the latter had a potential malfunction after 1.5 years from the start of sales, and almost half of all Iksreevs sold in the country came under review.

Вазовской новинке - Ладе Иксрей - не удалось скрыть дефект даже спустя 1, 5 года после старта продаж. Vazovskoy new product - Lada Iksrey - could not hide the defect even after 1.5 years after the start of sales. Vazovskoy new product - Lada Iksrey - could not hide the defect even after 1.5 years after the start of sales.

“At AvtoVAZ there is a multi-stage quality control system for both our products and the supplied components. This system works throughout the entire life cycle of the car. We monitor the condition of cars manufactured and sold by us and immediately respond to possible problems, ”said“ Behind the wheel. Russia ”in the press service of AvtoVAZ.

How to recall

The reason for starting a recall campaign can be both the results of an internal audit of car manufacturers, and the results of inspections by state oversight bodies. In the first case, car manufacturers are guided by their internal methods, which take into account, among other things, the facts and statistics of car breakdowns and accidents due to malfunctions. In the second, Rosstandart, as the body of state supervision, prescribes the development of a product recall program and suspends car sales with potential malfunctions.

According to Rosstandart, most often the cause of car reviews is errors in assembly or the quality of component parts, less often - flaws in designers and developers. As can be seen from the experience of even the most sensitive companies in terms of product quality, not a single automaker can be completely insured against product reviews, since it is impossible to exclude the appearance of assembly defects or malfunctions of some components, as well as during operation, they say in the department.

Инициировать отзывную кампанию может как сам автопроизводитель, так и Росстандарт. Both the automaker and Rosstandart can initiate a revocable campaign. Both the automaker and Rosstandart can initiate a revocable campaign.

Indeed, premium brands and luxury brands also have problems. For example, last year, Lamborghini Aventador supercars and even one Porsche 918 Spyder for 80 million rubles fell under review in Russia. “We are proactive and in some cases just play it safe, ” they say about their service campaigns at Volvo Cars.

They are wanted by dealers

Whereas in developed car markets, reviews have long become the standard of after-sales customer service, then most Russian motorists are not accustomed to this practice. Car owners who are invited to service centers to check for possible malfunctions in the car do not always look at the light. However, according to Rosstandart, the service campaign has no statute of limitations - you can contact your dealer for free at any time.

According to IFC Markets analyst Dmitry Lukashov, car owners are unlikely to be very happy when the manufacturer announces the recall of cars, and do not want to waste their time visiting the service center. However, they have every right to refuse to replace a defective part, despite the fact that all repairs are carried out for free. Even in developed countries, more than a third of car owners do this, and in our country more than 70%.

Владельцы отзываемых автомобилей редко спешат в сервис - большинство из них не хотят тратить свое время, продолжая ездить на свой страх и риск. Owners of revoked cars rarely rush to the service - most of them do not want to spend their time continuing to drive at their own risk. Owners of revoked cars rarely rush to the service - most of them do not want to spend their time continuing to drive at their own risk. Meanwhile, car manufacturers often have a problem: how to bring information about the start of service campaigns to all car owners. For example, when changing the owners of such machines or due to the lack of their contact details with dealers. To solve this problem, Rosstandart proposes to use the ERA-GLONASS system and the electronic vehicle passports (EPTS) introduced in July. In the near future, the operators of these systems plan to supplement them with the corresponding function.

The ERA-GLONASS system was created with a significant margin of possible functions, and this is a great merit of its developers, says Dmitry Lukashov. In his opinion, the function of notifying car owners about recalling cars will definitely not be superfluous, because it is really very convenient.