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“For” EcoGas. Interview With Anton Vorotnikov (Avtoman)


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Video: “For” EcoGas. Interview With Anton Vorotnikov (Avtoman)

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Video: GIR 250 02 C02 analyzer 2023, January
“For” EcoGas. Interview With Anton Vorotnikov (Avtoman)
“For” EcoGas. Interview With Anton Vorotnikov (Avtoman)
Сейчас АГНКС есть на каждые 400-500 км
Сейчас АГНКС есть на каждые 400-500 км

Now there is a CNG station for every 400-500 km Now there is a CNG station for every 400-500 km

While natural gas transport did not become truly massive, the leading automakers became concerned about the presence of dual-fuel modifications in the model range. Such are in the lineup of Audi, Volkswagen, Kia, Toyota. Do not forget about the novelty of the Russian automobile industry - LadaVesta CNG.

However, one of the most common ways to switch to fossil fuels today is to re-equip the car. The well-known automotive blogger Anton Vorotnikov, who recently installed gas equipment on one of his cars, spoke about his personal experience.

Anton, you recently converted your SUV to natural gas. How did the idea of ​​installing gas equipment come about?

- I have several automotive projects, each of which lives its own life. In each series, I talk about how the project is progressing, how I will modernize the car and what results I get. Specifically, this Mercedes G-class SUV is a universal car for small expeditions, country trips, off-road and entertainment. The biggest disadvantage of this car is its high fuel consumption, which means a small power reserve. I considered several options for solving this problem: the installation of additional tanks, special canisters for the transportation of fuel supplies and the installation of gas equipment. Subscribers and I discussed various modernization options, weighed the pros and cons. I eventually settled on the EcoGas system and turned to one of the certified gas equipment installers.

Установка битопливного оборудования на Gelendwagen
Установка битопливного оборудования на Gelendwagen

Installation of the fuel equipment on the Gelendwagen Installation of the fuel equipment on the Gelendwagen

Why EcoGas ?

- Discussing the choice of fuel with subscribers, we came to the conclusion that natural gas today is the most promising type of automotive fuel. This is clean fuel. In addition, inexpensive. The main disadvantage is the low prevalence of gas stations. But now the network is actively developing, gas stations are already almost every 400-500 kilometers. This allows you to safely travel on EcoGas in the European part of Russia. Well, or switch to gasoline, as a last resort!

Switching fuel is the most interesting. How does this happen?

- Everything happens elementary. In the cabin there is a switch with a gas remaining sensor. You can switch the engine from one type of fuel to another right on the go. Conveniently, this is now happening completely unnoticed. The sixth generation equipment switches the fuel gradually - turning off and on the nozzles one by one. Therefore, no interruptions in the engine does not occur.

Tell us more about the equipment and the process of its installation

- I turned to one of the certified centers, where I was offered to install Italian equipment of the sixth generation. Italians were one of the first in the world to start using natural gas vehicles. Today, Italy is the European leader in NGV fuel. No discomfort: the controls are fully electronic. Installation and verification took a total of 24 hours, it cost about 90 thousand rubles. This amount includes a set of equipment, tuning, support for registration of additional equipment with the traffic police, as well as assistance with the first refueling. Gas filling still has its own specifics, so the first time you need to look, get used to new sounds.

What else is worth paying attention to?

- In general, at first you listen and try to understand how the car behaves, whether there is a loss of power. I did not feel significant changes, but, according to experts, gas slightly reduces engine throttle response. In order to make sure, we drove the car to the power stand and carried out measurements on gasoline and on EcoGas. Tests showed that power loss was just under 5%. On gasoline, the three-liter engine "Helika" showed 211 "horses", on EcoGas - 202 "horses". But even this difference can be compensated a little more if you work with the firmware.


Does your car now need some special maintenance?

- Any system requires regular maintenance. After two years of operation, it is necessary to undergo a re-examination - a visual inspection for mechanical damage and signs of corrosion, removal of gas residues, pressure testing. This is the key to your personal peace, first of all. Specialists who installed the equipment said that if such a regular inspection was carried out, the system would last longer than the car itself. Moreover, before selling the car, the installation can be dismantled and then put on a new car.

What can you say about your experience in converting a car to work on EcoGas ?

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