Honda CR-V

About five years ago, the Japanese company held a strong position in Russia: sales were high, the model range was wide. Since then, the situation has changed dramatically. Demand has shrunk at times, and the dealerships are yearning for the fourth-generation Pilot and CR-V, which is seven years old at lunch. Fortunately, at the end of summer, Russians will be able to purchase a new fifth generation CR-V. The exterior and interior remained recognizable, but the space inside was increased, as well as modern equipment. All cars come with all-wheel drive and a variator - the old 5-speed automatic machine is dismissed. At first, the model will be offered with a 2.4-liter 180-horsepower engine. In the fall, his company will be a 2.0-liter 150-horsepower modification.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year


Kia rio

Over the past few years, Rio has invariably been one of the three most bought cars in Russia. A true bestseller! The model of the new generation, apparently, will retain this honorary title. Dimensions have not increased much, much more important is that in the little things the car has become more convenient. So, the volume of the gas tank is increased from 43 to 50 liters, and the volume of the tank for washer - from 4 to 4.6 liters. It's a pity the trunk has become smaller: 480 liters instead of the previous 500 liters. The interior is beautiful and ergonomic - it is one of the best, if not the best in the segment. It’s a pity, on the second row it was really spacious and did not. The base engine with a displacement of 1.4 liters develops 100 hp. Its predecessor with the same displacement in the last generation produced 107 hp. The older 1.6 engine still develops 123 bhp.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year


Lada Vesta SW / SW Cross

The premiere of the Vesta cargo-passenger modification, held at the end of June, made a lot of noise - the car turned out to be extremely beautiful. In addition, this is the only modern station wagon in the B-segment, so it will not have competitors. The Vesta lineup will replenish both the regular version of the SW and the off-road SW Cross, which features a protective body kit from unpainted plastic and increased ground clearance up to 203 mm (according to this indicator, classmates were out of work). The length of the wagon does not differ from the sedan - the same 4410 mm. Only the height increased - up to 1512 mm. Engines also match. The base will be a 1.6-liter 106-horsepower unit. An alternative is the 1.8-liter 122-horsepower engine.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year

Range Rover Velar

Recently, the British brand has been literally gushing with new products: Velar comes after the new Discovery. It is built on the iQ [Al] aluminum platform, common with the Jaguar F-Pace. At the same time, the Range is significantly longer than the Jaguar: 4803 mm versus 4731 - and flaunts the air suspension, which is deprived of the platform platform from the Jaguar mill. The main body feature was the flush-mounted door handles - this solution plays to improve aerodynamics. The cabin also has enough interesting things. First of all, it is worth noting the center console, devoid of hardware buttons - all manipulations are performed through touch screens. There are no keys on the steering wheel - they were replaced by touchpads. A wide range of engines is offered for Velar. Two-liter gasoline turbo engines give out 250 and 300 “horses”, and diesel ones - 180 and 240. The version with a three-liter V6 on heavy fuel oil gives out 300 hp, a gasoline modification - 380 hp

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year


Hyundai Sonata

A few years ago, Hyundai had a real mess with large sedans: customers were offered the same type i40 and Sonata, which was only confusing. Then they stopped importing the Sonata, focusing on the “fortieth”. Now the reverse move has been made: the i40 is leaving the market, and the restyled Sonata takes its place. The Korean sedan is distinguished by a spacious interior - in terms of reserve space on the second row it is ahead of classmates such as Ford Mondeo and Mazda 6. The manufacturer has not yet disclosed the range of engines. Most likely, it will be the same as that of the sister Kia Optima sedan: gasoline aspirated with a capacity of 150 and 188 hp, as well as a 245-horsepower turbo engine.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year


Mazda CX-9

Gone are the days when at Mazda the lion's share of demand in Russia accounted for passenger cars and sixes. Now the main share of sales is occupied by the CX-5 crossover. Soon in the model range in our market will appear a full-size SUV CX-9 of the second generation, which will become the flagship of the brand. Giant car! Its length exceeds five meters. As a result, the cabin is very spacious. After a generational change, the CX-9's interior flaunts expensive trimmings and rich equipment. The previous gasoline 277-horsepower V6 was replaced by a 250-horsepower “turbo four” - with it both fuel consumption is lower and the transport tax will be divine.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year

Renault Dokker

With the onset of the crisis, the once-popular “heels” of FIAT Doblo and Renault Kango left the Russian market, while the rest went up significantly - their price in the base exceeds one million. Lada Largus can not be considered a full replacement, since it is still a station wagon, not an LCV. A holy place does not happen empty - and Renault decided to expand sales of the Dokker model (in passenger and cargo-passenger versions) of the 2012 model. Spacious interior and trunk, high roof, sliding rear side doors - add all this to a simple and reliable Logan platform and understand why this car is doomed to success in Russia.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year


Jeep compass

The first generation Compass lasted on the assembly line for more than ten years and did not deserve recognition from Russian buyers - primarily because of the controversial design. In the second coming, the crossover has completely changed. Its exterior has become solid and courageous. The cabin added space, and ergonomics pulled up to the modern level. If earlier versions with a diesel engine were not imported to Russia, now - please! The two-liter unit develops 140 “horses”. The gasoline 2.4-liter aspirated will be offered in two power options: 150 or 180 hp. Four-wheel drive and a 9-speed automatic will be included in the basic package.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year

Chevrolet traverse

After Chevrolet's partial departure from Russia, only one American SUV remained in its gamut - the Tahoe. He never became successful, because fans of such leviathans prefer to buy a slightly more expensive, but much more prestigious Cadillac Escalade. Therefore, the Yankees decided to expand the range with the newly debuted Traverse crossover, acting in the same league with cars such as Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander. Its main feature is an eight-seater saloon (the back row is designed for three). At the same time, even with three rows of seats, the boot volume is an impressive 651 liters! Under the hood, a V6 engine with a displacement of 3.6 liters and a power of 309 hp It is possible that in the process of adapting to our conditions, the power will be adjusted. But the front-wheel drive modification available in America, according to our data, is not planned to be delivered to Russia - there will only be 4x4 versions.

Auto hits 2017: the main news of the second half of the year