КАМАЗ-РИАТ KAMAZ-RIAT KAMAZ-RIAT Related materials Image New KAMAZ dump trucks: we are entering the era of the eighties. KAMAZ-RIAT-65225 RG 6 × 6 truck tractors can be used as part of timber-carrying or dumping road trains, when towing heavy semi-trailers, for transportation of road-building equipment. The KAMAZ 6520 family has a successful combination of carrying capacity, all-terrain qualities, ease of repair, availability of consumables and - prices.

Engine of progress

For almost a quarter century of RIAT’s existence, its engineers have adapted various engines to KAMAZ - for example, Cummins ISLe with a volume of 8.9 liters with the electronically controlled common rail fuel system (for Euro 3 and Euro 4). These diesels have eight power settings (290–400 hp), but RIAT limited itself to four, with the “weakest” - 310 strong - designed for 15 ton KAMAZ 65115 dump trucks. The most powerful - 400 strong, with a torque of 1700 N · m, on the chassis KAMAZ 6520 or -6522 - used on heavy all-wheel drive dump trucks, tractors and timber trucks.

На Cummins ISL устанавливают топливную аппаратуру сommon rail. The Cummins ISL is equipped with common rail fuel equipment. The Cummins ISL is equipped with common rail fuel equipment. Related Materials Image New KAMAZ turbodiesels: a promising range Since March 2017, the Cummins ISLe family of engines began to be assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny, at the Cummins Kama joint venture.

The immediate future is the KAMAZ 750.10 motor. This is a deeply modernized long-stroke V8 diesel engine with a capacity of 360 hp. to previously unreachable 500 forces, its maximum torque is up to 2400 Nm. Another possible option in the near future is again Cummins, but already the ISG series. This is an inline “six” with a volume of 11.8 liters (350–500 hp, 2300 N · m), which is put on the KAMAZ 6580. We will not forget about the “six”, which is created in cooperation with the Swiss company Liebherr-International AG, - KAMAZ 910.10 (11.95 liters, 380-550 hp, up to 2540 Nm).

Moment of truth

For over ten years, KAMAZ heavy trucks have been equipped with Ecosplit family gearboxes created by Zahnrad Fabrik (in 2005 a joint venture “TsF Kama” was created). These boxes are used even by Mercedes-Benz, which has its own complete production of transmission units.

In January 2014, the production of JV “CF Kama” moved to a new building, due to which the production of boxes will be increased to 50 thousand per year in the next few years. Now about 80% of Kama trucks are equipped with 16-speed or 9-speed ZF boxes manufactured in Chelny. The localization level of Ecomid and Ecosplit boxes at JV “CF Kama” exceeds 50%.

Коробки издалека не возят - они с челнин­ского СП «ЦФ-Кама». They don’t carry boxes from far away - they are from the TsF-Kama joint venture in Chelny. They don’t carry boxes from far away - they are from the TsF-Kama joint venture in Chelny.

Among the innovations are the automated 12-speed ZF AS Tronic gearbox and the Allison Transmission gearbox with torque converter, which coolly increase the car's off-road ability. They have one drawback: the price of a car rises by one and a half million rubles.

Related Materials Image Locomotive: how commercial cars are pulling the market out of the crisis A new, more reliable razdatok model 6522, produced since 2012, is being installed on 6 × 6 triaxial vehicles. As an option, offer razdatku ZF Steyr.

For several years, KAMAZ heavy-duty dump trucks have been using leading axles with planetary gear hubs of their own production. In 2016, they launched an imported robotic gear processing complex, concentrating on debugging new bridges and almost halting purchases from Raba and Dana.

The truck tractor has an increased wheelbase: instead of the usual 3600 mm, it is 4070 mm, so the frame length is also increased. The manufacturing technology for the frame side members, run-in at the KAMAZs for construction and army purposes, came to a very place.

Among the firm's riat options are a mechanical winch in the rear overhang of the frame with a traction force of 7.7 tons. Cable length - up to 83 meters.

Working mood

In March 2016, the construction of a new fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz Actros cab factory began in Chelny. The volume of production is up to 55 thousand cabins per year, the planned opening date of the plant is 2019. About 7000 cabs will be delivered to the conveyor of the JV Daimler KamAZ Rus, and KAMAZ will get the lion's share. In the meantime, the complete assembly of Mercedes-Benz Axor cabs has been arranged for the KAMAZ 5490 family - with welding on stocks and on a new assembly line. Cataphoretic priming with full immersion in the bath passes all cabins - even those that go into spare parts for KAMAZ 5320.

In the meantime, the main cab for RIAT trucks is the traditional KAMAZ truck. It does not provide a high level of comfort, but suits carriers at its own cost.

Такой интерьер в КАМАЗах уже стал привычным для наших водителей. Всё сделано вполне добротно и при этом недорого. Such an interior in KAMAZ trucks has already become familiar to our drivers. Everything was done quite soundly and at the same time inexpensively. Such an interior in KAMAZ trucks has already become familiar to our drivers. Everything was done quite soundly and at the same time inexpensively.

RIAT is a manufacturer of various car seats, including a rather successful air-conditioned driver's seat. As an option, a licensed Grammer seat of the Elabuga assembly is available - with air suspension and electric heating.

To adapt to work in Siberia, they improve the heat and noise insulation of the cab, and a tarpaulin outer insulation is suspended behind the engine compartment, which prevents “draft” under the cab. For the north, an additional Eberspächer Xeros 4000 heater is installed, connected to the cooling system. There is also an autonomous cabin heater - “hair dryer”, which is placed behind the back of the passenger seat or under the front panel. This can be a domestic Planar 4DM with a power of 3 kW / 1 kW or Webasto Air Top 2000 (as experience in operating foreign cars in Siberia has shown, this is the best option).

KAMAZ-RIAT 65225 RG 6 × 6

Length / Width / Height / Base 7629/2500/3400/4070 + 1440 mm

Seat height 1550–1590 mm

Curb / gross weight 11 285/33 360 kg

Gross train weight up to 75, 000 kg

Engine Cummins ISLe C375 (Euro 4), 8.9 L; 375 h.p. at 2100 rpm; 1533 Nm at 1400 rpm

Maximum speed * 90 km / h

Fuel capacity 500 l

Transmission all-wheel drive, driving axles with spaced main gear, with hub planetary gearboxes, differential locks; ZF 16S1820, M16

Chassis retarder - engine brake; brakes - drum (ABS - option); suspension - spring; tires - 425/85 R21 and 1300 × 530–533

* With limiter.