S. MIKULIN, Komi Republic

What to do if a battered UAZ began to smoke and eat a lot of gasoline? Are you scared to meddle in his giblets? No wonder - even our ancestors were sometimes afraid of the carburetor as a fire (by the way, with fine tuning the carburetor allows you to fulfill some environmental requirements). Remember: the main condition is a stable level of gas in the float chamber. And it is controlled by a needle valve. If the needle has a sealing rubber ring, then with its wear the level of gasoline will begin to increase. And what to replace when there is nowhere to buy? The recipe is simple: the same ring is in the valve of a gas lighter. It helped me more than once.


Yu. MIKHAILOV, Moscow Region

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Not every technological tool used for maintenance is universal. For example, the principles of operation of most “decanter” valves are similar, but their sizes are not the same. Suppose when repairing a cylinder head it turned out that there was nothing to remove crackers and valves. In this case, you can use a drilling machine, especially since its mechanics are much more perfect than that of a hand tool. It is only necessary to make the simplest device shown in the picture - a rod with a cantilever-welded sleeve abutting against a plate of valve springs. Having installed the engine head on the table of the machine, we fix the rod in the chuck - and, feeding it down, we compress the springs (of course, not including the machine!).

And in the summer - fishing rods!

O. MOSOV, Perm Territory



For many parameters, the Hyundai ih35 crossover is quite fine with me. But when it was necessary to transport long lengths of a small cross-section in it like skis, it turned out that for this it was necessary to fold some back of the rear seat - depriving one of the passengers of its seat. But you wouldn’t have to offend anyone if a window was suitable for the load in the back behind the armrest. I had to modify the car myself.

He took off the back of the seat and carefully marked the future window, having drilled small through holes from the side of the armrest. Then he carefully removed the excess material with the grinder. Finally, sawed off the edges and put a cord of P-shaped cross-section from plastic overlays on wheel arches on them. The pictures show individual stages of refinement. I liked the end result.


I. ZAMURUEV, Tver Oblast

Sharp grains of sand that scratch the tint film or, even worse, the glass itself may linger under the rubber seals of the lowering panes. Can I get rid of this problem? Absolutely - no, because even when traveling along the best routes, the glazing is polluted, especially in inclement weather. Someday traces of friction of the seals on the glass will still appear! But you can extend the service life of the glasses. Buy velvet strips of the desired length and width from the sewing accessories store - and stick them on the edges of the elastic bands, rubbing against the glass. Troubles will not be in vain.

From the editors. They will not be if you regularly clean these strips of sand.


S. SHPOTA, Oryol Oblast

In some cars, the washer reservoir is hidden so that it is not easy to get close to it when servicing. When the washer of my car refused, I quickly became convinced that the nozzles were clean, there was an ice-freezer in the tank, and, judging by the sound, the pump was working. Having decided that the line between the pump and the nozzles was clogged, he removed the tube from the nozzles and, using the simplest adapter, connected an automobile compressor to it. Turning it on for a few seconds, took a break, then repeated the procedure. And so - several times, until, finally, the noise of bubbles in the tank was heard: the cork was broken! Having connected nozzles, I checked their work - they work normally. Since then, the washer has failed.

From the editors. For greater certainty, it would be worth removing the tank and flushing it.



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To remove the spare tire, you often need to unload the trunk and remove the floor shield, which is inconvenient even in good weather. And if, picking up to the spare wheel, to lift a heavy load with this shield, then you can tear yourself and break the shield inadvertently: plastic, especially in cold weather, is unsuitable for such an extreme. On my 2008 Toyota Corolla, there is a shield about 100 × 96 cm in size. Therefore, I preferred to make it folding. To do this, at a distance of 34 cm from the front edge, I carefully cut plastic without touching the felt. The latter now acts as a hinge. To raise the back of the shield and fix it, as shown in the photo, it is enough to move the luggage deeper into the trunk. A similar approach applies to so many machines.