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Для повседневных передвижений Папа Римский Франциск предпочитает Ford Focus For everyday use, Pope Francis prefers the Ford Focus For everyday use, Pope Francis prefers the Ford Focus For everyday use Pope Francis prefers the Ford Focus

A collection of papal carriages in the Vatican has been collected since 1973. According to experts, the most valuable exhibits in it are gilded papal carriages and a model of a locomotive built for the Vatican Railway in 1929. We suggest walking through the most mundane of them.

Hybrid Mercedes-Benz M-Class


The new papamobile presented to Francis personally by Daimler AG boss Dieter Zetsche was the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV with a modified body and a snow-white throne towering in its rear. To get on the honorary pedestal, there is a special door located behind the glass frame. For this, Mercedes-Benz engineers reduced the landing height of the car and redesigned a number of external elements. Referring to confidentiality, the automaker does not mention the technical stuffing of the machine. It is only known that the hybrid powerplant became the “heart”, allowing you to cover distances of more than 30 km on one electric traction without additional charge.

Outdoor Mercedes-Benz G-Class



It is worth noting that the models of the famous German brand have been in the service of the Catholic Church for more than half a century. One of the last cars presented to the former pontiff Benedict XVI was a specially developed Mercedes-Benz G500, the construction of which took more than two years and an uncountable amount of money. As a result, the SUV completely lost its roof, instead of which, if necessary, a tall armored dome-chair can be installed.

Transformer Cadillac DeVille



Exclusive Cadillac, created by specialists from GM at the turn of the millennium, has become for the holy man the so-called one-time car. Benedict only once made a voyage to Mexico on it, after which the car settled in the papal garage once and for all. Convertible traditionally received modified body panels, as well as new doors, an automatic footrest for easy entry into the cabin and a hydraulic mechanism for raising and folding the seat.

Rare Renault 4



A year ago, the current pontiff Francis got a used Renault 4 as a gift from the Italian clergyman Renzo Dzokki. Surprisingly, with a run of more than 300 thousand km, the twenty-year subcompact has remained in perfect condition to this day. From time to time, on this "kid", the Pope goes to various church events. Commendable! Perhaps the most holy P atriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, who does not change his bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-class, should take note.

Electric Renault Kangoo



Three years ago, the French automaker handed over two Kangoo Maxi vans to the Vatican. Yes, not ordinary, but electric. They are driven by 60-horsepower electric motors, providing a power reserve without recharging a lithium-ion battery of about 170 km. On one of the cars, the pope Benedict moved through the territory of the summer residence, and the other was placed at the disposal of the gendarmerie.

Sports car Ferrari Mondial



Hitherto preserved in the sacred fleet and Ferrari Mondial of the time of the papacy of John Paul II. Car 1988 release in its original form took pride of place in the collection of the current pantification. The fiery red coupe-cabriolet is equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.2 liters, capable of developing peak 270 "horses", which allows the car to accelerate to a maximum of 232 km / h. Naturally, not one of the Holy Fathers set racing records on it, so the Italian media jokingly called this sports car "the slowest Ferrari in history."

Snow-white Fiat Ducato Panorama



Especially for the visit to the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo, Benedict XVI was transferred by the leadership of the Italian concern the minibus Ducato Panorama. And again not quite ordinary. In addition to a number of additional handrails and a table installed in the cabin, the car was completely painted white. And not only outside, but also inside. Italian craftsmen took care to decorate the interior with soft snow-white plastic, suede and expensive leather. Another Fiat from the papal collection has recently been raffled off.

Harley-Davidson Couple


However, not only cars are limited to the papal fleet. There is an abundance of two-wheeled vehicles. For example, a pair of legendary overseas Harley-Davidson motorcycles, donated from the hands of Willy Davidson, the grandson of the creator of the brand. By the way, Francis had four Harleys in total. One motorcycle with an autograph on a gas tank was put up at the beginning of last year at Bonham's charity auction and went under the hammer for almost 242 thousand euros! The Holy Father transferred the proceeds to one of the Roman shelters. The funds received from the sale of a leather jacket that complements the bike were also listed there. Moreover, it was presented as a separate lot, which ultimately brought the Italian homeless an additional 77.5 thousand euros. Another motorcycle was rumored to be handed over by the Pope to the gendarmerie corps.

Sports Ducati Multistrada