If during operation a noticeable reduction in power is noticeable or engine starting is difficult, the clogged fuel filter may be the cause. In this case, you need to replace the filter, regardless of mileage.

The fuel filter is installed in the fuel module.


Image With the “12” head with extension cord, we unscrew the bolt of the rear mounting of the rear seat cushion.


Image Access to the bolt through the gap between the pillow and the back of the rear seat.


Image Raising the front of the pillow, we bring out two brackets of its front fastening from the holders.


Image We remove a pillow of a back seat.


Image With a knife, we cut the sealant around the perimeter of the fuel module flap.


Image We remove the hatch cover.


Image With the ignition switched off, we compress the clamps of the wiring harness block and disconnect the block from the connector of the fuel module cover.

If the ignition was turned on shortly before starting the dismantling of the fuel module, it is necessary to relieve the fuel pressure in the power system. To do this, start the engine, and if it starts up, let it idle until it stops due to the generation of fuel in the system. Then we turn on the starter for 2-3 s. After that, the fuel pressure in the power system will be relieved.


Image Having squeezed with the pliers the ends of the clamp of fastening of the hose for supplying fuel vapor to the adsorber, we move the clamp along the hose.


Image Remove the hose from the fuel module cap fitting.


Image Having pressed clamps of a tip of a tube of supply of fuel to a ramp, we remove a tip from the union of the module cover.


Image We withdraw the holder of the tube for supplying fuel vapor to the solenoid valve of the adsorber purge from the hole in the bracket of the module cover.


Image Using the “8” head, we unscrew eight bolts securing the pressure plate of the module cover.


Image Remove the plate.


Image Carefully, so as not to catch the float of the fuel gauge gauge, remove the fuel module from the opening of the fuel tank.


Image We take out the rubber O-ring sealing connection of the module cover and tank flange.


Image Having pressed a lock of a block of wires of the gauge of the indicator of level of fuel, we disconnect a block from the socket of a cover of the module.


Image We bring out the wires of the fuel gauge level sensor from the holders on the cover and glass of the fuel module.


Image We pry a slotted screwdriver on the fuel gauge sender retainer.


Image We shift the sensor along the guides of the module glass.


Image Remove the sensor with wires.

Pressing the lock of the fuel pump wiring pads, ..


Image … disconnect the block from the fuel module cover connector.


Image We pry with a screwdriver the spring clip of the tip of the fuel supply pipe from the filter to the module cover.


Image We take out a clamp.


Image Remove the tip of the tube from the outlet fitting of the fuel filter and take out the sealing ring rubber seal.


Image Similarly, remove the tip of the fuel pump tube from the inlet of the filter.


Image We squeeze a slotted screwdriver on the glass case retainers of the two guide rods of the fuel module cover.


Image Disconnect the cover and the glass of the fuel module.

Disconnect the pad from the fuel pump.


Image We pry two locks on the module cup body with a slotted screwdriver.


Image We remove from the glass the fuel filter assembly with the pump, strainer and fuel pressure regulator.


Image Having freed two locks with a screwdriver …


Image … remove the fuel pump with the tube from the socket in the filter housing.


Image Prying a lock washer with a slotted screwdriver, ..


Image … remove the strainer from the pump nozzle.


Image We take out the snap ring from the slot in the filter housing.


Image We remove the rubber sealing ring from the tip of the fuel drain pipe and disconnect the tip of the "mass" wire from the output of the fuel filter housing.


Image Prying off two tabs of the fuel pressure regulator and fuel drain pipe with a slotted screwdriver, ..


Image … remove the latch.


Image We take out the fuel pressure regulator from the socket of the fuel filter housing.


Image Remove the rubber o-ring from the fuel pressure regulator flange …


Image … and a plastic snap ring.


Image Disconnect the fuel drain pipe from the fuel filter housing.


Image Prying off with a screwdriver, remove the rubber sealing ring of the tip of the fuel pressure regulator from the socket of the fuel filter housing.


Image Fuel filter with o-rings on the inlet and outlet fittings.

Replacing the fuel filter, we assemble and install the module in the reverse order.

Before mounting the strainer, it must be washed and cleaned of contaminants. Straighten the deformed screen washer or replace it with a new one.