From Brazil with greetings

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Ford EcoSport has been on sale with us since last fall. However, the history of the model has already exchanged the second ten. Remember the Ford Fusion? These plain strong pseudo-jeeps still run around Russia. They were popular not only with us. The Brazilian branch of "Ford" back in 2003, "boiled" out of it a pretty decent mini-SUV named EcoSport. Over the following years, the car sold in Latin America with a circulation of more than 700 thousand.

And this figure could be even greater, but at sunset 2012, the new generation of EcoSport arrived. This time it was based on the elongated base of the "Fiesta". A year later, they became interested in crossover in Europe. He was equipped with turbo engines and even sent to show off at the Geneva Motor Show. And in the summer of 2014, Ford organized the assembly of Ecosport in Naberezhnye Chelny, they say, at the place where the Oka production shops once stood.

It is gratifying that they brought to us not the “Brazilian option”, but a car suitable for more comfortable operation in Russia. The car was “insulated”: they installed an electric heater for the passenger compartment, heated windshield and additional air ducts at the feet of the passengers of the sofa; applied a galvanized coating to the roof, thereby improving the protection of the body from corrosion. The base gasoline engine was transferred to the 92nd gasoline, and they also shook the suspension, providing it with reinforced shock absorbers and springs.

And Ford was well received. Over the last quarter of last year, he charmed 2396 of our fellow citizens.


Titanium/Titanium Plus Titanium / Titanium Plus Titanium / Titanium Plus Titanium / Titanium Plus

Which choice?

The base EcoSport is equipped no better, but no worse than many crossovers. At least for air conditioning, radio, electric windows and mirrors do not have to pay extra. Considering that Trend allows you to order an "automatic" (in its role is a 6-speed robotic manual gearbox), the basic version 1.6 2WD AT for 1, 149, 000 rubles is already seen as a very sensible acquisition. In principle, one could add here the heating of the front seats for 10, 000 rubles. and enjoy life.

However, without roof rails, fog lights in the front bumper, with stamped wheels covered with caps, the jeep loses a considerable share of charm. Even worse, in Trend, you cannot get more than two airbags for any money. But engineers for a reason have developed seven airbags for Ecosport. In particular, without a knee pad, there is a high probability of damage to the driver's legs in a frontal collision. The poor, alas, turned out to be a palette of colors. The body can be painted in any of four metallic parts, which requires an extra 13, 500 rubles., Or in free white acrylic.


Trend Trend Trend Trend In a word, if you buy EcoSport not for the last money, then it should be considered from the second level version - Trend Plus. You will have to pay an extra 100, 000 rubles to the cashier. But here all the above-mentioned deficiencies in the exterior design are eliminated and there is no need to pay extra for seat heating. As a bonus, you get 2-zone climate control, sensible alarms with volume sensors, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a central armrest and a Quickclear windshield heater useful for cold weather. Take it? Alas, the security problems are not resolved in Trend Plus. If you think this issue is important, then for an additional 5 pillows you will have to pay 60, 000 rubles. This version of Titanium is called. Her other trump cards are a larger display above the center console, which implies the presence of the SYNC voice control system, as well as tinted windows and rear parking sensors. It turns out that the optimal, in our opinion, version 1.6AT costs 1, 299, 000. However, if you have an extra 90, 000 rubles lying around, you can get the top version of Titanium Plus. Leather trimmed seats and a keyless entry system will make Ford not only more respectable, but more comfortable and practical. Finally, you can buy a 2-liter car. It is sold only with manual gearbox and all-wheel drive. In the Trend Plus version, they ask for 1 199 000 rubles for it, and in the top-end Titanium Plus EcoSport is approaching the sky-high mark of 1.5 million.

Eco_Sport_Trend +

Trend+ Trend + Trend + Trend +

Outside and inside

Related Materials Image At GM-AVTOVAZ, preparations for the production of a new generation Chevrolet Niva began. Other Ford fans managed to nicknamed the EcoSport mini “Kugoi”. Despite the fact that cars do not have a single common detail, the style and even the proportions of the younger brother really show familyhood. Although in fact, EcoSport turned out to be even more compact car than it seems. Take the spare tire from his stern, and he will practically fit into 4 meters. However, the "backpack" on the fifth door is very crossover. Moreover, such an accessory is now becoming less common. Daihatsu Terios, little-known in our country, and … the new Niva, the dates of which are moving further and further, turned out to be very similar to Eco. Ford, in addition, is also almost the tallest subcompact crossover - its height is almost 1.7 meters. Short, tall and not wide at all - it is amazing how, with such anthropometric data, the car looks quite alright. True, in the pursuit of style, designers seem to have forgotten to consult with engineers responsible for practicality. The tailgate handle is beautifully disguised in the rear right lamp. Original, but you will always have to get your hands dirty. The inner handle on the upholstery of this huge gate was also not taken care of. In addition, I confess I do not know a single SUV, wherever the spare wheel hanging from the outside would cause the door to sag over time. The reason is not only the wheel itself, but also the inevitable vibrations.


Третьему на диване не место - салон откровенно узок по ширине. А за высоким водителем взрослый человек и вовсе вряд ли поместится The third on the couch does not belong - the interior is frankly narrow in width. And behind a high driver, an adult is hardly likely to fit the Third on the couch - the cabin is frankly narrow in width. And behind a high driver, an adult is hardly likely to fit the Third on the couch - the cabin is frankly narrow in width. And an adult is hardly likely to fit behind a high driver. Fortunately, such a design predetermined a large luggage space by the standards of subcompact crossovers. Even if you do not remove the shelf in the hold, EcoSport will take away more than, for example, the Focus hatchback. The sofa is folded in parts by a vertical sandwich, increasing the length of the trunk by half a meter. Of the shortcomings that can not be overlooked is a huge traumatic hood lock of the hood. What prevented it from being more compact, or at least allowing the hood to open wider? In addition, despite the good overall - by the standards of microcrossers - geometric cross-country ability, EcoSport 4x4 has one annoying sore under the bottom. The levers of the rear multi-link suspension are separated from the earth’s firmament by only 145 mm. The front-wheel drive versions have a beam under the stern, and it is located higher. It turns out that the less off-road version 2WD has a lower risk of damage to the suspension. Can Ford charm you with a saloon? Hardly. Behind a tall driver, at least in Turkish, take a seat - with your legs pressed under you. With the chairs pulled back between the sofa and the back, only 10 cm. Focus with five passengers moving in space Ecosport will not fail if only three of them turn out to be extremely slender people.


При пятиместной компоновке погрузочная площадка невелика - 64 х 96 см. Правда, диван легко сложить вертикальным бутербродом, удлинив тем самым трюм на полметра With a five-seat layout, the loading area is small - 64 x 96 cm. True, the sofa is easy to fold with a vertical sandwich, thereby lengthening the hold by half a meter. With a five-seat layout, the loading area is small - 64 x 96 cm. True, the sofa is easy to fold with a vertical sandwich, thereby lengthening the hold by half a meter With a five-seat layout, the loading area is small - 64 x 96 cm. True, the sofa is easy to fold with a vertical sandwich, thereby lengthening the hold by half a meter

What well

2-floor glove box

Trays under the front seats

Quite a manly appearance

Seals that do not allow dirt to enter the passenger compartment

Roomy trunk for a small car

Pocket with a socket near the sofa

What is wrong


Large traumatic hood loop

Extension parking space tailgate

Fifth door without inner handle

Close back row

Lack of handles over doorways

Behind the wheel

A front panel ending far ahead, triangular windows in the corners of the front pillars, a high ceiling and gear lever located on the tide? - according to first impressions from the driver's seat, EcoSport you perceive more as a van than a crossover. However, for the convenience of landing Ford, alas, is far from the best cars in this part - the threshold is located a bit high. And in general, ergonomics were not ideal. A block of window lifter buttons was placed on the arm of the door not at hand, but shifted ten centimeters forward - you often open the rear window instead of the driver's one. The box between the seats is absent in principle, and the narrowish armrest on the right is not adjustable in height. The mirror control joystick is located on the horizontal axis. By manipulating them, the hand has to be unnaturally twisted. Thank you for stamping the bottle in the door pocket, but its depth leaves much to be desired. Finally, if you choose a car with a manual gearbox, you will have to put up with a non-Ford long-stroke gearbox. Of course, for an unpretentious person all this is trifles. However, in general, they can create the impression of Ecosport as a car that was whipped up. And even the plastic trim is cheaper than, say, the "Fiesta". It will be difficult for a Latin American jeep to win the heart of someone who knows about the existence of compact crossovers of European brands. Wide front struts greatly interfere with the review, and where exactly the feed ends you have to guess at all - the borders of the casing of the spare tire are not visible to the driver, and the parking sensors are a big reinsurer. A rear view camera would help, but it is not in any version. By the way, if you decide to install it yourself, position the “eye” under the roof itself, like on vans. As if apologizing, the jeep will try to please with positive features. Rustic-looking chairs have good lateral support. A flash drive slot is located adjacent to the parking brake lever. The on-board computer is controlled by a convenient key on the right steering column switch. If you listened to our advice and ordered the best Titanium, then the radio will be with the SYNC system, which understands voice commands and can read SMS. EcoSport managed to participate in EuroNCAP tests. In general, experts noted his good protection in all types of collisions. However, not the best protection for the driver’s legs prevented the car from becoming a round excellent student. Engineers installed the knee airbag after these tests.



What well

Heated windshield

Easily accessible USB connector

SMS reading system SYNC

The steering wheel button on the steering column

Comfortable armchairs

What is wrong

Quickly dirty side windows

Lack of boxing between the front seats

Long-stroke (20 cm) manual gear lever

Small computer screen

Visibility back

Wide blind spot after the work of the "wipers"

On and without roads

Those who know how cool the Fiesta drives will not let you lie - this is one of the driver’s supermini. From EcoSport I was expecting similar hot dashes. Alas, the most powerful 2-liter version paired with the "mechanics" does not seem any sporty. The thrust of the engine up to medium revs leaves much to be desired. The first gear would be nice to install shorter - with no habit, you can stall at startup. And quick manipulations with the MCP complicate unexpectedly long leverage moves. The sixth here seems completely unnecessary. Even with a partial load, a barely noticeable rise forces you to go a step or two lower. In corners, the car scares with valkos, and at starts and decelerations it sways longitudinally. Not ideal and exchange rate stability. However, here you need to make an allowance for the fact that the “Ford” has a short base and a high body. For me, this “magician” fails miserably for the role of an athlete. Fortunately, the steering wheel pleases with effort and informativeness - even on slippery surfaces, the position of the steered wheels does not remain a mystery. And if you turn off the ESP (reins will weaken only traction control), then the car will allow sliding with small skid angles. And Ford swallows bumps quite painlessly - there will be no knocks in the suspension. And yet this is far from a sport, a maximum of physical education.


Image And what was my surprise when, by definition, the slow EcoSport 1.6AT turns out to be a more nimble kid in the traffic lights. Robotic box eliminates the lack of torque at low speeds. She picks up the gears on time and does not stew when moving to a step or two lower. She also has a sports mode. The gas pedal becomes more responsive, the gearbox keeps the gear down longer and generally helps to fully use the potential of the motor. Loses 1.6 to “two liters” only where you expect it - at busy speeds. And the main flaw of many "robots" - small twitches at the parking speed - is not completely eliminated. In addition, the box was adaptive. You drive Ford at full speed, then you decide to drive smoothly, and the car will shift gears with unnecessary sharpness for some time to come. However, for adaptation the “robot” only needs a couple of cycles of “gentle” starts and slowdowns. Psychologically, any EcoSport adjusts to turn off a flat road and go on an assault, if not slopes, then at least high borders. Dry off-road exercises are well given to a car with any drive. Moreover, the 2WD version is luckier and its feed swings less. This is because such a crossover has a beam installed in the back instead of a multi-link. In addition, 4WD is almost a centner heavier. However, only with all leading EcoSport cope with diagonal hanging. Yes, when in the spring flood you have to overcome deep puddles, you can count on some diving abilities. The air intake of the motor is located high, and if you do not "let the wave", do without water hammer. Remember only that door seals in deep water are not designed. They provide protection only against dust.