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Winter Launch: How To Save Battery


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Video: Winter Launch: How To Save Battery

Video: Winter Launch: How To Save Battery
Video: Why Does Cold Weather Kill Your Phone? 2023, April
Winter Launch: How To Save Battery
Winter Launch: How To Save Battery



Do you know the condition of your car’s battery? Most drivers forget about its existence, but only as long as the engine responds to turning the key in the ignition switch or pressing the start / stop button. Meanwhile, to avoid problems when starting the engine in the winter is not so difficult. To do this, it is enough to follow simple rules:

  • check battery regularly
  • to clean the cover and terminals of the battery from dirt and plaque - this helps to prevent unwanted electrical discharge that occurs when contacting the terminals due to the presence of residual current
  • check electrical connection by inspecting and, if necessary, tightening contact clamps
  • To recharge the battery, you need to ride longer from time to time. This is especially important if you often get stuck in traffic jams and there are many devices in your car that are actively consuming electricity, such as rear window heating, seat heating, and a stove fan.

How to start the engine from an external battery?

It is worth recalling that in order to start the engine from an external battery, it is necessary, firstly, to turn off the ignition of both cars - both the "donor" and the "recipient", which must be started. And - do not confuse the "plus" and "minus". To recall the order of "lighting" will help the picture.



Phase start of the engine from an external battery

How to use a cable to start the car from an external source?

1. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the discharged battery

2. Connect the other end of the red cable to the positive terminal of the external battery

3. The black cable must first be connected to the negative terminal of the external battery, and its other end to the unpainted area in the engine compartment or engine parts (for example, an eye for dismantling the motor) of the car to be started

4. Ensure that the cables do not run near the fan or fan belt

5. Start the engine of a running vehicle

IMPORTANT: starting the engine of a stalled car before starting the engine of a running car is undesirable

Remember to check the wires to run. They should have a good connection with the "crocodiles" - preferably not pressed, but soldered. The cross-section of the wire must be at least 16 square meters. mm - the bigger the better

Starting a car from an external battery - 3 rules

The batteries of both cars must have the same voltage level. You must verify this by looking at the labels.

It is FORBIDDEN to try to start a car on which a standard electric system with a voltage of 12 V is installed, from a truck whose electric system has a voltage of 24 V, and vice versa.

Cables for starting the car from an external battery must be connected in the correct order.

Before you turn on the ignition of the car that you want to start, you need to start the engine of the "live" car. This avoids discharging a working battery.

Important Note. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner's manual. If the manufacturer provides for a special positive or negative pole terminal in the vehicle, it should be used.

If the battery is discharged to zero and you need to replace it, can you do it yourself?

Yes and no: if it was quite simple to perform such an operation at home a few years ago, now that cars are literally crammed with entertainment systems and environmentally friendly technologies, the work of which is provided by a sophisticated electrician, special tools and skills are often necessary to properly replace the battery. For example, in many cars, after replacing, it is necessary to register a new battery in the system, and this process can be quite complicated.

Mechanic with Silver-AGM battery_RGB_300dpi


Replacing a battery today is a much more complicated process than in the recent past. A certified repair shop is required to ensure proper replacement.

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