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Soiled, stuck or simply rented rooms have long been a common practice among metropolitan drivers who do not want to pay for parking in the center of Moscow. And soon this trick will become completely unpunished. The Moscow City Duma approved in the first reading the lifting of sanctions for parking with unreadable registration marks. At the same time, the penalty for unpaid parking remained, but it would not be possible to recover it from the owner of the “anonymous” car. And the Moscow authorities are unable to rectify this situation.

The Moscow City Duma adopted such a stalemate decision, of course, not of its own free will, but following the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (AF). The fact is that some of the provisions of the Moscow Administrative Code, which ensure the functioning of paid parking, were taken in a hurry and in fact turned out to be inconsistent with federal law. Previously, the Prosecutor General’s Office drew attention to this, and metropolitan lawyer Viktor Wesker took the matter to the end. In September last year, the board of administrative affairs of the Armed Forces recognized his complaint with respect to the capital's Department of Transport as justified. The court ruled to withdraw from the city Administrative Code a fine for hiding parking numbers (5, 000 rubles), as well as for violation of parking signs (1, 500 rubles) and unlawful use of places for people with disabilities (2, 500 rubles).

The last two points for the city authorities are not so annoying - in practice they were rarely used. But the lack of a penalty for hidden or unreadable numbers threatens paid parking lots with real chaos. It turns out that any driver can become “invisible” to Parkon, simply by removing the signs in the trunk. And he will not bear any responsibility for this.

“We will work to write a new wording of this article, ” Moscow City Duma deputy Alexander Semennikov told reporters. “Having stated it in such a way that it does not contradict federal law, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, provided for a fine for having an unreadable number in a paid city parking lot.”

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However, Wesker considers the statement of the deputy a concussion. “You need to be more modest. They adopted a stupid, thoughtless law, so they would apologize, not threaten with a finger. To make such statements, Mr. Semennikov must first grow to the level of a State Duma deputy. Only they can rule the federal legislation, not the Moscow City Duma, ”said the lawyer“ Behind the Wheel. RF ”.

According to him, the complaint was the blatant absurdity of the fine. “They would have thought with their head before passing such laws. How does a motorist know what happens to a car when it is parked? Maybe the room is splattered with mud or it was stolen. Why should he be responsible for this? This indicates the low qualifications of the Moscow deputies, ”complains Wesker.

After losing the court, the metropolitan government began to look for other ways to deal with defaulters. In September, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the organization of the Moscow Administrative Road Inspection (MADI, not to be confused with the consonant abbreviation of one of the capital's universities). It should be noted that earlier Deputy Mayor Maxim Liksutov claimed that no parking police were planned - cameras would follow everything. Although, in essence, MADI employees just perform the functions of walking parons: manually clean the registration signs and write fines. After the Moscow City Duma voted to abolish the “numbered” fine, it became known that the MADI staff will be expanded from 70 to 500 people.

However, they are not afraid of real parking "hares". According to Alexei Dozorov, chairman of the Moscow Regional Committee for the Protection of Motorists' Rights, “administrative inspectors” can wipe the number off the sticker or peel off the sticker, but they can’t do anything with those who take the numbers off for the time being. “How to write a penalty for unpaid parking if the owner of the car cannot be identified?” Unless to call for the help of psychics, ”he said.