Cheering for the Russian auto industry seems to be necessary, because in twenty years (according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Industry and Trade) oil will run out, 40 percent of the money will disappear from the country's budget. A working auto industry with all related industries could be of great help. On the other hand, you are reluctant to support him by buying Russian cars - you feel the catch. Behind these machines it is more usual to see not enthusiastic engineers, but PR specialists and saw cutters. I do not want to support them and forgive flaws. Moreover, there is no certainty that the money will go specifically for development.

At heart, everyone understands that sooner or later this knot will have to be cut. But reflection does not gain the degree necessary to initiate action. Soothes the sense of thoughtfulness and correctness of what is happening in the auto business, which came along with foreign goods and the consumption system. Everything is perfected so that you don’t need to worry and invent: the industry forms a desire and offers understandable steps to satisfy it. The same process gives us the feeling that we are just like them. In this system, there is no place for the desire of the nation to make the Russian auto industry better. This is partly why we are so indifferent about the development of domestic projects. As soon as we are unable to buy goods, it may turn out that we, as the American Indians, changed our resources to glitter, and we only need to show our ancient culture in the form of souvenirs for tourists.