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Pawnshop: Bid Made


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Video: Pawnshop: Bid Made

Video: Pawnshop: Bid Made
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Pawnshop: Bid Made
Pawnshop: Bid Made

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It’s hard to say when the first pawnshops appeared. It is known for certain that money on the security of property was issued in Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome. The following references date back to around the 15th century. Moreover, medieval pawnshops arose thanks to charity, and the church was engaged in further promotion. The first Russian enterprise was also based on the patron's money - in 1888 in Vologda. But all this is a "legend of the old antiquity."

In modern Russia, the auto-pawnshop business began to develop a little more than ten years ago, generated by a huge number of casinos. In 2007, the federal law “On Pawnshops” was adopted, which regulated their activities. The crisis of 2008, when banks stopped giving money to everyone, pushed this segment to even greater development.


To resort to a loan, a lot is not required: a hopeless situation, documents for a car (TCP, SRTS) and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Cars are taken as a pledge and by general power of attorney. Difficulties can arise with cars from other cities and regions: they are afraid to take them due to the lack of a single traffic police database.

In theory, everything is simple. We urgently need money, but the banks quickly do not give out a large amount, you can’t collect it from your friends either - you come to the pawnshop, give the car, you get a security ticket and cash in return. After some time, you decide your questions, come back and there is a reverse exchange. Yes, you overpay, but after all, a little bit. However, life is different.


By phone, a pawnshop specialist should name the approximate amount that you can help out for the car. This “special dance” is from your words: year of manufacture, mileage, condition. If you rate your car as “good, almost new,” then you will regret it. Because an on-site assessment of a car is likely to reveal defects, chips, or something else. Because of this, the manager-receiver will reduce the initial amount quite significantly: “You said that the car is in good condition. Ah ah ah!". And it turns out that on the phone it was a million rubles, and on the spot - 500 thousand.

Most likely, it turns out that the announced interest rate is far from reality. Rather, the rate will remain at the declared level (for Moscow it is about 3-5%), but it will be overgrown with all kinds of payments. And a lot of them can run in: for using a loan, for parking where the car will be stored, for insurance for the duration of his stay in the pawnshop, punching through the traffic police bases and credit lists, plus 2% for prolonging the contract (if necessary), etc.

If the client agrees to all this, then the main thing that he should worry about is not to be late in repaying the loan. By law, if you do not return the money on time, the borrower is given the so-called grace period - one month. In an ideal world, the amount of payment should not increase, but contracts are often drawn up so that, consider it lucky if the "preferential" rate is not more than 1% per day.

Formally, you can pick up a car even after an overdue period, but, given the interest that will incur for extra days, it will be easier to forget about your “mobility”.

The fate of the car will determine the open auction. After its completion, the difference between the borrowed amount (loan amount + interest rate for the month + interest rate for the grace period) and the one that was earned for the car, the pawnshop must pay the borrower. In reality, instead of money, he is handed a document confirming the crazy expenses for the repair and pre-sale preparation of his former property.

As an alternative to pawnshops, three years ago, the Auto Loan service appeared. At first glance, everything is similar, but there are still differences - they do not work here on a security ticket, but on a contract of sale with deferred performance.


The stories of real people confirm: you can resort to a loan secured by a car. And if life circumstances are such that you seriously think about it, here are two tips. Check everything: the presence of hidden payments, documents of the pawnshop itself and, most importantly, those documents that you sign. And consider - risks, money, interest, your income, etc. Then, perhaps, you will become one of those who respond positively to these types of services.


The businessman did not have enough money to buy a batch of diapers, which was in the wagons. The guy laid several cars (his and his wife's) and calmly took the diapers. For a couple of days he sold the goods, paid off and received the car back - he didn’t remain in the loser.

“Monsieur, I did not eat six days …”

A similar case occurred in another business area. The woman laid down Lexus for 4 million because she opened a restaurant: she made repairs, bought expensive equipment, but she didn’t have enough money for food and drinks. Two months later, she took her car.

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