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Maintenance Cost: From Right To Left


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Video: Maintenance Cost: From Right To Left

Video: Maintenance Cost: From Right To Left
Video: Reducing Maintenance Costs the Right Way 2023, March
Maintenance Cost: From Right To Left
Maintenance Cost: From Right To Left



There are plenty of services ready to carry out regular routine maintenance. But the client spoiled by the corporate approach will not address the first one that comes across. Most likely, he will give preference to workshops specializing in the repair of "his" brand. We decided to conduct an experiment and compare the cost of maintenance for post-warranty vehicles at authorized dealers (marked in green) and in specialized centers (yellow background). The conditions are as follows: for a car of 2009, we order the basic service prescribed by the manufacturer at a mileage of 60, 000 km, excluding parts subject to normal wear and tear.

Pursuit of profitable

As you can see, servicemen completely lack agreement on the assessment of their work. Relations in this area are not market, but rather bazaar: everyone trades as he can. And the people are afraid. And expensive - bad (grabbers, only tear money!), And cheap - not good (cheat, therefore, do not value their work). The lack of solid guidelines drives the client to the dealer - no, but a bastion of civilization. So we consider this direction the most promising. And if you want cheaper, look for a friend mechanic or collect recommendations from friends (personal experience may be disappointing).


In addition to the dealer, a company guarantee for the work performed, confidence that the spare parts will fully comply with the requirements of the vehicle design, and a mark in the service book. Subsequently, this can play an important role in the sale of the car and may pay off handsomely. Many unofficials trump card - a better price. Of course, not all companies work with original spare parts, some in the competition are trying to save on this. Before putting your car in the hands of a mechanic, find out the estimated amount of work, the origin of the consumables and the duration of the warranty. Unlike dealers giving a one-year warranty, it is small here - usually one month.


Ford Focus, 1.6 L, manual gearbox



In Rolfe, the cost of maintenance is determined by eye, and it is possible that after the car leaves the repair zone, the preliminary estimate will noticeably add to the price. Not without reason, in the telephone conversations, the subjunctive prevailed. Informal people are ready to work for much less money. The only difference is that Ford Warehouse uses original materials, while Ford Europe offers analogues from eminent manufacturers.

"Rolf" - 9000 rubles

Ford Europe - 5500 rubles

Ford Warehouse - 6000 rubles

Toyota Corolla 1.6 liter manual gearbox



The branded Toyota service is also not averse to warming their hands on their favorite customers. In the claimed four-hour interval, in addition to the main works, they promise to include a high-quality washing and cleaning of the cabin with a vacuum cleaner. Alfa Motor Group does not pay much attention to clean cars, but they are ready to serve it faster and cheaper, using original consumables. "Tokyo Service" - the name speaks for itself. At the cost of service, this company even surpassed the dealer. Not otherwise migrants from Japan work here.

Toyota Center Sheremetyevo - 8300 rubles

Alfa Motor Group - 4, 800 rubles

Tokyo Service - 9000 rubles

Mitsubishi-Lancer, 1.5 L, manual gearbox



At the Mitsubishi dealership on Taganka, they ask for inconceivable money for maintenance. True, in addition to oil, they promise to change spark plugs, brake and coolant. Everything is regulated by the manufacturer. However, the competitors from Ankara and the Mitsubishi technical center on Savelovsky are not asleep and will take almost similarly divine work for similar work. Moreover, at the discretion of the client, they can use both original consumables (just those are listed in the table), and non-original ones.

"Mitsubishi" on the Taganka "- 17 800 rubles

Ankar - 13 850 rubles

The technical center "Mitsubishi" on Savelovsky - 13, 500 rubles

Mazda-3, 1.6 L, manual gearbox



The appetites of Mazda dealers to call modest language does not turn. And for a lot of money, customers are offered to kill at least five hours in the service. True, as a bonus, cars will be washed for free. They promise to do the same and almost half as cheaply as Kartekhnik M and Service Auto. But the latter prefers to work with non-original consumables.

"Major" - 12, 440 rubles

"Cartekhnik M" - 8700 rubles

Service Auto - 7500 rubles

Volkswagen Jetta, 1.6 L, manual gearbox



Auto ALEA knows its own worth and there can be no doubt in the loyalty of its customers - we did not see any sharp competition among specialized centers. It is unclear how unofficials specializing in Volkswagen live, but the cost of service is almost the same as that of a dealer. Moreover, these specialists use non-original spare parts.

"Auto ALEA" - 15 500 rubles

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