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Charging Your Mobile Phone: Charging In The Fresh Air


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Video: Charging Your Mobile Phone: Charging In The Fresh Air

Video: Charging Your Mobile Phone: Charging In The Fresh Air
Video: "Simple Fix" for phone not charging/syncing, loose cell phone charger cord. Works in 2020, #20 2023, March
Charging Your Mobile Phone: Charging In The Fresh Air
Charging Your Mobile Phone: Charging In The Fresh Air



Transfer the problem to another is half the success. Therefore, in self-respecting action movies, the hero’s mobile phone at a critical moment is discharged. And rightly so: the hero must get out by himself!

Of course, this cannot happen to us: at home and in the office we charge from 220 V, and in the car - from 12 V. However, I wanted to dream up. The conditions of the game are as follows: urgently need to call, but the cell is discharged to zero. At the same time, the vehicle’s on-board network is unavailable (think of the reason yourself: they put the battery in, lost in the forest, drowned the car in the ocean, etc.). Around - nobody. Stapleton's coyotes and dogs howl in the distance …

To not be too scary, we simplify the task. How could we forget that before the trip we accidentally went into the store and bought a funny gadget: a charger. And here it is in our hands, as well as a silent phone. It remains to verify whether the purchase will save.

And another slight relief: there were already six gadgets at our disposal! Jokes are jokes, and shops joyfully offer similar products: that means they are in demand. Of the six products, two were equipped with a solar battery, two were equipped with a mechanical twist generator, the smallest contained an AA battery, and the heaviest was actually a battery. Price range - from 550 to 2650 rubles. All participants were asked to charge two antipode phones - the simplest old Nokia without any bells and whistles and an iPhone clogged with the most inconceivable programs and applications.

Fans of nuances are better to read our comments on each of the photos. And to those who are only interested in the winner, we answer immediately: a confident victory was won by a device that is an external battery. It will confidently charge any phone, even during the day, at night, without requiring any gestures from you. As for solar panels and krutilok, it is rather fun toys for various exotic competitions. Although they also have advantages: unlike the battery, they are really autonomous and, if successful, can help too.


1 Yoobao Power Bank YB-642

long-acting energy source

2000 rub



The disadvantage of the device is one: it is not autonomous, and therefore in a discharged state it will not bring any benefits. The rest is the absolute leader: he has no rivals in energy. He even charged the gluttonous “iPhone” from scratch several times in a row - and this despite the fact that we took far from the most energy-intensive version of this type (11, 200 mAh). In general, if you need not a toy, but something serious, then this is it.

2 Eton Boost Turbine 2000 Black

manual generator battery

2650 rub



A cute device with a good built-in battery (2000 mAh) will help recharge any phone, but it will turn out to be helpless if it is completely discharged. Ten minutes of intensive rotation of the crank increased the battery of the iPhone by only 1%. In other words, one cannot cope without an assistant: one is generating current, the other is trying to call.

3 "Last cartridge"

AA battery charger for mobile phones and digital devices

550 rub



I want to buy a tiny cute product for just one appearance. But with practicality, alas, problems: the device refused to charge the stuffed “iPhone”! Having increased the charge by only 1%, the harmful superphone began to show “power from the network”, stopping the replenishment of energy resources. But the battery managed a cheap “Nokia”, charging it by one third in about 3 hours. It is clear that if the battery ran out last year, and there were no shops nearby, then you would have to get out somehow differently.

4 Platinum Charger AM-110

solar charger

1600 rub



If you pre-charge the built-in battery (1800 mAh) from the network (and it takes several days via micro-USB), then the product will help reanimate the same “iPhone” to a state of 70% of full charge. But if you wait for help from the sun, then you can’t wait for anything: in our case, the battery almost did not charge for full daylight hours. Perhaps in the Death Valley, the efficiency would be higher.

5 Alkitec Powerkit MBC-05SL

lamp, flashlight, battery

1850 rub



A well-equipped device regularly depicts either a flashlight or a mini-chandelier. If the built-in lithium-ion battery with the declared capacity of 1700 mAh is pre-charged from the network, then the phone will be able to revive: the charge level of our iPhone has risen to 70%. But if the battery is dead, then it will not be known how much it will charge from the sun. In any case, the June day was not enough for us. By the way, there is no charge indicator here. How to evaluate the degree of battery charge without trying to connect the phone to it again? In general, it seems that you can’t count on autonomous help.

6 Energenie EG-PC-002

hand charger for mobile phones with LED flashlight

750 rub


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