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Tolls: Not From The Word “Suffer”


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Video: Tolls: Not From The Word “Suffer”

Video: Tolls: Not From The Word “Suffer”
Video: While She Sleeps - Death Toll (Official Music Video) 2023, March
Tolls: Not From The Word “Suffer”
Tolls: Not From The Word “Suffer”



The main, basic network of Italian routes is toll motorways. These are roads of national importance, having at least two lanes in each direction, dividing and enclosing barriers, clear signs, lighting (though not everywhere). And you can accelerate here, since the roads do not loop between cities and villages. The permitted speed is usually up to 130 km / h.


The charge for the use of roads is calculated depending on the category of the vehicle and the distance traveled. To calculate the fare on the highway, you need to multiply the fare unit by the number of kilometers traveled. Then added VAT (20%). This very unit of tariff, in turn, depends on several factors - the class of the vehicle, the features of the highway section (mountain or plain), etc. In order not to bother with the details, I can say that it will cost 1 km to use a regular passenger car at 7–9 euro cents (2.8–3.6 rubles). So, rushing along the beautiful highway from Florence to Milan (305 km) costs about 22 euros (880 rubles).

Paid in this country and the main tunnels. "Mont Blanc" laid under the famous mountain between France and Italy, its length is almost 12 km, the fare for one way is 41.4 euros, round trip - 51.60 euros. Saint Bernard connects Italy with Switzerland; length of about 6 km, fare 14.70 euros or 19.90 round-trip. Frejus connects Italy with France; the length is almost 13 km, one-way travel costs 41.4 euros, and round-trip costs 51.6 euros.

You will have to pay for the right to drive along Timmelsjoch, the most beautiful alpine road from Austria to Italy. Its length is 32 km, elevations up to 2.5 km. This pleasure costs 12 euros (round trip - 14), moreover, the beauty around is indescribable.


It’s very simple: before entering the paid site, take a ticket from the operator or vending machine, and pay in cash or by bank card at the exit. The main thing is to choose the right lanes for entry and exit: white and blue - for those who pay with money or plastic, yellow is for cars that have a telepass installed - an electronic device (attached to the windshield), with which money is removed from the account travel. You cannot go to the yellow bar without this device!

For attempting to slip on a toll road for free, they will be fined at least 300 euros. This is followed by the traffic police (polizia stradale). Repeated violation is generally considered a criminal offense. Therefore, be sure to keep the receipt until the end of the trip!


The company “Avtostrada” manages high-speed (toll) roads in Italy. Her farm has not only 3, 000 km of Italian freeways, but more than 2, 000 km in Brazil, Chile, and India. The company was founded as a state one in 1958. In 1964, the first paid section of the A1 highway (Milan - Naples) with a length of 800 km was opened. By the way, the first telepass appeared on Italian roads in 1990; soon such a system was introduced in the USA, Great Britain, France, and Latin American countries. Today in Italy alone there are over 8 million telepass owners.

Point of payment on the A1 highway. The main thing is not to mix up the strip

Пункт оплаты проезда на трассе А1. Главное - не перепутать полосу
Пункт оплаты проезда на трассе А1. Главное - не перепутать полосу

Point of payment on the A1 highway. The main thing is not to mix up the strip. Point of payment on the A1 highway. The main thing is not to mix up the strip.

A few years ago, Motorway was privatized; One of the largest shareholders is the Benetton Group. The company is profitable, therefore, among small shareholders, thousands of ordinary Italians.


Some useful tips for Russian car travelers.

In determining the priority of movement in Italy, the brand and cost of the car do not matter.

Drive in the left lane on the freeway is not accepted. After overtaking, immediately go to the right lane. Do not endlessly rebuild from row to row. Also, overtaking on the right is not welcome, not to mention driving on the side of the road.

The traffic police monitors the observance of traffic rules, but its main task is to ensure this traffic, and nobody pays attention to minor violations.

Driving on Italy's free roads will require an average of twice as much time as on a freeway. There are free roads, they prevail, but often are single-lane and pass through numerous settlements. Narrow serpentines come across. But such roads have one big plus: sometimes they offer such stunning views that you do not regret a single minute or extra kilometers and time spent.

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