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Pioneer Presents AppRadio Auto Receiver


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Video: Pioneer Presents AppRadio Auto Receiver

Video: Pioneer Presents AppRadio Auto Receiver
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Pioneer Presents AppRadio Auto Receiver
Pioneer Presents AppRadio Auto Receiver

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August 2013 Pioneer announces the release of the new AppRadio, which represents the third generation of premium AV receivers for cars. After implementing support for mobile devices based on Android, in addition to integration with iOS, the SPH-DA110 model has the widest capabilities for connecting smartphones among car audio equipment. Further development of the Pioneer philosophy allows users to keep connected constantly - the new AppRadio model can work with smartphones using MirrorLink, complementing the existing AppRadio compatibility with both iOS (iPhone 4 / 4S / 5) and some Android smartphones. Among other important innovations in the new model, the graphic interface was modernized and support for streaming audio via Bluetooth was introduced.

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“As the popularity of smartphones and the applications that use them increases, the demand for solutions for the safe and intuitive use of smartphones in a car increases. Currently, consumers can choose from a variety of smartphones and operating systems,”said Geert Verhoeven, Product Planning Manager, Pioneer Europe. - The new Pioneer AppRadio model allows you to capture these trends, offering enhanced compatibility with most popular mobile devices, providing the ability to connect and control your smartphone through the touch screen of the head unit, using the functions of navigation, data, weather, music, and other applications. The new Pioneer AppRadio receivers increase the level of comfort in the car, providing telephone communications and Internet access in any car.”

Using the free Pioneer AppRadio application (available for both iOS and Android) and compatible third-party applications, the SPH-DA110 controls the supported application functions with the same touches as on the phone itself, only on the capacitive touch screen of the radio with a diagonal of 7 inches. Additional convenience and control functions are already integrated in two new models:

  • Mirrorrorlink - A car connectivity standard developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). MirrorLink technology allows consumers to connect compatible smartphones to the new AppRadio receivers (or other compatible embedded models) using a USB cable. Thus, access to the music library and navigation applications is provided and the safety of using the device in the car is increased. Just like AppRadio Mode, MirrorLink provides a special interface and connectivity for certified MirrorLink devices, such as Samsung, Nokia and other manufacturers of smartphones.
  • Siri Eyes Free - IPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users can turn on Siri Eyes Free 1 by long pressing the Home button on the AppRadio. When the function is activated, Siri's voice asks which commands to execute when addressing the driver through the car speakers, and user commands are recognized through the external microphone included in the SPH-DA110. Siri Eyes Free provides access to many iPhone features, including a selection of music. Listen to and compose text messages, maps, calendar, reminders and more.
  • Voice Recognition for Android - Users of compatible Android smartphones can use Google Voice to work with the phone in hands-free mode, this function is also called up by a long press of the Home button on the AppRadio receiver. In addition to this, the free Pioneer CarMediaPlayer app (version 1.2.0) and the AppRadio app (version 2.0.0) already support Google Voice for selecting contacts and accessing music.
  • Bluetooth - To maximize connectivity, spanning the most popular smartphones today, the SPH-DA110 supports both Bluetooth 2 calls and Bluetooth audio streaming, including wireless control of compatible devices. Each model has support for the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for wireless audio transmission and the Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) version 1.3 for wireless device management and the correct display of relevant metadata (if any) on the Pioneer touch screen.
  • Improved touch user interface - Designed specifically for smartphone users, the new AppRadio touch interface provides convenient access to most of the popular features - applications, music playback and making calls.

Pioneer SPH-DA110 has the same external features as the body of the touchscreen smartphone - it implements an absolute minimum of physical buttons, like on previous models. Most of the functions and controls are activated through a capacitive touch screen with a diagonal of 7 inches and a resolution of WVGA (800 x 480). The touch panel is used to access all the features of the device, including application interfaces, music playback and control, the inclusion of AM / FM radio and Bluetooth functions. Two cable connection options 3, sold separately from the device, allow you to use the receiver with 30 different smartphone models available in Europe and Russia.

The new model already has an AM / FM tuner with RDS text support (if supported by the radio), as well as a MOSFET amplifier with a power of 50 W X 4 speakers and dual line outputs for an external amplifier.

Cost and sale

Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA110 will go on sale in August 2013, at a recommended retail price of 15, 990 rubles. You can check with your local Pioneer dealer for more information on the cost and availability of the new model.

Pioneer official website Europe NV in Russia:

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