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Buyer Directory: Micro And Compact


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Video: Buyer Directory: Micro And Compact

Video: Buyer Directory: Micro And Compact
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Buyer Directory: Micro And Compact
Buyer Directory: Micro And Compact

Not limited to a simple listing of the technical characteristics of all micro- and compact-boats officially sold in Russia, we offer, in our opinion, the optimal equipment with an indication of its cost. For those who do not think of a car without a “machine,” we indicate in brackets the minimum price with automatic transmission. As a separate line, we mark where to look for materials about this model in the archive on the site Please note that the CAR index refers to the modification that we recommend to you. So, study, count and choose.

“Kia-Wenga”, from 629, 900 (679, 900) rubles, CAR from 6.66 rubles / km

Kia venga


The first time a Korean micro-van appeared in public in Frankfurt in 2009, European sales began a little later, but “Wenga”, which in Spanish means “Come on!”, Arrived in Russia only in the spring of 2011. The car shares the platform with models such as the Soul supermini and i20. Stylish appearance and surprisingly spacious, ergonomic interior with a large and comfortable trunk - the main advantages of the “Kia”. Among the shortcomings can be noted in some places the budget interior decoration, the outdated 4-speed "automatic" and the biting price.

+ Comfortable lounge with wide transformation capabilities; roomy trunk; economical and powerful 1.6 liter engine

- Noisy, slow automatic transmission; hard plastic finishes; high price

Our choice: “1, 6-Comfort” 649 900 rub.

Engine: 1591 cm3; 125 l s./ 6300 rpm; 15.9 kgf • m / 4200 rpm

Temperament: 182 km / h; 10.9 s (0–100 km / h); 5.8–8.4 l / 100 km

Options: 1.4 L (90 HP)

Mazda-5, from (991, 000) rubles, CAR from 9.49 rubles / km

Mazda 5


A new generation compact engine based on the Mazda-3 surprised visitors to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show with its striking appearance, electric sliding rear doors and an ingenious transformation system for the Karakuri interior. The interior is now exclusively 7-seater, the box is only automatic (and modern, 6-speed), and the only 2 liter engine, familiar from the "three rubles" and "six", is quite enough even at maximum load. Perhaps, only a high starting price of one million rubles can alienate buyers who need a comfortable car for traveling with the whole family.

+ Excellent handling; high-quality salon with wide possibilities of transformation

- The only engine and only two fairly expensive trim levels

Our choice: 2.0-Touring 991, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1999 cm3; 144 l s./6500 rpm; 18.4 kgf • m / 4500 rpm

Temperament: 186 km / h; 13.1 s (0–100 km / h); 6.5–11.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

Mercedes-Benz-V, from 920 000 (1 010 000) rubles, CAR from 8.47 rubles / km

Mercedes Benz B class


The debut of the second generation took place in the fall of 2011 in Frankfurt, European sales began almost immediately, but the compact dealers appeared at Russian dealers only at the end of last summer. With the previous width, the car grew almost 10 cm in length, but lost 5 and 8 cm in height and base, respectively. Interior materials can now be considered almost perfect, and other business-class cars can envy the abundance of technically advanced “gadgets”. But most importantly, the price of the new product is lower than that of its predecessor, which did not fail to affect sales - today the B-class finds an average of 250 buyers a month (almost twice as much as before).

+ One of the most affordable Mercedes-Benz; spacious lounge; high-quality interior decoration

- The phlegmatic robotic gearbox conceals a sense of dynamics; expensive options

Our choice: “B200-Special Series” 1, 170, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1595 cm3; 156 l s./5300 rpm; 25.5 kgf • m / 1250-4000 rpm

Temperament: 220 km / h; 8.4 s (0–100 km / h); 5.0–7.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.6T (122 hp); 1.8TD (109 HP)

Nissan Note, from 529, 000 (592, 000) rubles, CAR from 5.21 rubles / km

NOTE 009


“Nout” was created on the increased base of “Mikra”, although it was hard to believe this at the first acquaintance. The fact is that the baby has more than a spacious interior. The machine is equipped with a very comfortable sofa that can be moved in the longitudinal direction by 160 mm, increasing the luggage compartment to 437 liters. There are two engines to choose from, and an “automatic” is only possible with a 1.6 liter engine. In the fall of 2009, sales of the updated Nout started with slightly changed appearance and interior.

+ Spacious, comfortable lounge; bright appearance; high-quality interior decoration

- Interfering with the review of the massive front pillars; noisy rear suspension

Our choice: 1, 4-Comfort 529, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1386 cm3; 88 l s./5200 rpm; 13.1 kgf.m / 3200 rpm

Temperament: 165 km / h; 13.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.3–7.9 l / 100 km

Options: 1.6 L (110 HP)

"Opel-Zafira-Family", from 811 500 (831 500) rubles, CAR from 7.74 rubles / km

Opel Zafira Family


The second-generation compact van, like its predecessor, has a 7-seater saloon. True, in the third row of seats it will be really convenient only for children. Meanwhile, the patented “7 flex” system allows, if necessary, to put the seats on the floor, freeing 1820 liters for luggage. In addition, Zafira pleases with reliable and gambling handling, as well as an affordable 1.8 liter 140 horsepower engine. But the work of the robotic Isitronic upsets.

+ Fascinating handling; spacious, high-quality interior; comfortable suspension; reasonable price

- Twitchy work of semi-automatic gearbox

Our choice: "1.8-Angoy" 811 500 rubles.

Engine: 1796 cm3; 140 l s / 6000 rpm; 17.8 kgf.m / 3800 rpm

Temperament: 197 km / h; 11.5 s (0–100 km / h); 6.2-10.1 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

"Opel-Zafira-Tourer", from 818 000 (972 000) rubles., CAR from 9.12 rubles / km

Opel Zafira Tourer


The compact engine, built on the latest-generation Astra platform, did not abolish the successful Zafira, but supplemented it: now both models are released in parallel. In addition, the novelty preaches a slightly different philosophy, where comfort and driving pleasure are at the forefront. And the Germans didn’t disagree with the deed: to instill exemplary habits in the enlarged van, the track was increased by 96 mm in front and 78 mm in the rear, and the front suspension was borrowed from Insignia. It should be noted a wonderful panoramic windshield, laid top-of-the-range configuration, and a sofa transformable into two separate chairs.

+ Bright appearance; spacious, transformable interior; interesting handling; high ride comfort

- Inconvenient adjustment of the front seats

Our choice: "1, 4T-Business Edition" 1, 100, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1364 cm3; 140 l s./4900-6000 rpm; 20.4 kgf • m / 1850–4900 rpm

Temperament: 200 km / h; 10.8 s (0–100 km / h); 5.5–8.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.8 liters (115 and 140 liters. From.); 2.0 TD (130 and 165 hp)

"Opel Meriva", from 625 000 (702 000) rubles., CAR from 6.63 rubles / km

EX 15


European sales of the second generation of micro-van based on Korsa started in 2010, while our dealers started accepting orders a year later, right after the assembly began at the Avtotor Kaliningrad plant. The highlight of the car is the rear doors that open against the movement. This solution can greatly facilitate access to the sofa. At the end of last year, a more affordable modification finally appeared with an automatic transmission and a gasoline 120 strong turbo-four, but diesel versions are no longer being brought to us due to the extremely low demand.

+ Spacious and functional interior; high quality finishes; good driving performance

- Noticeable rolls in corners

Our choice: 1, 4-Asset 679, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1398 cm3; 101 l s / 6000 rpm; 13.3 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 177 km / h; 13.9 s (0–100 km / h); 5.1–7.9 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4T (120 and 140 hp)

"Peugeot-3008", from 807 000 (947 000) rubles., CAR from 7.15 rubles / km

Peugeot 3008


The spacious and comfortable front-wheel drive compact van based on the 308 model with an increased clearance of 15 mm is distinguished by its amazing ability to write turns. The secret lies in the cunning rear shock absorbers connected into a single hydraulic system: on the direct suspension it works in soft mode, and in bends it becomes elastic, allowing you to effectively fight against banks. In addition, the 1.6T version with manual gearbox has a special ESP mode of operation, which increases the capabilities of the machine when exiting from asphalt.

+ Excellent manageability; comfortable multi-tier trunk

- The modest capabilities of the base motor; large overpayment for a turbo engine; minor flaws ergonomics salon

Our choice: “1, 6-Access” 807 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 120 l s / 6000 rpm; 16.3 kgf • m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 11.8 s (0–100 km / h); 5.6–9.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1, 6T (150 l. From.); 1, 6ТD (112 l. From.)

Renault Scenic, from 807, 500 (956, 500) rubles, CAR from 9.30 rubles / km

Renault Scenic


The third generation compact car debuted four years ago, and went through restyling last spring. The Scenic has a roomy, easily transformed interior with three removable rear seats, excellent visibility, a comfortable fit, comfortable suspension and the highest level of passive safety. Futuristic interior design with high-quality materials is also impressive. In nature, there is an elongated 7-seater version with the prefix "Grand", but such cars are not sold in Russia.

+ A very comfortable lounge with rich transformation capabilities; comfortable suspension

- Expensive version with automatic transmission

Our choice: “1, 6-Otentik” 807 500 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 110 l s / 6000 rpm; 15.4 kgf.m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 12.6 s (0–100 km / h); 6.0–9.8 l / 100 km

Options: 2.0 L (138 HP)

"SEAT-Altea-Fritrek", from (1 089 990) rubles, CAR from 10.97 rubles / km

SEAT Altea Freetrack


On the basis of "Leon", the Spaniards created three compact-boats at once. The most compact "Altea" has a cramped sofa and a small (410 l) trunk. The Altea-XL, which is almost identical in size due to the 18.7 cm larger rear overhang, holds 500 l of luggage and is more friendly to rear passengers. But since 2012, only Altea-Fritrek has been sold in Russia, in fact, a compact crossover with an increased clearance of 25 mm, all-wheel drive and a powerful turbo engine. By the way, now the 4WD modification has a discount of 97, 000 rubles, which makes the purchase of the only compact van in Russia with all-wheel drive very profitable.

+ Spacious transformable interior; rich equipment; excellent motor; four-wheel drive

- Lack of more affordable modifications

Our choice: 2.0TSi 4WD 1 189 990 rub.

Engine: 1984 cm3; 211 l s / 5300–6200 rpm; 28.6 kgf.m / 1700–5200 rpm

Temperament: 218 km / h; 7.6 s (0–100 km / h); 7.0–11.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2WD

Citroen-S3 Picasso, from 537, 000 (664, 500) rubles, CAR from 6.39 rubles / km

Citroen C3 Picasso


"C3 Picasso" - the most compact, but by no means the least gifted single-volume "Citroen." The machine attracts attention not only with its memorable design with “hidden” front roof pillars and intricate optics, but also with a very comfortable interior with truly huge transformation capabilities. Finally, depending on the equipment, the C3 Picasso can be both Spartan and truly luxurious micro-van. In the fall, dealers appeared with the long-awaited versions with automatic transmission.

+ Spectacular appearance; comfortable lounge with wide possibilities of transformation; high smoothness

- Flaws in the compilation of complete sets; sluggish dynamics

Our choice: 1, 4-Confor 598, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1397 cm3; 95 l s / 6000 rpm; 13.8 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 178 km / h; 12.2 s (0–100 km / h); 5.6–9.2 l / 100 km

Options: 1.6 L (115 HP)

Citroen-C4 Picasso, from 755, 000 (904, 000) rubles, CAR from 7.84 rubles / km

Citroen C4 Picasso


Stylish, modern compact van built on the basis of C4. Moreover, the option for 7 seats - “Grand Picasso” - was the first to debut on the market. His 5-seater brother, slightly smaller in size and with differences in appearance, appeared later. The machine is equipped with 4 zone climate control and additional options that are very useful for a large family. The “Speaker” version with the time-tested 1.6 liter engine with a capacity of 120 liters looks optimal in terms of price and equipment. with.

+ Attractive appearance; comfortable salon with wide possibilities of transformation

- Inability to order automatic gearbox with base motor

Our choice: “1, 6-Speaker” 815 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 120 l s / 6000 rpm; 16.3 kgf.m / 4250 rpm

Temperament: 186 km / h; 12.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.4–9.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1, 6T (150 l. From.); Grand C4 Picasso

Toyota Verso, from 820, 000 (890, 000) rubles, CAR from 7.42 rubles / km



“Verso”, having just passed through a thorough restyling, immediately replaced two Toyota models: the Corolla-Verso, well-known in Russia, and Avensis-Verso, which were not sold on our market. Having slightly increased in size, this compact van retained the recognizable appearance of the Corolla Verso and became a bit more spacious. But the main news is the appearance of a 1.8 liter gasoline engine, paired with a continuously variable variator. Fortunately, the “robot”, annoying with jerks when switching, was, in the past, a thing of the past.

+ An abundance of transformation options; economical engine; comfortable 7-seater saloon

- Harsh on small irregularities suspension

Our choice: “1, 6-Comfort” 820 000 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 132 l s./6400 rpm; 13.5 kgf.m / 3800 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 11.7 s (0–100 km / h); 5.6–8.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.8 liters (147 liters. From.); 7 places

Volkswagen Golf Plus, from 629, 000 (738, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.73 rubles / km

Volkswagen Golf Plus


"High hatchback" from its parent is distinguished by a high body and a more comfortable interior. However, this “Volkswagen”, thanks to the successfully tuned chassis and sharp handling, inherited from the “Golf”, will deliver the driving pleasure as well. What will contribute a lot 122 strong engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters. It is gratifying that after restyling, Plus has become more affordable by about 5%. But the Cross-Golf resembling a crossover is no longer being brought to us.

+ Comfortable lounge; high quality finish and assembly; wide range of options

- Expensive options

Our choice: 1.4TSi-Trendline 755, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1390 cm3; 122 l s./5000 rpm; 20.4 kgf.m / 1500 rpm

Temperament: 194 km / h; 10.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.5–8.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.2T (105 l. From.); 1.4 liters (80 liters. From.); 1.6 L (102 HP)

Volkswagen-Turan, from 880, 000 (1, 043, 000) rubles, CAR from 8.12 rubles / km



Compact on the basis of "Golf", perhaps the most talented in terms of transformation. And after restyling, the car finally got rid of its boring appearance and archaic 8 valve 102 horsepower engine, which was replaced by 105 strong 1.2 liter turbocharged ones. The best, perhaps, should be considered 140 strong “four” with a volume of 1.4 liters with a turbine and compressor. With exemplary efficiency in the city, the 1.4TSi is lucky as a thoroughbred 2 liter engine.

+ Flawless interior decoration; rich opportunities for transformation of the cabin; commendable handling

- Expensive options; high price

Our choice: 1.4TSi-Trendline 972 000 rub.

Engine: 1390 cm3; 140 l s./5600 rpm; 22.4 kgf.m / 1750-4000 rpm

Temperament: 200 km / h; 9.8 s (0–100 km / h); 6.1–9.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.2T (105 l. From.); 1.4T (170 l. From.); 2, 0ТD (110 l. From.)

Chevrolet-Orlando, from 760, 000 (845, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.92 rubles / km



Orlando, introduced in October 2010, appeared only a year later. And already managed to break out into the class leaders! No wonder: an attractive price is combined with a brutal appearance a la crossover, a spacious interior for seven people with a full third row of seats and a 141 horsepower engine, which is quite enough for a family car. And this summer, dealers will have diesel modifications that will be equipped exclusively with “automatic machines”.

+ Good looks; spacious and functional interior; attractive price

- Harsh suspension

Our choice: 1.8LT 805, 000 rubles.

Engine: 1796 cm3; 141 l s./6200 rpm; 17.9 kgf • m / 3800 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h; 11.6 s (0–100 km / h); 5.9–9.7 l / 100 km

Options available: 2.0TD (163 hp)

Skoda Rumster, from 614, 000 (684, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.64 rubles / km

Skoda roomster


The Roomster is not a cargo-passenger “heel”, but a very capable micro-van. In the standard configuration, Skoda offers a 5-seater saloon and a 450 liter boot. At the same time, the rear row seats can be moved back and forth, left or right, or completely removed from the passenger compartment, turning the Rumster into a roomy truck with a useful volume of 1, 780 liters. It is gratifying that even the basic “Style” is equipped with everything necessary, but the most profitable version is a “Scout” with a 1.2 liter “four” turbocharged.

+ Spacious transformable interior; rich equipment; excellent motor; four-wheel drive

- Lack of more affordable modifications

Our choice: "1, 2TSi-Scout" 740, 000 rubles. with INC

Engine: 1197 cm3; 105 l. s./5000 rpm; 17.9 kgf • m / 1500–4100 rpm

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