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On-board Computers: I Want To Know Everything


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Video: On-board Computers: I Want To Know Everything

Video: On-board Computers: I Want To Know Everything
Video: Become Keyboard Master With These 20 Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys 2023, March
On-board Computers: I Want To Know Everything
On-board Computers: I Want To Know Everything



Prior to the test, they sincerely believed that the owner of the “five”, still dreaming of turning it into at least the “ten”, could voluntarily spend money on an on-board computer. But no: both sellers and servicemen unanimously stated that the demand for information does not depend on the cost of the car. Logans and Mercians, Lexus and Toyota, Subaru and Fawn of various stripes are constantly rolling on services with the request to install, reflash or just consult. Thousands of drivers are not enough speedometer, tachometer and indicator lights, give them the duration of the injection pulse, and better - a graph of its change over time! There are desires and easier: for example, to evaluate acceleration to hundreds.

For God's sake! A modern car is completely entangled with sensors, you just need to process their signals. For example, by mass air flow it is not so difficult to calculate the instantaneous fuel consumption, and then average it and estimate the mileage before refueling. And if you climb into the controller of the anti-lock system, you will see on the screen which of the wheels you have stalled. (By the way, such an algorithm is implemented in Multitronics.)

The real talents of the computers we tested vary widely, as well as their applicability. We strongly recommend that you read our notes and tips before buying. Yes, and the installation is better to entrust the master. The variation in installation time is solid: for example, for a Chevrolet Niva it takes about half an hour, for a VAZ-2114 ten minutes are enough, but some Mitsubishi may require a fair amount of fuss.


Multi-display trip computer Multitronics C-570 Selection of ZR

Origin of Multitronics LLC, Russia



Estimated price 4100 rub

Compatible with controllers: Bosch MP7.0, Bosch M7.9.7, “January 7.2”, as well as with some others (for example, “Itelma”) found in domestic cars

Because of false modesty, manufacturers called the trip computer the most advanced on-board computer in our sample. Although it is in route mode there is nothing special. But as an on-board diagnostic, it is unique: any conceivable engine operation parameters are displayed on a high-resolution color display, individually and in a combined mode, in the form of numbers or graphs - a full scope for … a narrow specialist diagnostician. There is a mode of operation with parking sensors and even with an additional probe that turns the device into an oscilloscope. Econometrics, taximeter, fuel quality control are also present here, and in an improved form. For example, a taxi driver will be able to take into account speeding fees, nightly rates, and car rental costs. Turn on the cooling fan manually? No problems. Interested in temperature in the intake manifold or in the converter, air pressure or fuel? And there is nothing impossible. But is it worth it to load an ordinary driver? Many knowledge - many sorrows.

Car Computer Prestige-V55-01

Origin of Micro Line LLC, Russia



Estimated price 2800 rub

Compatible with controllers: Bosch MP7.0 (Euro-2, -3), Bosch M7.9.7 (Euro-2, -3), January 7.2, as well as with a number of others (MIKAS, SOATE) used in domestic cars

This BC is universal: it is mounted on the windshield or on the dashboard (top) with Velcro. The versatility turns into the need to carefully check whether the device is compatible with the ECM of your car. This computer is also available in versions with the 02, 03, CAN indexes, designed for different foreign cars.

The usual set of route functions is supplemented by the mode of a taximeter that calculates the cost of a trip by time, mileage or a combined algorithm. The tariff, of course, you set yourself. Are you worried about the engine? The device displays and decodes ECM error codes, fluid temperature, throttle position, and much more, and graphical parameter control is also possible. There is an econometric mode and a rather unusual function “fuel quality control”. It allows you to compare the duration of injection pulses in idle mode with your reference gasoline: it will be longer on the worst gasoline. There is an indication of a graph of acceleration to hundreds, speed recording at the last 500 m to a stop (you can prove that you did not exceed the speed before an accident) and work complete with parking sensors, which will not require a separate monitor.

On-board automobile computer BK-09

Origin of NPP Orion, Russia



Estimated price 1500 rub

Compatible with controllers: Bosch MP7.0 (Euro-2, -3), Bosch M7.9.7 (Euro-2, -3), Bosch 8.0, “January 7.2”

The device is installed in place of the standard block of indicator lamps. From parameters not related to the route, it shows the temperature of the coolant and the position of the throttle. Error codes appear on the display, and the device gives their decoding by voice - you can still see the table in the instructions. There is a voltmeter and tachometer. Opportunities for interfering with the ECM are limited by error reset. It is also provided for drying candles with high voltage pulses when the engine is stopped.

On-board computer Chevy Matrix-M

Origin of Shtat LLC, Russia



Estimated price 3400 rub

Compatible with controllers: Bosch MP7.0 (Euro-2, -3), Bosch M7.9.7 (Euro-2, -3, -4)

The device is installed in place of the standard block of indicator lamps. In addition to the functions usual for a trip computer, it can show the voltage in the flight system, coolant temperature, throttle position, idle speed control, ignition timing, voltage on oxygen sensors, injection pulse duration. Compatible with a gas cylinder installation, allows you to lower the temperature for turning on the cooling fan. Of course, it shows error codes and their decoding. For the information of the "riders" - an indication of the acceleration time to hundreds, the passage time of the first after the start of 400 m and 1 km. Using the “plasma” function, with the engine turned off, it is possible to apply a series of pulses to the candles to warm them up and dry them.


Is the trip computer and trip computer the same thing?

Strictly speaking, no. Any trip computer is an on-board computer, but not every trip computer is a trip computer. It all depends on the set of functions and the purpose of the device. If we are only talking about calculating and showing the driver traffic parameters (instantaneous and average fuel consumption, remaining mileage before refueling or until the next MOT, average speed on a route segment, etc.), then we have a minibus in its pure form. The on-board computer can do more. He is ready to show error codes and their decryption, parameters of sensor signals, sometimes their waveforms, allows you to reset error signals, and sometimes change some engine control settings.

Will the installation of such a device damage the car?

As a rule, on-board computers only read information from the diagnostic connector, and this cannot somehow interfere with the operation of the ECM. But some devices have the ability to intervene in the factory settings - for example, change the set temperature for turning on the engine cooling fan. Unskilled manipulation of buttons or a touchscreen on-board computer can lead to unpleasant surprises. In this sense, a clean minibus is preferable.

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