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Video: Business Class: Buyer Directory

Video: Business Class: Buyer Directory
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Business Class: Buyer Directory
Business Class: Buyer Directory

Here, the client is allowed any whims. Therefore, traditionally we are not limited to simply listing the technical specifications of all business-class cars officially sold in Russia, in our opinion, the optimal equipment, indicating its value, we note only as a starting point. You can add to it as much as you like, but, perhaps, it is not worth taking away. For those who do not think of a car without a “machine,” we indicate in brackets the minimum price with automatic transmission. As a separate line, we mark where to look for materials about this model in the archive on the site Please note that the CAR index refers to the modification that we recommend to you. So, study, count and choose.

zastavka 07 13


Audi-A6, from 1, 700, 000 (1, 770, 000) rubles, CAR from 18, 13 rubles / km

Audi A6


Dealers began accepting orders for the A7 hatchback in the summer of 2010, and next spring a new generation classic A6 sedan appeared in Russia, which was identical to the “seven” from a technical point of view. Compared to its predecessor, the dimensions of the car have not changed much, but due to the increased base to 2912 mm, the cabin has become almost as spacious as in the flagship A8. The assets of the novelty are powerful motors, a proprietary all-wheel drive transmission, the most modern electronics, as well as LED headlights.

+ High-quality and spacious lounge; an abundance of useful electronics; refined controllability; high level of security; all-wheel drive transmission

- High price; expensive options

Our choice: "3.0TDI-Quattro" 2 346 000 rub. c automatic transmission

Engine: 2967 cm3; 245 liters s / 4000–4500 rpm; 51.0 kgf.m / 1400–3250 rpm

Temperament: 250 km / h; 6.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.3–7.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0T (180 hp); 2.8 (204 hp); 3.0T (310 hp); 2.0 TD (177 hp); Hybrid 2.0T (245 hp); S6 4.0T (420 hp); 2WD; station wagon; hatchback A7

BMW 5 Series, from 1, 765, 000 (1, 790, 000) rubles, CAR from 17.88 rubles / km

535, 289


The "Five" of the next, already sixth generation with the factory index F10 / F11 is built on a shortened platform of the flagship 7th series. The car, which debuted in November 2009, turned out to be longer and heavier than its predecessor, but due to a more rigid body and a new rear suspension, it did not lose its fine-tuned handling characteristic of BMW. Even the option with a 2.5 liter petrol “four” guarantees excellent dynamics. The current 5th series is not only a sedan and a station wagon, but also a Gran Turismo crossover - a curious mix of a sports car, rear-wheel drive SUV and luxury model.

+ Excellent handling and dynamics; prestigious brand; high level of security; all-wheel drive transmission

- High price; expensive options

Our choice: "528i-X-Drive-Business" sedan 2, 340, 000 rubles. with automatic transmission

Engine: 1997 cm3; 245 liters s./5000-6000 rpm; 35.7 kgf.m / 1250–4800 rpm

Temperament: 250 km / h; 6.3 s (0–100 km / h); 5.3–8.6 l / 100 km

Possible options: 520i (184 l. From.); 535i (306 hp); 550i (407 hp); M5 (560 l. From.); 520d (184 hp); 525d (218 hp); 530d (258 hp); 535d (313 hp); 2WD; station wagon; Gran Turismo

Volvo-S80 / XC70, from (1, 459, 000) rubles, CAR from 15.76 rubles / km

Volvo S80


The flagship of the company from Gothenburg debuted in 2006. The special pride of its creators is a beautiful and cozy salon, which the Swedes called "Scandinavian luxury." Even with a 2.5 liter turbo engine, the S80 can drive very fast, and the T6 modification has a capacity of 304 liters. with. coupled with all-wheel drive will not be disgraced, and against the background of noticeably more expensive German classmates. In March 2013, the car was restyled: the new bumpers visually made it longer, and the rectangular running lights modernized. The Sensus multimedia system gained access to the Internet, including music files and Google maps, 3D navigation, the search for free parking spaces, etc.

+ Great interior; generous equipment; interesting price; high level of security; all-wheel drive transmission

- Expensive options

Our choice: “S80–2.5T-Special Series-Momentum” 1, 619, 000 rubles.

Engine: 2521 cm3; 249 l s./5400 rpm; 36.7 kgf.m / 1800–4700 rpm

Temperament: 240 km / h; 7.0 s (0–100 km / h); 6.2–12.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: 3.0T (304 hp); 2.0 TD (163 hp); 2, 4TD (163 and 205 hp); 4WD; station wagon XC70

Infinity-M, from (1, 900, 000) rubles, CAR from 22.81 rubles / km

M25 059


The debut of the new generation of the sedan, built according to the classical scheme - the engine in front, rear-wheel drive (however, all-wheel drive is possible), took place in December 2009 in Los Angeles. The prestigious Japanese rival of the BMW five with a preserved base of 2.9 m was extended in length and width, got a more prominent, muscular appearance and a solid, thoroughly trimmed solid interior. The increased power of the new engines, coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission, made the car faster and more economical than before. According to the new Infiniti naming system, M will be renamed Q70.

+ Rich equipment of the basic version; excellent dynamics and handling; all-wheel drive transmission

- Fixed configuration with a limited number of options

Our choice: "M37-Premium" 2 210 000 rubles.

Engine: 3696 cm3; 333 l. s./7000 rpm; 37.0 kgf • m / 5200 rpm

Temperament: 246 km / h; 6.3 s (0–100 km / h); 8.4-15.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: M25 (222 l. From.); M56 (408 hp); 2WD

Chrysler-300C, from (1, 982, 500) rubles, CAR from 22.28 rubles / km

300C 383


The debut of this sedan took place in January 2011 in Detroit, however, our car appeared last spring. Despite the obvious similarities with its predecessor, the current 300C is a completely new model created in collaboration with the Italian FIAT. A duet of a powerful V6 Pentastar family and an 8-speed ZF automatic are not the only trump cards of the American: the 300th has acquired an interior of excellent quality and has accumulated rich equipment. Finally, the car has recently lost weight and has become one of the best deals in business class.

+ Stylish interior; solid appearance; rich equipment; interesting price

- High fuel consumption; inconvenient automatic gear selector; the only possible power unit

Our choice: "3.6-Luxer" 1 982 500 rub.

Engine: 3604 cm3; 286 l s./ 6350 rpm; 34.7 kgf • m / 4650 rpm

Temperament: 240 km / h; 7.0 s (0–100 km / h); 7.1-14.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

Lexus-ES, from (1, 597, 000) rubles, CAR from 15.43 rubles / km

Lexus ES


The new ES, whose sales started in Russia at the end of last year, this time thoroughly distanced itself from its cousin Camry. High-quality materials, stylish appearance, well-tuned suspension and a rich level of equipment - these are the advantages of the Japanese sedan. Those who are trying to see the "poor relative" in ES should pay attention to the base of the car: it is weighing 45 mm more than the Toyota. Thanks to the moderate-power base motor, the Lexus front-wheel drive has become more accessible than its predecessor. In addition, you can now choose a hybrid modification ES300h.

+ Spacious back row; high level of security; excellent sound insulation; multimedia system features

- Unsuccessful shape of the rear doors; fixed configurations; fixed back of the sofa

Our choice: "ES250-Premium" 1 952 000 rub.

Engine: 2494 cm3; 184 l s / 6000 rpm; 24.0 kgf • m / 4100 rpm

Temperament: 207 km / h; 9.8 s (0–100 km / h); 6.1–11.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: ES250 (277 hp); ES300h (161 + 143 hp)

Lexus-GS, from (1, 744, 000) rubles, CAR from 18.68 rubles / km

GS350 105


Unlike the front-wheel drive ES, designed primarily for the tastes of Americans, the classic rear-wheel drive GS seeks to please the fastidious Europeans with their love for sophisticated handling. On the fourth generation of the business sedan, which debuted in 2011, the Japanese have high hopes. And for good reason - the quality of the finishing materials at a height, the interior is noticeably higher and wider, and the 3.5-liter engine with optimal characteristics has become more powerful. In addition, for an extra charge you can get the package “F-Sport”, which implies a different adjustment of the shock absorbers and the steering system of the rear wheels. However, the attractively priced base engine will not disappoint with dynamics, but for environmental lovers there is a hybrid version.

+ High-quality and spacious lounge; an abundance of useful electronics; decent handling; all-wheel drive transmission

- Fixed complete sets

Our choice: “GS350-AWD-Premium” 2, 224, 000 rubles.

Engine: 3456 cm3; 317 liters s./6400 rpm; 38.5 kgf • m / 4800 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h; 6.3 s (0–100 km / h); 7.9-14.3 l / 100 km

Possible options: GS250 (209 hp); GS450h (290 hp); 2WD

Mercedes-Benz-CLS, from (2, 850, 000) rubles, CAR from 22.44 rubles / km

Mercedes Benz CLS


The debut of the second generation "4-door coupe" - as this sedan is called in Stuttgart - took place in autumn 2010 in Paris. The design of the front end remotely resembles the F800 concept, but the interior guesses the solutions that migrated from the E-class, on the basis of which the machine is built. And the doors without frames, a 4-seater saloon and a sloping roof went to the newcomer from his predecessor. Already the base motor implies excellent characteristics - 6.1 s to 100 km / h, and the top-end version of the AMG accelerates the CLS to hundreds and even for supercar 4.4 s.

+ Stylish appearance; chic finish; amazing smoothness; excellent dynamics; all-wheel drive transmission

- High price; expensive options

Our choice: CLS350 "Special Series" 2 850 000 rubles.

Engine: 3498 cm3; 306 l s./6500 rpm; 37.7 kgf.m / 3500-5250 rpm

Temperament: 250 km / h; 6.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.6–9.5 l / 100 km

Possible options: CLS500 (408 hp); CLS63 AMG (525 hp); CLS350CDi (265 hp); 4WD

Mercedes-Benz-E, from (1, 790, 000) rubles, CAR from 19.98 rubles / km

Mercedes Benz E class


A new generation (W212 series) appeared in the winter of 2009. And in addition to the traditional comfort and dynamics of the E-Class, it is characterized by increased attention to active and passive safety. The car is equipped with 11 air-bags, smart headlights that do not dazzle oncoming drivers, a man-loving hood, which opens slightly when hitting a pedestrian. Dealers have just got a restyled version, which can be mistaken for a completely new car. He parted with the characteristic "four-eyed" optics, which first appeared on the E-class in 1995, and caused much controversy stampings in front of the rear wheel arches, and the interior received rich decoration materials.

+ High level of security; a wide selection of powertrains, bodies, trim options; all-wheel drive transmission

- High price

Our choice: "E300-4-Matic-Special Series" 2 500 000 rub.

Engine: 3498 cm3; 250 l s./6500 rpm; 34.7 kgf.m / 3500–4500 rpm

Temperament: 245 km / h 7.4 s (0–100 km / h); 5.9–9.9 l / 100 km

Possible options: E200 (184 l. From.); E250 (211 hp); E350 (306 hp); E500 (408 hp); E220CDi (170 hp); E250CDi (204 hp); 2WD; station wagon

Nissan Teana, from (1, 026, 000) rubles, CAR from 11.47 rubles / km

Nissan Teana


Since the summer of 2010, this sedan has been assembled in Russia, at a plant near St. Petersburg. “Teana” differs from its predecessor in a more strict and solid appearance, and in the cabin, a high-quality, but still budgetary interior has given way to much richer materials. Paired with a CVT, a powerful 2.5-liter V6 allows you to confidently move both in the metropolis and on the highway. And in the spring of 2010, a version with all-wheel drive was so in demand in Russia.

+ Rich salon; low noise level; comfortable suspension; good dynamics; the presence of all-wheel drive transmission; profitable price

- Low ceiling over the sofa; Errors in Ergonomics

Our choice: "2, 5-Luxer" 1, 182, 000 rubles.

Engine: 2496 cm3; 182 l s / 6000 rpm; 23.3 kgf.m / 4400 rpm

Temperament: 200 km / h; 9.6 s (0–100 km / h); 8.0–12.1 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.5 liters (167 liters. From.); 3.5 liters (249 liters. From.); 4WD

Citroen-C6, from (2, 300, 000) rubles, CAR from 24, 20 rubles / km

Citroen C6


The largest Citroen is a remarkable car from all points of view. It is not only a retro-futuristic appearance and a stunningly comfortable hydropneumatic suspension. Salon surprises with luxurious equipment, high quality finishing materials and spectacular background lighting. And no one in the business class has such a unique feature as the rear wing, which rises during sharp braking, in order to increase air resistance.

+ Excellent combination of comfort and handling; high technological level; rich basic equipment; excellent passive safety

- High price; single powertrain

Our choice: "3.0Hdi-Exclusive" 2, 300, 000 rubles.

Engine: 2993 cm3; 241 liters s./3800 rpm; 45.9 kgf.m / 1600 rpm

Temperament: 230 km / h; 8.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.2-10.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

Toyota Camry, from (969, 000) rubles, CAR from 10.46 rubles / km

TEANA + camrii 413


The seventh-generation Camry practically retained the dimensions of its predecessor: with the previous base and height, it became longer and wider by only 10 and 5 mm. But due to the displaced pedal assembly, the backrests of the seats that were thinner and the sofa trunk that pushed the rear passengers to the feet, the extra 5 cm were measured. But the appearance changed radically and not to say for the better: the smooth lines were replaced by sharp edges and, perhaps, an excessive amount of chrome. The place of the previous 167 strong engine with a volume of 2.4 liters was taken by a 2.5 liter “four” with a capacity of 181 liters. s., and the INC did not remain at all. At the beginning of this year, the 148-horsepower engine of 2 liters became the base.

+ Solid appearance; spacious, comfortable lounge; good sound insulation; comfortable suspension; profitable price

- Fixed complete sets; uninformative steering wheel

Our choice: “2, 5-Elegance-Plus” 1 206 000 rub.

Engine: 2494 cm3; 181 l s / 6000 rpm; 23.6 kgf • m / 4100 rpm

Temperament: 210 km / h; 9.0 s (0–100 km / h); 5.9–11.0 L / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0 liters (148 liters. From.); 3.5 liters (277 liters. From.)

"Hyundai Grander", from (1, 569, 000) rubles, CAR from 15.93 rubles / km

Hyundai Grandeur


A new Korean sedan came to Russia late last spring. Compared with the angular and rather unprepossessing predecessor, the current Grander makes a completely different impression: it has a solid and rather distinctive appearance; excellent equipment and richly furnished interior, enveloping comfort. In addition, the sedan has a powerful and at the same time really economical engine, to which an intelligent "automatic" is attached - in general, in all disciplines, the Hyundai is fully consistent with the status of a business class. The only serious drawback - however, very painful - can only be seen in the fact that the Hyundai brand still does not fit with the image of a prestigious car.

+ Solid appearance; high-quality interior; powerful and economical motor; rich equipment; interesting price

- Not high enough brand image; a number of punctures in ergonomics; single powertrain

Our choice: "3.0-Elegance" 1 669 000 rub.

Engine: 2999 cm3; 250 l s./6400 rpm; 29.0 kgf • m / 5000 rpm

Temperament: 223 km / h; 8.4 s (0–100 km / h); 7.1-14.0 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

"Honda Accord", from 1, 259, 000 (1, 149, 000) rubles, CAR from 11.27 rubles / km

Honda accord


The new Accord, sales of which began in mid-March, put an end to the practice of double standards: the European version, which was distinguished by its fine controllability and highly accelerated motors, was abolished, and the Accord, developed taking into account the preferences of the North American public, became the global model. However, for Russia this is more of a plus than a minus: the size of the Honda at once surpassed its compatriots Camry and Teanu, and its engines can now run on 92 m gasoline. And this is not all the advantages of the American "Japanese": generous equipment, a spacious sofa, a high level of comfort and a unique camera in the right exterior mirror, which seriously improves visibility, should in every way contribute to the "Chord" in finding new fans.

+ Spacious and high-quality finished interior; high level of comfort; rich equipment

- Not enough sports handling; Errors in Ergonomics

Our choice: "2, 4-Executive" 1, 339, 000 rubles. with automatic transmission

Engine: 2356 cm3; 180 l s./6200 rpm; 23.2 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 214 km / h; 10.1 s (0–100 km / h); 6.2–11.7 l / 100 km

Possible options: 3.5 liters (281 liters. From.)

"Skoda Superb", from 912 000 (977 000) rubles., CAR from 8.81 rubles / km

Skoda superb


The second-generation car, which appeared before the public in March 2008, compares favorably with the rustic predecessor, which was an extension based on the Passat. The Czech car successfully combines a comfortable, spacious, high-quality interior with an affordable price. A unique 2-section rear door allows you to combine the characteristics of a solid sedan and a practical hatchback. In the range of engines from Volkswagen, the very successful 152 horsepower turbocharged engine looks the most attractive. In autumn 2011, the place of the 7-speed DSG was taken by the classic 6-speed "automatic", which is also 10 thousand rubles cheaper.

+ An extremely convenient trunk for a business class; interesting price; all-wheel drive transmission

- The high price of all-wheel drive modifications

Our choice: "1, 8TSi-Elegance" 1, 127, 000 rubles. with automatic transmission

Engine: 1798 cm3; 152 l s./4500-6200 rpm; 25.5 kgf.m / 1500-4000 rpm

Temperament: 220 km / h; 8.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.7–9.4 l / 100 km

Possible options: 2.0T (200 l. From.); 3.6 liters (260 liters. From.); 2.0TD (140 hp); 4WD; station wagon

"Jaguar-XF", from (1, 790, 000) rubles, CAR from 18.92 rubles / km

Jaguar xf


Last year, the British sedan underwent another restyling. The 240-horsepower “four” became the basic engine, all-wheel drive modifications appeared. Judging by their appearance, the designers of Jaguar decided to abandon their usual classical forms - in XF it is almost impossible to discern the charismatic “cat” features recognizable by versts that had developed back in the 50s of the 20th century. But on the quality of the trim XF can argue with any luxury car. At the top of the range of engines - the most powerful 510 strong “eight”, accelerating the XF to hundreds in just 4.9 s.

+ Spacious lounge; high-quality finish; powerful motors; all-wheel drive transmission

- Unconventional for the "Jaguar" appearance

Our choice: 2.0T-Luxer 2 170 000 rub.

Engine: 1999 cm3; 240 l s./5500 rpm; 34.7 kgf.m / 2000-4000 rpm

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