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With Or Without Warranty: Answer Questions


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Video: With Or Without Warranty: Answer Questions

Video: With Or Without Warranty: Answer Questions
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With Or Without Warranty: Answer Questions
With Or Without Warranty: Answer Questions



Is the entire vehicle warranty covered or are there exceptions?

The Law on Consumer Protection says that during the warranty period all factory defects must be eliminated free of charge. It doesn’t matter how many car owners change: until the warranty has expired, the manufacturer’s obligations remain. Please note that warranty does not usually apply to parts subject to heavy wear. That is, if you noticed during the purchase that the wiper blades (brake pads, etc.) are defective, they must be replaced, of course, but you should not handle this requirement after a year of operation (even if the general warranty is five years): they will refuse you, and completely legal. As a rule, the warranty periods for engine, suspension, exhaust system, etc. units are reduced. It is possible (and necessary!) To get acquainted with the full list of parts and units that are subject to a truncated warranty even before purchasing a car. But the guarantee for the body (in the absence of mechanical damage) is often longer than for the car as a whole. Upon purchase, you will receive a service booklet, which sets out the obligations of the manufacturer and owner, as well as all exceptions to the warranty. The topic of whether it is possible to return a new purchased car is affected in the article by reference.

Does the manufacturer have the right to withdraw the warranty if the car has not passed the scheduled maintenance from an authorized dealer?

Since warranty repair provides for the elimination of breakdowns caused by factory defects, the manufacturer (dealer) is not entitled to remove the car from the guarantee due to the fact that it did not undergo maintenance at an official station. The car owner can carry out scheduled maintenance at any service and even independently, while the main requirement is to correctly perform all the work regulated by the manufacturer. To deprive the owner of a guarantee, an expert opinion is required that the damage is caused by poorly performed work of a third-party service.

Many dealers offer to install additional equipment directly in the cabin, evaluating these services much higher than in other service centers. Will the guarantee be preserved if, for example, an alarm is installed in another place?

No one has the right to impose the purchase of additional equipment upon purchase. This is recorded in the Law on Consumer Protection. You can install additional equipment in any service. The main condition is to perform work in strict accordance with the requirements of safety and the manufacturer. Therefore, the fact that the alarm was not installed by an authorized dealer cannot be the basis for the termination of the warranty. For refusal to repair, in this case, an expert opinion is necessary on the improper installation of equipment, which caused the malfunction. This is recorded in Art. 16 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

I participated in competitions in a car, a malfunction occurred. Can I count on a free repair?

It will not work to fix the damage for free, because the use of the car in tests and competitions excludes warranty repairs. The car is sold for use in certain operating conditions not related to extreme loads. In addition, cars for participating in competitions are often redone, they make various kinds of design changes - as a result, they are noticeably different from civic brothers. This is also the basis for the termination of the warranty on the part of the manufacturer.

The dealer offered to extend the warranty for an additional fee. Should I agree?

The seller can provide his additional guarantee, say, at the end of the official period. This is an initiative of a specific seller and has nothing to do with the obligations of the manufacturer. Therefore, carefully read the terms of the additional warranty. As a rule, it is obligatory to have maintenance at the dealer service station. Calculate whether this is beneficial to you, and make a decision.

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