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Northern Double: Take Two


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Video: Northern Double: Take Two

Video: Northern Double: Take Two
Video: Kenny Neal & Billy Branch- Double take (Full Album ) 2023, March
Northern Double: Take Two
Northern Double: Take Two

The first version of the understudy failed at a public hearing - more than one and a half thousand people voted against the new highway, substantiating this primarily by the fact that the flyovers had to go 5 meters from the apartment buildings. The prospect of watching the cars flying right in front of the windows did not inspire the residents of the company, and they, following the example of the brothers in misfortune from Perovo, who achieved a change in the reconstruction project of the Enthusiasts highway and compliance with GOSTs, went to a rally against the construction of a new road. Muscovites succeeded in achieving their goal - according to the new project, the minimum distance to the residential sector is already 50 m. If at first the road had to go along the streets of Alexei Sviridov, Krasny Zory and Marshal Nedelin, now it was transferred to the other side of the railway - from Starorublyovskoye Highway to the Moscow Ring Road it will pass along the street of Ivan Franko.

But it is impossible to please everyone - now instead of the inhabitants of the Mozhaisk district, the residents of Kuntsevo rebelled. They are worried about the fate of the apple orchard near the Slavyanskiy Boulevard metro station, which for the most part will have to be destroyed. But, of course, the garden cannot become a good reason for revising the project, so the opponents of the road construction no longer press on the proximity to the houses, but on the fact that the vast majority of Muscovites simply do not need an understudy - this is the transit highway from MKAD to the Moscow business center City”, throughout which only one interchange is planned - with Starorublyovskoye Shosse and Kutuzovsky Prospekt. There will be no more arrivals and exits. Considering that the new road will become almost isolated from the existing road network and most of it will go through overpasses, the highway will, in fact, satisfy the interests of not Muscovites, but residents of the immediate Moscow Region, in particular, elite villages like Barvikha - they can quickly and get to the offices in Moscow City without traffic jams.



The southern doubler is still being designed, but may be built earlier than the northern

The situation for ordinary Muscovites can be even more complicated because the authorities are now looking for foreign private investors who would agree to invest in the project. The intentions of building an understudy on the basis of public-private partnerships were recently announced by Deputy Mayor Andrei Sharonov. If so, then travel on the highway will be paid at all.

Instead of stretching such a “highway” around the city, protest activists suggest spending 60 billion rubles allocated for the construction. to improve the connectivity of the local road network, the construction of small intra-quarter driveways and level crossings along the railway lines, as well as the construction of the southern understudy Kutuzovsky Prospekt, which the city really needs, is designed almost entirely in uninhabited places and does not run into a dead end in the form of a business center. It is planned that the southern understudy will connect the Skolkovo innovation center with the Third Transport Ring in the Vorobevskoye Shosse area. However, while the project of the southern understudy is not even on paper, it should appear this year. Nevertheless, in reality, he, according to the deputy mayor for construction, Marat Khusnullin, can come true even earlier than the "elder brother", because easier to implement, because in the course of design and construction it will not have to take into account the interests of residents and Russian Railways.


Sergey Nastin, editor:

Sergey Nastin

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