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Optimal MINI Countryman


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Video: Optimal MINI Countryman

Video: Optimal MINI Countryman
Video: САМЫЙ НЕДООЦЕНЕННЫЙ КРОССОВЕР – MINI Countryman! Тест-драйв и обзор обновленного МИНИ Кантримен 2023, March
Optimal MINI Countryman
Optimal MINI Countryman

Moreover, in most cases, the fashionable SUV is equipped with one of the three most popular packages. We decided to find out how profitable it is to construct this car on our own, since the British can sometimes give odds to their prestigious competitors by the number of options.



Take as a basis

You don’t have to choose a body, since the newly appeared “Paisman” is difficult to attribute to “SUVs” - the ground clearance of 125-135 mm (compared to 150 mm for the “Countryman”) turns it into a usual front-wheel or all-wheel drive 3-door hatchback.

Considering the engine, you can rejoice at the decision of the brand’s representative office not to supply 98-strong modifications to Russia from this year - well, in fact, 12 seconds to 100 km / h even somehow do not fit with the apparently high Mini status. However, his 122-hp naturally aspirated fellow with front-wheel drive, which with the automatic transmission is gaining the coveted hundred for 11.6 c comparable with domestic models, looks very pale against the background of a price tag of one million rubles.

Another thing is the 184-horsepower all-wheel drive “Cooper-S” - 7.9 seconds in acceleration to 100 km / h will not let shame before prestigious competitors. In addition, it is the modification with all-wheel drive that can truly claim the title of crossover. In our opinion, a surcharge of 285, 000 rubles is absolutely justified - otherwise it would be better to stop at a more democratic model.



The top 211-horsepower engine “John Cooper Works” is no doubt good, but the surcharge of 310, 000 rubles compared to our optimum does not justify the increased dynamics - for a second in acceleration to 100 km / h.

Yes, and the 143-horsepower diesel engine, with all its environmental and economic achievements, we would not recommend it. And the point here is not at all a surcharge to our optimum of 70, 000 rubles, which in the end will be repelled in 2-3 years of operation. This is too niche and image-building a machine to think about such things. In addition, the increased noise and very real problems with the seasonal (the current, again very cold winter - confirmation of this) start-up seem completely inappropriate to us.

So as a basis, as an optimal option, we take the all-wheel drive “Countryman-Cooper-S” with an 184-horsepower turbo engine with an automatic transmission. At the same time, we will try to keep the price at a level of 1.5 million rubles that is acceptable for the eminent compact crossover. - in this case, a sufficiently powerful “Countryman” looks like an interesting alternative to prestigious competitors from Ingolstadt and its sister Bavaria.




COLOR METALLIC (29, 400 RUB.). You can get three acrylics for free - white, red and light brown. And yet, "Countryman" is more likely to face metallic things, some names of which inspire: "Oxford Green", "Diamond Cooper", "Royal Gray".

PACKAGE “SALT” (27 500 RUB.) Includes an alarm system, heated front seats, height adjustment of the front passenger seat, additional interior lighting and a package of equipment for placing things in the cabin. The first three options we would have ordered in any case, and this is 40, 400 rubles at retail. We definitely take it, because everything else we get is not just for that, but even with cost savings. In general, the package allows you to gain 54% of retail prices, which is very good.

SECRET WHEEL BOLTS (1200 RUB.). Protect wheels from bullies, at least in the daytime.

ACTUATOR CONTROL ON THE STEERING BAR (4900 RUB). Even if you rarely use the shift paddles, it’s worth ordering, since they allow you to feel a closer and cleaner connection with a dynamic car with a very exciting handling.

REVIEW IMPROVEMENT PACKAGE (21, 400 RUB.). Includes rain and light sensors, as well as heated windshield. Not cheap. Nevertheless, only one last option allows us to assume that such a package is required for the order.

MIRRORS WITH AUTO-DIMMING (15 300 RUB.). Internal and external mirrors will protect your eyes from headlights of passing cars.

CLIMATE CONTROL / CENTRAL ARM ARM IN FRONT (24 500/9800 RUB.). It is strange that at a price of almost one and a half million, Countryman does not have these clearly necessary options. Will have to correct the imperfection of the configuration at their own expense.



Climate control / front center armrest

BIXENON HEADLIGHTS WITH WASHER (42, 300 RUB.). With such light, the long road is easier, and in the city the car is better seen. However, what to hide is one of the indispensable elements of prestige.

LEATHER-FABRIC SALON "PARALLEL LINES" (39 800 RUB.). Not only an element of prestige laid down by status - such a finish is more practical, because it is much easier to clean it. Finally, fabric inserts in the "hatched" places will make you feel comfortable and dank in winter and hot summer.


SPORTS MODE OF SUSPENSION SETTING (12 300 RUB.). It implies other shock absorber settings and a 10 mm lowered suspension. The 211-strong version of the "Warx" is more suitable, for which it is the basic equipment. But if you do not plan to move out of the "floor" - you can order the Cooper-S motor to such a suit in the same suit.



Sport suspension mode

REMOVABLE FARCOPE (47 200 RUB.). As required.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL STEERING BAR (11 700 RUB.). Allows less distraction from the road when choosing a radio station or volume level, in addition, this is the only way to get cruise control, which is included in the price.

ELECTRIC FOLDING MIRROR MIRROR (14 700 RUB.). Continuing convenience - you can order if you wish, although the price bites.

STARTING THE ENGINE AND ACCESS TO THE SALON WITHOUT A KEY (31, 800 RUB.) Conveniently, after using such a system, returning to the usual pressing of the keyfob button seems an anachronism. However, decide for yourself. It is a pity that only the driver’s door is equipped with a convenient function.



Starting the engine and access to the interior without a key

REINFORCED TONING OF REAR GLASSES (12 300 RUB.) If there is a need - it is better to order it at the factory.

TWO SEATS IN THE BACK / REAR ARMREST (FREE / 13 500 RUB.). If you choose a 4-seater modification (a prerequisite for ordering the rear armrest) - you can pay extra for convenience.

BLACK CEILING UPHOLSTERY (9800 RUB.). Do you like to open champagne on board? Then you may be interested in this option.

REAR PARKTRONIC (21, 400 RUB.). With visibility, “Countryman” is not so hot, and yet decide for yourself - for that price, you could offer front sensors instead of 4 rear ones.



Rear parking sensors

ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS (15 900 RUB.). Due to the rotary element, they expand the abilities of regular bi-xenon ones - if you often choose out of town, you can order.

DISABLING THE FRONT AIRBAG for the front passenger (2500 RUB.). If you plan to carry children under 12 years old next to you - you have to order.

SIDE TURN INDICATORS in white (3700 RUB.) Don't like standard orange? There is a way out!

EXTERNAL FINISH “CHROME LINE” (6800 RUB.) These are chrome elements of the front and rear bumpers and silver roof rails.

ACOUSTIC SYSTEM "HARMAN CARDON" (52 000 RUB.). The modern stage is not so demanding on the head unit, but, for example, for lovers of classical music an 8-channel amplifier with 10 powerful speakers can be called a good offer.



Acoustic system "Harman Cardon"

AUDIO MAGNET “MINI-BUST-CD” (12 900 RUB.). It is distinguished from the basic “Mini-CD” by a 2-line display, a more convenient rotary-push handle for working with the menu, and the ability to control a mobile phone.

INTERFACE “BLUTUZ” (25 700 RUB.). It will connect compatible devices to the head unit and will allow you to communicate without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

PEPPER PACKAGE (58, 200 RUB.) Includes the Salt package we ordered, as well as the rain sensor, white side direction indicators, the Chrome Line package and climate control. On the one hand, ordered separately all this pulls 101 900 rubles, that is, almost half can be saved. On the other hand, not all equipment is necessary here. Do you think otherwise? Then, instead of the Salt package, select Pepper.

LEATHER SALON "GRAVITY" / "Lounge" (88 200/107 200 RUB.). We chose a leather and fabric finish, not so much more affordable as less harmful to health in cold winters and hot summers. However, decide for yourself.

We do not recommend:

ALARM / HEATING FRONT SEATS (19 600/17 700 RUB.). Includes motion sensors in the cabin and roll. It still does not work to get cheaper on the side, and the factory warranty is a very good argument. But we will get a security system, like warm armchairs, in the advantageous Salt package.

SAFE TIRES "RAN-FLAT" (5500 RUB.). They will make the already elastic “Countryman” suspension even stiffer.

DISCS FROM EASY ALLOY 18”(42, 900–73, 500 RUB.). A 45% tire profile is not very suitable for SUVs, and the surcharge is too high.

RAIN AND LIGHT SENSORS (7400 RUB.) We get them together with a heated windshield.

PACKAGE OF EQUIPMENT for placing things in the cabin / ADDITIONAL LIGHTING OF THE SALON (6800/12 300 RUB.). In the first case, there is a net in the legs of the front passenger and the trunk, an additional 12 V outlet and a pair of storage compartments. In the second - a cavalcade of interior lamps, including the illumination of door handles with 756 glow options. We will get all this absolutely free in the Salt package.



Additional interior lighting

VOICE MANAGEMENT (15 900 RUB.). It is combined with an expensive (60, 600 rubles) training for managing a mobile phone. She speaks in a pleasant voice, but only in foreign languages (including, presumably, Danish, which is very relevant in Russia). We are waiting for the Russified version.

AUDIO SYSTEM “MINI-VIZHL-BUST” / PREPARATION FOR INSTALLING A MOBILE PHONE / NAVIGATION (71 300/60 600/36 800 RUB.). Mandatory when ordering navigation and has a 6.5-inch color display. Allows you to connect iPod and iPhone. In our opinion - too expensive.

PACKAGE "CITY" (55 100 RUB.). It includes an alarm system, electric folding mirrors and auto-dimming, as well as rear parking sensors. Separately, they will cost 71, 000 rubles, so you can save only one fifth of the original price. Obviously disadvantageous package, even for those who need all these options.

CHILE PACKAGE (165, 400 RUB.) Includes Pepper, as well as bi-xenon headlights, leather-fabric interior and 18-inch alloy wheels. We are unambiguously against such wheels, and the savings in this package will allow only a third of the funds to be won out - a retail purchase would cost 238, 600 rubles.

What happened:

We collected our "Countryman", spending a little more than two hundred thousand rubles on options. It turned out to be very harmonious - a powerful engine suitable for the chassis, four-wheel drive, auto equipment corresponding to the status, and at the same time a quite reasonable price tag. Since the competitors represented by Audi-Q3, BMW-X1 and Ivoka with comparable dynamics and equipment will come out more expensive.


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