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Budget Golf Class


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Budget Golf Class
Budget Golf Class

Please note that we calculated the CAR index only for 4 models: the rest either do not indicate city fuel consumption at all, or the official figures cause us serious doubts

Not limited to a simple listing of technical characteristics, we offer the optimal, in our opinion, configuration with an indication of its cost. For those who do not even think of a car without a “machine” even in a tightened budget, we indicate the minimum price with automatic transmission in brackets. Please note that the CAR index refers to the modification that we recommend to you.

So, study, count and choose.

"Bogdan-2110/11", from 300, 000 rubles



This is the well-known “ten” sample of 1995, but with a retouched interior and a motor that meets Euro-3 requirements. The car is assembled in Ukraine, and compared to the slightly better equipped Priora, it saves you only 20 thousand rubles. And therefore it is interesting only in the most affordable versions with a proven 8 valve engine that runs on 92 m gasoline. Perhaps it’s worth paying extra for the “Lux” version - for 3000 rubles you will get alloy wheels and fog lights.

+ Affordable price, maintenance and spare parts; unpretentious and high-torque motor

- Mediocre sound insulation; Ergonomics claims fuzzy work of the INC

Our choice: "1, 6-Lux" sedan 300 000 rubles.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 80 l s./5200 rpm; 12.2 kgf • m / 2700 rpm

Temperament: 170 km / h; 13.5 s (0–100 km / h); 7.5 l / 100 km (average)

Possible options: 1.6 liters (89 liters. From.); station wagon

Daewoo Nexia, from 259, 900 rubles, CAR from 5.24 rubles / km



It is clear that the old-timer “golf” -class, which recently experienced restyling, has more disadvantages than advantages. By and large, there is only one plus for the Uzbek Daewoo - a low price, comparable to the cost of VAZ products. For this, buyers forgive Nexia a primitive interior and, at best, an average level of passive safety. The Korean version of the "Opel-Cadet" of the 1984 model is already good because it starts in any weather, rarely breaks, and even by Korean standards is inexpensive to maintain.

+ Affordable price; roomy trunk; comfortable suspension

- Outdated design; lack of airbags and automatic transmission

Our choice: 1, 6DOHC 366 000 rub. = 1, 6DOHC + HUP and air conditioning

Engine: 1598 cm3; 109 l s./5600 rpm; 15.6 kgf.m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 187 km / h; 11.0 s (0–100 km / h); 5.8–8.0 L / 100 km

Possible options: 1.5 liters (85 liters. From.)

"Lada-Priora", from 344 900 rubles., CAR from 5.07 rubles / km



In 2007, 11 years after the start of the production of the Tens, Priora took its place (VAZ-2170 factory index). In fact, the car can be called deep restyling 2110. Today, the Togliatti model practically does not lag behind many foreign competitors in terms of characteristics and level of equipment (2 pillows, ABS, air conditioning, power accessories). Moreover, in the budget "golf" class it is one of the most affordable, which more than compensates for tangible shortcomings in the quality of manufacture and ergonomics.

+ Energy-intensive suspension; reasonable price, maintenance and spare parts; brisk and economical motors

- Flaws in the assembly; ergonomic miscalculations; gearbox operation; lack of automatic transmission

Our choice: "1, 6-16V-Norm" 5-dv. 404 100 rub.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 98 l s./5600 rpm; 14.8 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 183 km / h; 11.5 s (0–100 km / h); 5.6–9.8 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.6 liters (81 liters. From.); sedan; station wagon; 3-door

"Lada-Samara", from 285, 000 rubles



Porsche specialists took part in fine-tuning the driving qualities of Samara - in 1984, the first buyers of the revolutionary front-wheel drive VAZ-2108 in the USSR were able to appreciate this. Moreover, the “eight” could be bought cheaper then the prestigious “six” and “seven”. Today, the car, of course, barely fits into the “golf” class, both in size and in equipment - after all, unlike the Kalina and Priora, active and passive safety equipment cannot be received for a surcharge. Perhaps more interesting than the others is the practical 5-door.

+ Energy-intensive suspension; reasonable price, maintenance and spare parts

- Flaws in the assembly; ergonomic miscalculations; gearbox operation

Our choice: “1, 6-Lux” 5-door 301 600 rub.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 81 liters s./5200 rpm; 12.2 kgf • m / 2700 rpm

Temperament: 158 km / h; 13.2 s (0–100 km / h); 7.6 l / 100 km (average)

Possible options: sedan; 3-door

"Lifan-Solano", from 409 900 rubles



In China, this model is known as the "Lifan-620". But those cars, the assembly of which was established in Cherkessk, are sold in Russia under a different name - “Solano”. The base sedan is equipped with a licensed “Toyota” 1.6 liter engine,

whose capabilities are quite enough for a quiet movement in space - all the more so since the noise emitted by the motor, as well as the poorly tuned suspension, discourage any healthy desire to drive fast. The asset "Lifan" should be written more than generous equipment and a spacious lounge.

+ Spacious lounge; high-torque engine; rich equipment

- Mediocre sound insulation; ergonomic flaws; fuzzy reverse gear

Our choice: 1, 6-DX 409 900 rub.

Engine: 1558 cm3; 106 l. s / 6000 rpm; 15.2 kgf.m / 4500 rpm

Temperament: 170 km / h; 10.5 s (0–100 km / h); 7.8 l / 100 km

Options: 1.8 L (125 HP)

Nissan Almera Classic, from 487, 000 (563, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.02 rubles / km



This car is a slightly modified outwardly Korean version of the Almeria, which is sold under the name Samsung-SM3 in the homeland. The “Classic” has a very aggressive physiognomy, somewhat reminiscent of the “Audi”. More importantly, thanks to the thinner backs of the front seats, it has become more spacious on the sofa. A 107 horsepower engine from the Examples clearly added to the sedan. In early spring, dealers will begin accepting orders for the new Almeria, which debuted last year at the Moscow Motor Show - the assembly of the sedan has already been set up at AvtoVAZ.

+ High-torque engine; fairly spacious lounge; comfortable suspension; quality assembly

- Unclosable sofa back; outdated design and cheap trim

Our choice: 1.6 PE + 533 000 rub.

Engine: 1596 cm3; 107 l s / 6000 rpm; 14.9 kgf.m / 3600 rpm

Temperament: 184 km / h; 12.1 s (0–100 km / h); 5.3–9.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: no

Khaima-3, from 429, 900 (494, 000) rubles, CAR from 6.02 rubles / km



Despite the resemblance to the Mazda-3, the Chinese car was built - and officially, on the basis of a license - based on the predecessor of the Treshka, a model with an index of 323. In 2011, full-fledged production with welding and painting of bodies was established in Cherkessk. Thanks to the Japanese roots, the car makes a good impression - the interior is generally neat, the slamming of doors, you can say, caress the ears, and the 1.8-liter Mazdovka “four”, deformed to meet the environmental requirements of Euro-4 up to 112 liters. with., pleases with quiet work.

+ Ergonomic interior; the presence of AKP; reasonable price

- Excessively soft shock absorbers; poorly selected gear ratios in the manual gearbox

Our selection: 1.8 GLX 5-doors 439 900 rub.

Engine: 1790 cm3; 112 l s./6200 rpm; 16.3 kgf • m / 4000 rpm

Temperament: 170 km / h; 13.7 s (0–100 km / h); 6.7-10.2 l / 100 km

Possible options: sedan

"Chery-M11", from 469 900 rubles



“Cherry” from the Middle Kingdom is beautiful, which is not surprising: the Italian studio “Pininfarina” was responsible for the design. The M11 has a solid interior - and not only by Chinese standards, a sufficiently high-torque motor and a comfortable suspension. In accordance with the best Chinese traditions, Cherie even in its basic configuration has an enviable set of all-round equipment. So far, the M11 offers the only combination of engine and manual transmission, but the situation can soon be corrected.

+ Nice appearance; rich equipment; attractive price; very decent ride

- Modest clearance; poorly developed service; single powertrain

Our choice: 1.6MM12S 5-doors 505 900 rub.

Engine: 1597 cm3; 117 l. s./6150 rpm; 15 kgf.m / 4300-5000 rpm

Temperament: 180 km / h; 14.8 s (0–100 km / h)

Possible options: sedan

Chevrolet Lacetti, from 462 100 (562 800) rubles, CAR from 6.22 rubles / km



One of the most advantageous offers in the class, even taking into account a significant rise in price. True, for a minimal price you get an ascetically equipped car - without ABS, with just one air bag and front electric

forklifts. A much more attractive version is the 1.6SX with air conditioning and a dozen more pleasant things. In addition, the Chevrolet is not badly managed, and the build quality is at a level. Finally, the Lacetti Wagon is one of the most affordable station wagons in the class.

+ Favorable price; good basic equipment; affordable station wagon; spacious lounge

- Fuzzy gear shifting; not too roomy hatchback trunk

Our selection: 1.6SX 5-doors 526 200 rub.

Engine: 1598 cm3; 109 l s./5800 rpm; 15.3 kgf.m / 3600 rpm

Temperament: 187 km / h; 10.7 s (0–100 km / h); 6.0–9.1 l / 100 km

Possible options: 1.4 liters (95 liters. From.); 1.8 liters (122 liters. From.); sedan; station wagon

"BYD-F3", from 389 900 rubles



The Chinese took the Toyota Corolla Atlis, which is sold in Southeast Asia, as the basis of the car. These models are similar to each other not only in appearance but also in the interior, which is generously decorated with plastic "wood" inserts. More recently, a hatchback and a Chinese-made sedan were delivered to Russia; however, in 2011, only 4 door cars remained on sale, the assembly of which was established in Taganrog. The only possible engine is the licensed Mitsubishi 4G15, which is dearly loved by Chinese firms, with a volume of 1.5 liters in combination with a manual gearbox.

+ A lively engine; attractive price

- Low brand image; assembly flaws

Our choice: 1.6 MT-3 434 900 rub.

Engine: 1488 cm3; 95 l s / 6000 rpm; 12.2 kgf • m / 5000 rpm

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