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Alexander Morozov: The Road In The Style Of NANO


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Video: Alexander Morozov: The Road In The Style Of NANO

Video: Alexander Morozov: The Road In The Style Of NANO
Video: Я ХУЛИГАН │ НОВИНКА 2020 │Алексей Морозов 2023, March
Alexander Morozov: The Road In The Style Of NANO
Alexander Morozov: The Road In The Style Of NANO

Alexander Morozov


Alexander, why exactly these three sites were chosen for the project?

- There are three main types of roads: urban, regional and federal roads. Each type has its own set of innovative solutions. On major federal highways there are many artificial structures - bridges, crossings, and the speed of movement here is much higher. In addition, different roads are financed from different budgets, and the willingness of the subjects of the Federation to invest in them is also an important factor.



What are the parameters chosen Pyatnitskaya street in Moscow?

- What is characteristic of a city street? Firstly, a lot of pedestrian traffic. The second point - a large number of public transport, and different. Third - close proximity to houses. Also typical factors: the presence of a large number of public places, transport hubs, metro. The Moscow government was looking for an indicative city road - I emphasize, not the road that looks like an avenue, on which there are no traffic lights, restrictions, pedestrian crossings. One can hardly name, for example, Leninsky Prospect a typical city road, because it is even dangerous to cross it. It is also not a secret that the authorities of the capital are now implementing a large project to create a futuropolis within the whole region - Zamoskvorechye. And it is logical that Moscow regarded it this way: since there is a futuropolis, then an innovative road should be nearby. And the third factor - it was necessary to choose the road, which already was in the plans for reconstruction, to kill two birds with one stone.

Who is financing the project? Will budget money or investor funds go to it?

- In the case of Moscow, the city is financing the project. In the case of the Ryazan region and Tatarstan - the subjects of the Federation. The issue of private financing was not even considered. It is difficult to find investors for such a project, since there is a great risk - there are a lot of innovations, and it is not clear which ones will work and which won't. When there is a risk, investors are afraid to invest: “Here you are, and we will see and next time we will invest”.

Pilot Project Implementation Schedule


Where did the idea come from to apply all new technologies at once on small sections of roads? Why not introduce innovation gradually and globally?

- Something is being introduced in our country. Do not think that the federal road services do nothing. But the effect of such small-town innovations is lost. So I went to Kaluga a year ago. Food at night, dark track. And then suddenly a few kilometers of LED lighting, balanced, even - high. That is, due to the fact that there was excellent lighting, I forgot about the terrible road surface. But, if they would later ask me how you care, I would say - badly. An integrated approach makes a great impression on people.

Will the applied innovations be Russian or foreign?

- At first, only Russian technologies were required of us, but we decided this way: in those areas where there are Russian developments, we will use them, and we will bring such technologies that we don’t have at all from the West. The share of domestic production innovations is approximately 80 percent. In total, 53 innovative solutions should be implemented, while there are much more innovative products. For example, LED lighting is one solution, but it includes high-mast lamps, roadside lighting, stop lighting, and autonomous solar-powered lamps.

Name at least one Russian innovation, which is not anywhere else in the world

- I will not name it. Because, if ours did something, they live by selling this solution for export. So even if we apply it, then all the same the second, although the solution is ours. For example, an intelligent video surveillance system.



Do you mean the video recording of violations?

- Definition of license plates and fixing violations - baby talk. This is a camera that actually monitors both car and pedestrian traffic. Relatively speaking, there is a camera at the intersection, a bus stop falls into her field of vision, if after some time a lot of people gather at the stop, the camera starts to analyze the situation, for example, are they standing or are actively moving. After that, if she notices non-standard behavioral characteristics, for example, defines a fight, she can decide to call the police. Or inform the public transport dispatcher about the need to bring a bus or tram, because the people have accumulated. Plus, of course, identification of numbers, violations, traffic accident reports, etc. And most importantly, what they want to do is personal identification. Now this development is used in tracking specially protected objects.

And an example of foreign technology that we do not produce?

- The simplest is the electric bus. All over the world, this type of transport has existed for a long time, and no one is trying to develop it with us. In general, there are a lot of decisions: this is an interactive inventory of road signs, which allows you not to fall into the trap of the traffic police if the sign was removed due to repair or it is not visible for some reason. And the same intellectual public transport stop. Naturally, it should be with Wi-Fi - something the passenger should occupy himself while waiting for the bus. It should have an interactive map on which you can see something.

Such stops are now appearing on Tverskaya

“These are not the stops.” There are no comprehensive solutions. Many are trying to introduce certain innovations, but there are no integrated innovation solutions in Russia anywhere. And the whole point is in the system. It is the synergistic effect that allows this system to be effective.

Will the movement be blocked or limited for the duration of the work?

- There are a large number of options from which they will choose. For example, in summer you can work at night. New technologies allow you to do part of the work during the night and in the morning to re-open the movement - modern materials are set instantly. But there are nuances. This is the historical center, no one knows what will happen when the road is opened. There historical artifacts can be found or some damage at the base of the houses - then the matter can drag on. But in principle, the construction period is short - a maximum of two to three months. If you do, as in Europe, there will be no problems at all.


Sergey Nastin, editor:

Sergey Nastin

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