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Optimum Audi A4 Allroad


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Video: Optimum Audi A4 Allroad

Video: Optimum Audi A4 Allroad
Video: Стоковый Офроад. Audi A4 Allroad против всех! 2023, March
Optimum Audi A4 Allroad
Optimum Audi A4 Allroad



The wagon for buyers mainly leads with its closest relative - the Q5 crossover. The Allroad is longer, lower, and narrower, and also equipped poorer. True, the starting price of the A4 is 98, 000 rubles less and at the same time it has a more powerful motor - 211 forces versus 180. However, most buyers prefer the version with the “automatic”, which saves about 238, 000 rubles compared to Q5.

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There is no need to choose a body, engine or a complete set: Allroad exists exclusively in the form of an all-wheel drive station wagon with a 2-liter turbo engine and in a single level of equipment is quite rich, by the way. Except the gearbox gives you the right to choose: you can be satisfied with the "mechanics" or prefer the automatic "S-tronik" to it. The version with the MCP is 70, 000 rubles cheaper, but subsequently it will not be easy to sell without a significant loss in money.

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All the difficulties of choice begin when you look at the list of additional equipment from almost a hundred options. The most important thing is not to get carried away: if you give free rein to imagination, and the price of the car doubles, you won’t have time to blink! Therefore, let's try to compose the optimal “A4-Allroad”, keeping within two million.

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Metallic 42 304 rub. Free cars are painted exclusively in white or black acrylic. As you know, “A4-Allroad” is metallic in status.

Audi Sound System 14, 118 rubles. A set of 6-channel amplifier, 10 speakers and a subwoofer. Having spent a small amount (by Audi standards), you will get a really cool audio system.

Rear-view mirror in the cabin with automatic dimming, light and rain sensor 15 522 rub. This is a relatively modest fee for several electronic assistants who simply must be in such a machine.

Tire pressure sensor 4446 rub. A useful thing that will pay off at the first puncture.

Combined interior leather / Alcantara 72 306 rub. Leather interior in such a machine should be required. In addition, it is much easier to care for him than for a "rag."

Electric front seats with memory 68, 406 rubles. An expensive option, but very convenient, especially if the car will have several drivers.

The electric trunk lid 27 144 rubles. In our conditions, when the car gets dirty almost instantly, the benefits of this option can hardly be overestimated.



Side airbags at the back 19 422 rub. “A4-Allroad” is a car for the family, and saving money on family and friends is not comme il faut.

Package "Storey-Pak" 6396 rub. Additional cup holders, nets on the backs of the front seats, a box under them and a glove box locked with a key will make the interior even more functional.



Color display on-board computer 6396 rub. It is inexpensive, but it looks excellent. The dashboard will sparkle with new colors!


Parking assistant 21 060 rub. it’s very useful for beginners, but experienced drivers can do without it, since the Allroad visibility is in order.

Package of electronic assisting systems 83 070 rub. With it, the Allroad will receive front parking sensors, learn how to maintain lane and acquire adaptive cruise control, which automatically slows down and accelerates. The price for such a set is quite adequate, so we leave this item at your discretion.

The Keyless Entry system 34 086 rub. It is very convenient to enter the cabin without a key and start the engine with a button, but not every driver is so ready to trust the electronics.

Isofix mount for a child seat in the front passenger seat 4446 rub. Many parents prefer to carry their child next to them, rather than on the couch.

Driving Assistant 7488 rub. The machine itself will turn off the main beam so as not to blind the oncoming ones. The option is not the most important, but it is inexpensive - so it's up to you.

Acoustics "Bang & Olufsen" 52 650 rubles. Music lovers should enjoy the 10-channel amplifier and 14 speakers, including a subwoofer. All the rest can be dispensed with the system that we ordered.

Leather interior "Milano" 99 372 rubles. The combined upholstery ordered by us is no worse and besides it will save you about 30, 000 rubles.

Upholstery of the ceiling with black cloth 14 118 rub. A more practical solution than a light ceiling. However, not everyone likes it.

Heated rear seats 14 898 rubles. If you often ride in a car with the whole family, then your loved ones will surely appreciate such care.



A device for placing and securing luggage 10 218 rubles. If you like everything to be in its place, pay attention to this option - the price is more than affordable.

Autonomous heating / cooling of the cabin with remote control 78 624 rub. If you want to get into a warm car in winter, you have to fork out.

Cruise control 14 976 rub. If you often travel long distances, we recommend ordering - it can be very useful when traveling.

Decorative inserts made of aluminum or wood 11 622–31 044 rub. You can give your salon more comfort and personality. The tree is represented by three species: oak, ash and walnut.



Multifunctional 3-spoke leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles 20 748 rub. It’s unlikely that you will want to sort out the transmissions manually - the S-Tronik also copes with its duties perfectly.

We do not recommend:

Parking assistant with front parking sensors and a rear view camera 45 942 rub. The camera is not bad, but such an assistant requires a navigation order for a lot of money.

Reconstruction and lane maintenance assistant 58 734 rub. It is more profitable to take them in a package for 83, 080 rubles.

Sports front seats 32 916 rub. They differ from the standard ones by the presence of pronounced lateral support. However, the basic seats in the A4 Allroad are very comfortable.

Navigation MMI + 155 610 rub. A great set of navigation, DVD player, hard drive and large color display. But not for the money.



Adaptive Cruise Control 71, 448 rubles. The package of electronic assistive systems will be cheaper.

Three-zone climate control 32 136 rubles. The Germans are clearly overestimating the ability to control the air temperature on the couch.

Alloy wheels 18”41 574 rub. For the best option, this is useless, in addition, a low tire profile will not add comfort on our roads.

Panoramic roof with sunroof 74 802 rub. Beautiful, but very expensive.

Full body painting 62 556 rubles. Saves Allroad from unpainted bumpers, sills and wheel arches. However, it seems to us that making the car less practical for your own money is at least unreasonable.

Individual body painting 144 320 rub. The Germans are ready to paint the car in any color according to your desire, but the price of such a whim is very high.

Electric front seats 53 430 rubles. In our opinion, it makes sense to pay 15 thousand and memory adjustments.

Electric driver's seat 21, 294 rubles. The most economical option if the driver desperately needs a seat with electrical settings. But there is no adjustment of the lumbar support and memory.



What happened:

So, having spent 276, 460 rubles on options, we were able to collect the A4 Allll equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and equipment that a similar car should have in status, and at the same time we did not cross the line of two million rubles. If, in addition to the positions noted by us, you want to add something else, be extremely careful: with this cost of options, you can easily raise the price of A4 to the level of A6.

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